Top 4 Best Bike Helmet Reviews 2020


Driving or riding any of the two wheelers including the bicycle or the mountain bike does call for a safety precaution. When looked into, the foremost precaution action is to wear the right accessories for important body parts protection, one of which is preferably the helmet. It is worn on the head while riding a bike to avoid any head injuries.

According to various recent road accident reports in case of 2-wheelers, most of them are seen to accompany head injuries. The skull part of the head is very fragile and can get distorted as a result of a hard impact. This could lead to severe brain and nervous injuries. Therefore, a helmet is a must for all the bike riders, whether riding it frequently or for a casual stroll around the block.

What is a Bike Helmet?

A bike helmet is a protective equipment or a head wear which is worn by the cyclists while driving. The main purpose of using a helmet is that it reduces the chances of head injuries in case of a mishap or a road accident. The helmet covers the upper portion of the head and helps in reducing or minimizing the result of an impact and therefore protecting the skull and the fragile head area.

A bike helmet is usually light in weight and apparently small so as not to interfere with the vision of the cyclist. Most helmets come in various shapes and stylish cuts that add up to better appearances and reducing impacts as per their designs. Wearing a bike helmet is usually compulsory and has been made mandatory as per the safety rules of cycling and biking.

Top five reasons why you must buy a Bike Helmet

As important as it is to wear a bike helmet, you must know that it is not just worn for the sake of it. There are many important safety-related reasons associated to it that make it a very important and a really obvious thing to wear a helmet. Therefore, the top five reasons as to why you will need to put on a bike helmet and buy one have been mentioned as under.

  • Head Injury Avoidance: This would be the first and the most obvious reasons for buying and using a bike helmet. In the case of an impact or an accident, the chances of a head injury are the highest. A bike helmet will definitely help in reducing the impact with your head in the case of an accident and hence will protect your head region from any kind of damage.
  • Increased cyclist visibility: Sometimes it happens that a cyclist driving on the road is not seen by the other large vehicle drivers. However, if you are wearing a bike helmet, the colored stripes and structure of the helmet will apparently make you more visible to the other drivers, hence, decreasing the chances of an accident or getting hit because of non-visibility.
  • Weather protection: Whether sunny, rainy or stormy, riding a bike in such weather conditions can be a bit tough. However, by the use of a bike helmet, you will greatly be affected by how much these helmets protect you in the case of a rain or a storm. Some helmets are also available that keep the head warm in case of a cold day.
  • Feels professional: You must have spotted kids and boys wearing a cool looking bike helmet, strolling down the road and looking like cool professionals. As much as these helmets offer a variety of colors and designs to choose from, wearing them does give one a professional feel and to admit it, it also looks good and adds to the style factor plus the safety of course.
  • No tickets: Since wearing a bike helmet is more of a compulsion than a choice nowadays, wearing one will help you avoid a ticket and will save you unnecessary trouble dealing with challans and policeman every day. Also, what could be better if you could increase your own security and also be in line with the law at the very same time.

Factors to consider before buying a Bike Helmet

Before buying a bike helmet, there would be a few points to keep in mind to ensure that you get your hands on just the right kind of helmet and it does the best thing for you.

So, here are some of the factors to keep in mind before making the purchase.

  • Safety construction: The bike helmets usually come with a thick polypropylene or a polystyrene foam layering on the inside of it which helps in absorbing shock and reducing the impact. Since the whole purpose of the bike helmet is ensuring safety, you must make sure that your bike helmet ensures the same through a detailed safety design and making.
  • Sizes: Bike helmets come in a variety of sizes. The size could be seen as according to a person’s head size and also the standard sizes available. While buying a bike helmet, you must keep in mind that you buy a bike helmet and the sizes in compliance to the same only. Small or medium sizes as per your comfort can be picked while choosing a bike helmet.
  • Helmet shape: Depending on your head shape, the helmet according to the same can be chosen. For example, if you have a round shaped head, then a bell helmet will work for you. For oblong head shapes, giro helmet must be considered. Different people carry different head sizes and bike helmets for all kinds are available and can be chosen.
  • Right, Fit: The bike helmet you choose must bear the right fit according to your head or your head size. Your bike helmet must not be very big in size as it will keep sliding on and off while riding. Also, it cannot be small or too tight in fit. It must be just the right fit and must close properly without sliding anywhere or loosening up because of anything.
  • Ventilation and Color: The bike helmet is supposed to have large vents to regulate the flow of air through it to avoid too much heat or sweat underneath. Also, there are different varieties in colors and the choice of the same can depend on one’s personal choices. You can go for simple dark colors to funky colors or pretty pinks for the ladies.

