Top 4 Best Bath Toys Reviews 2020


Most of the kids are restless in nature and their attention span is limited. They have a difficulty in remaining hooked to a single place for long. Giving a bathe to kids can drive anyone crazy as they love splashing in the water. Threatening them to remain quite may never work. This is when new tactics need to be introduced so that kids start enjoying their bath time. Bath toys prove to be a fantastic option for parents who face hassles in giving them a proper bath.

All kids love toys no matter what. Bath toys are made of rubber and other materials that do not suffer any kind of damage while in water. Kids remain engrossed when they are offered bath toys. Several kinds of bath toys are available which do not submerge in water and remain within a kid’s grasp while taking a bath.

What are Bath Toys?

Kids adore bath toys as they are fun to play and make them forget about the bathing ritual that they tend to hate. Parents love offering bath toys to their children as they keep them occupied while trying to give the baby a bath. Bath toys ensure that you finish off the task in quick time which would not have been the case with babies throwing tantrums in the absence of toys.

These are useful in managing kids who loathe having baths. It is essential to look into certain aspects while purchasing bath toys including the safety aspect which is most important. Purchasing catchy bath toys will help your kids remain engrossed while you are giving them their bath.

Top five reasons why you must buy Bath Toys

Bath time can prove to be a battle for several parents especially those who have a stubborn toddler. However, there are few things that parents can do to make bath time interesting and does not leave them frustrated by the end. Using bath toys will help in eliminating fear as well as makes the entire process much more fun. Here are the top reasons why parents must purchase bath toys for their children.

  • Makes bath time exciting: Bath toys are a great way of making bath times quite exciting. You can get rubber ducks, hoops that suction to the wall of thebath tub, boats and other kinds of toys for your children. Rotate toys as these will keep your kids engaged during bath time.
  • Makes a bath comforting and relaxing:Bath toys ensure that bath time proves to be comforting and relaxing for both children and their parents. Bathing every day is essential as this sets the base for leading a hygienic life. It is essential to make kids understand that ritual is much more than aformality. It can offer a soothing environment and this has to be taught to children at a very young age. This is when bath toys can help them understand how much fun having a bath can prove to be.
  • Promotes physical development: Bath time can be made educational and fun with the use of appropriate bath toys. A variety of bath toys is available for the kids to discover. Using toys which involve trying to stick bath stickers to the tub or transferring objects from one hand to another while bathing makes your baby quite confident. This offers a lot of entertainment as well as encourages them to learn during the process.
  • Helpsbuild imagination: Anything can spur the imagination of your child. Bath toys float in water. Kids start understanding their surroundings when they are exposed to different environments. Parents need to include creative bath toys during the bath time which involves doing something or the other with water. Bath ducks are not the only bath toys available. There are much more than can help drive the imagination of your children. Make sure to do some research before purchasing bath toys.
  • A plethora of creative options: A good collection of bath toys can spur up the creativity in your child. You can opt for toys resembling sea living creatures such as tortoise, fish, snail and mollusks which can help your children get acquainted with the marine life. These will make the playtime delightful for your child at the mean time being creative.

Factors to consider before buying Bath Toys

  • Pick toys that are age-appropriate: All bath toys come with age recommended stickers. This can prove to be a starting point during the selection process. Be realistic about the abilities of the child and the maturity level while picking a bath toy. Do not choose bath toys that have projectiles for children under the age of four. Do not offer bath toys with small parts to children who have the habit of putting everything in their mouth.
  • Opt for toys that are well made: Check all the parts of the toys appropriately before purchasing them. Most of the bath toys are made from plastic. These can be easily snapped off or chewed. Make sure to purchase toys that have properly reinforced seams. Look into the quality and ensure that the parts of the bath toys do not have any sharp edges.
  • Watch out for toxic toys: Even if a bath toy seems to be safe, you need to ensure that it has not been made from harmful chemicals. Phthalates are used for making bath toys durable and flexible. There are many other chemicals that are employed for making toys which can react with water. Make sure to purchase bath toys that are safe for your children.

Top 4 Best Bath Toys Reviews of 2020

 1.  Green Toys Ferry Boat


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Green Toys Ferry Boat offers eco-friendly, imaginative fun to children whether they are at the pool or in a bath. This colorful, sturdy toy is made entirely from recycled plastic. It meets all the safety standards and does not contain any form of lead, phthalates or BPA. The Ferry Boat comprises of two colorful mini cars and is recommended for children of three years of age and above.