Top 4 Best Bike Helmet Reviews of 2020

1.  Premium Quality Airflow Bike Helmet


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This is a very lightweight and durable bike helmet by Obsidian. It features incredible construction with the help of the finest materials and delivers a high-performance. The key features of this bike helmet are mentioned as follows.

  • It features a cutting-edge and an intelligent design with a high-quality helmet for a great look and feel.
  • It is large enough in size for protection and slim at the same time.
  • It has been constructed using the high-quality materials and it has a matte finish for a stylish look.
  • It features an oval shaped design which is very comfortable.
  • It features a solid EPS safety layer that is CE certified which is responsible for meeting all the safety standards and providing maximum protection of your head from powerful shocks.
  • It has been constructed with high-quality EPS molded through the “in-mould” technology which is used by all high quality and actually safe helmets.
  • It comes with a breaking new patented adjustment system and it easily adjusts vertically as well as horizontally for a tighter and snugger fit.
  • It also includes a pioneering strap design that accommodates ponytails.
  • It also offers an excellent ventilation which is directly influenced by the size of the air vents located on the front, which allows air to pass through easily.
  • It is available in two sizes that are S/M and M/L.
  • It also comes with a perfect fit guarantee.
  • The total weight of this bike helmet is 15.7 ounces.

 2. Schwinn Intercept Adult Micro Bicycle Helmet


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It is a lightweight and a sturdy bike helmet by Schwinn which is known to provide advanced levels of comfort and fits rightly to provide just the right kind of safety. The key features of this bike helmet are mentioned as follows.

  • It is a fully featured adult bike helmet designed for maximum safety and comfort of the user.
  • It comes with a dial Fit adjustment system for an easy and custom fit.
  • It also features an easy-to-adjust webbing strap that ensures a comfortable fit under the chin.
  • It has also been loaded with about 10 contoured vents for enhanced air flow for a good ventilation system.
  • It also has the heat-sealed pads to control perspiration.
  • It has the Snap-on/off visor for sun protection.
  • The overall dimensions of this bike helmet are 5.2 x 9.4 x 15.2 inches.
  • The total weight of this bike helmet is 0.8 pounds.

 3. Leadtry HM-1 Ultralight Integrally Molded EPS Bike Helmet:


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It is a solid and stable bike helmet bike helmet by Leadtry which significantly improves their safety factor along with bearing a longer life. The key features of this bike helmet are mentioned as follows.

  • It is made up of high density and durable PVC and PC, EPS foam that absorbs the impact and effectively reduces the shock pressure to protect the head during a crash.
  • It is suitable for head sizes ranging from 57cm to 62cm.
  • It usually goes with a standard size as it has been equipped with the easy-use dial system and side straps that make this helmet adjustable to different head sizes and suitable for both men and women.
  • It features an innovative Aerodynamic design and its 21 air vents ensure an optimal air flow and minimal air resistance.
  • It is built with the adjustable chin strap with a Quick-Release buckle and a rear lock adjustment and cool and comfortable pads.
  • Cleaning of these pads is easy and only requires splitting them.
  • It is available in 3 colors that are Black, White and Blue.

 4.  Gonex Adult Bike Helmet, Cycling Road Mountain Helmet


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It is a lightweight and comfortable bike helmet by Gonex. It also has LED lighting for a cool and stylish look. The key features of this bike helmet are mentioned as follows.

  • It has been equipped with 3-modes durable LED back cautious light.
  • It comes with an adjustable rotary internal regulator and comfortable cushion lining and a high-sided article velvet which is shockproof.
  • The housing of this bike helmet is made up of high-quality PC + Matt printing.
  • The inner casing of this helmet is made from EPS high-density foaming which is integrally molded.
  • It comes with about 24 integrated flow vents to keep the rider cool.
  • The total weight of this bike helmet is 240 grams.
  • The overall size of this bike helmet is 7.5-9.5 inches.
  • The head circumference of this bike helmet is about 22.5-24.5 inches.
  • It also has an odour-free and a breathable lining which also bears an insect proof net.
  • It also has comfortable chin pads that absorb the sweat and can be easily unmounted and washed.

Bike helmets have become more of a necessity than just choice. Road safety and caution is a serious issue and should not be taken lightly under any circumstances. To avoid serious head injuries, you must surely consider buying a bike helmet and using it every time you head out with your bike. You can choose from different variations in color and sizes and pick out the best that suits your style.


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