This is an interactive, fun toy sports two colorful cars and blue-and-white design. It features a slide-out ramp and a spacious cargo area. The open design permits the children to place action figures and other toys within. The toy has been designed to float on water just like a real ferry. The pontoon-inspired design maintains the vessel steady and prevents rolling.

Your tiny tot would love taking this boat on adventures. The Ferry Boat is made from recycled plastics thereby making it an environmentally responsible product. This has been designed to withstand active play and is durable and sturdy. The packaging does not consist of any twist ties or plastic films.Use this Ferry Boat for teaching your children about recycling, reducing greenhouse gases and saving energy.

This bath toy has been manufactured in the USA with local supply chain that supports domestic economy and minimizes transportation emissions. The Green Toys Ferry Boat contains no phthalates, lead, BPA or any other harmful substances. It is easy to clean, is dishwasher safe and is safe for use around food.

Its key features include:

  • Safe for use for kids of three years of age and above
  • Can be used for playing indoors or out
  • Comprises of two mini cars
  • Features a sturdy design
  • Encourages development of fine motor and gross skills
  • Made from recycled
  • Free from BPA and Phthalate
  • US Supply chain ensures reduction of greenhouse gases and energy savings
  • Easy to clean and is dishwasher safe
  • Meets food contact standards laid down by FDA

2.  Yookidoo Submarine Spray Station


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This submarine spray station is an amazing way of encouraging fun and learning in the bath tub. This makes an ideal bath time toy for your tiny tot as it encourages exploration and independent play. It simultaneously teaches the forms of cause and effect to children. The spray station ensures that the bath time is pleasurable for your baby. This toy enhances fine motor skills, problem solving skills and hand-eye coordination. The shower head yields a steady stream of whatever whenever the child squeezes the trigger situated on the diver sides. Guiding the stream into the two funnels producesastounding magical effects within the tub. The Submarine Spray Station can be used for bathing your toddler.

Its key features are:

  • Encourages independent play and exploration
  • Features a water circulation pumping system that is battery operated and attaches to the tub
  • Water is directed to the shower head through the submarine thereby creating a steady, safe stream
  • A chain reaction of magical effects is created by directing the water to flow into the funnels
  • It is recommended for children in the age group 2-6

 3.  Rittle Farm Friends Floating Toys


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Are you looking for a cute and fun toy that can keep your baby busy and happy while giving a bath? This remarkable set of floating farm friends is all you need to keep your child engaged while giving a bath. This set is a must for every mother who is tired of the tantrums shown by their kids during the bath time.

Its key features are:

  • It will brighten up your bath time and ensure that you share a stronger bond with your child
  • This toy is ideal for toddlers who hate water.
  • One of the most effective way to transform bathing into a fun activity
  • Keeps your toddler entertained
  • Every toy is equipped with a LED that light up when it comes in contact with water thereby creating a fun and appealing environment for your little one
  • Each farm friend comes in 6 assorted styles [Duck, Hen, Pig, Cow, Sheep and Horse]. It is packed with greatest gifts.
  • The item includes sealed batteries that come with a lifespan of seven to eight hours even after functioning constantly.
  • Perfect assortment of farm friends that is guaranteed to brighten up your child’s bath time
  • These light up when they touch water
  • Makes an ideal gift and comes packed in clear gift boxes
  • Floats on water and is great for use in pools and bath tubs
  • It is free from toxins which ensures that your child would be safe while playing with it

4.  Baby Bath Toy- Spin N Sort Spout Pro


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This Flow n Fill Spout can be attached to the bath tub and offers aplethora of ways in which the kids can experiment and play with water. There are three interchangeable tumblers and each one comes with a unique spouting action. A shower can be created or the propeller can be spun with the aid of the spout.

Its key features are:

  • Yookidoo Flow N’ Fill is anexclusive bath toy. It offers a plethora of options for fun during bath time
  • Water is drawn through the spout which creates an infinite stream with the aid of three interchangeable tumblers
  • Each tumbler comes with its unique and thrilling spout function
  • The tumblers can be stacked or used individually
  • The tumblers are held by the swiveling arm and can be placed under the stream directly. It can as well be pushed off to the side
  • Three spinning gears are featured with this bath toy. The suction cup can be attached to the wall of the bath tub which adds to the fun

There is a multitude of options available when it comes to picking a perfect bath toy for your child. Make sure to do a proper research about the options available and pick the best toy available as per the interests of your child. Make sure to purchase bath toys that are safe and free from toxins. This would ensure that your child is not exposed to anything harmful. This list of top four bath toys offers you an insight into the popular products available in the category which can be considered while looking for options. These are safe and are bound to keep your children actively engaged during bath time.


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