Top 4 Best Brow Pencils Reviews 2020


There are several colors of brow pencils available in the market. While looking for the best eyebrow pencil you need to consider the best waterproof, conditioning, natural looking, their usage, and application and then choose the best one. A decent eyebrow pencil, when used with a decent eye shadow and eyeliner, can give you a breath taking and gorgeous looks. They create the most natural, smooth, voluminous looks without the need to go for eyebrow transplants to have thick eyebrows.

The way you utilize an eyebrow pencil will depend on the effect you want from it. So decide how you want to look and then apply the pencil.

  • In case you have soft brows or light hair

Begin from the inward corner towards the base and start, utilizing light strokes, toward the temples hairs. Begin delicate and layer the shading. Take a step back from the mirror when you have done with each layer to look whether it’s enough or not. Surprisingly better in the event that you can step away for few minutes and come back with new eyes. There are such a large number of various pencils out there; however, the best ones, in the event that you have light hair are those that permit you to develop shading.

  • For medium weight brows

This is about filling in the spaces. A decent procedure here is to underline ranges that are outward as of now the most striking to abstain from resembling an alternate individual when you’re set. Attract small dashes along the base of your eyebrow attempting to the top and after that mix in with a brush. Attempt a pencil that has a calligraphy-style tip. The flat side you can use to round out the thicker territories close to the internal corners and the thin tip would we be able to utilize for better work on the external edges, and then mix with the connected brush.

  • For full hair or dark brows

A pencil with a gel or wax-like formula is best for this as it gives more extraordinary shading. Because you need overwhelming brows doesn’t mean you ought to promptly pick dim shading. The rule here is to select a shade closer to your natural color. Begin by filling the crevices here, but have a look at the rest of your brows too. You may be done with a couple of zones shaded in, as your normal hairs will give you a darker look. Brush the temples up and outwards, including somewhat more pencil until you’re upbeat.

What is a Brow Pencils?

Eyebrow pencils or brow pencils allude to pencil shaped eyebrow cosmetics used to improve the presence of eyebrows. Rather than the ordinary pencil lead, they have eyebrow cosmetics and look much the same as eyeliner pencil.

On the off chance that you have never utilized them, they are especially utilized to outline, alter, fill color and define your eyebrow. Brow pencils are often applied in areas you need to enhance and in styles you favor, for example, angling your brows past their common top eyebrows, shading them, changing their shape etc.

Top Reasons to buy a Brow Pencil

Here are some of the reasons why you must have a brow pencil:

  • Dissimilar to eyebrow powders their pencil-like shapes makes application simple and better in filling your eyebrows.
  • Eyebrow waxing, threading, tweezing and culling could be difficult. In any case, utilizing brow pencils is effortless. You would like to experience all that agony while brow pencils can help define and shape your eyebrows.
  • The other advantage of eyebrow pencils is their viability in including volume and depth. They play these part superior to any other eyebrow tints, powders, dyes, particularly to individuals who have thin eyebrows.
  • They are safer to use as compared to other colorful dyes.
  • To get your brows to look full, delicately shade the hairs above and underneath your brow to make a scarcely existing shadow.
  • Keep any brow pencil far from your skin where there isn’t hair; it’s the indication that you’ve hued your curves in. Recollect that, you need to enhance what you have, not draw on what’s not there.
  • You can get a feathered look by brushing your brow hairs outward and upwards. Your brows will look fuller and natural when you groom them this way.
  • If you are using a brow gel, you need to choose a color which matches with the color of your brow or one shade darker. But in case of using a brow pencils, you need to buy a shade lighter than your brow color because you want to look softer after applying it on your brows.
  • Tinted eyebrow gel is ideal for accomplishing full brows; however, you need to tissue off any abundance formula on the brush head before you apply it to your curves.
  • Brow mascara with filaments in it gives the presence of fuller brows instantly.
  • Brow pomade is a thing and it will keep your curves set up without making them look or feel crunchy.

Factors to Consider Before buying a Brow pencil

There are distinctive best eyebrow pencils in the market. You can’t simply purchase whatever you find since they are intended to fill different needs – they will help get diverse looks and they come in various hues.

Besides, other than the normal routines for purchasing any other products of contrasting costs and searching for discounts to save money, there are vital things you have to consider while picking eyebrow pencils.

  • Consider Eyebrow Pencils Colors

The first consideration that is essential while looking at the brow pencil colors painstakingly and picking ones that will best compliment your facial components, for example, hair shading, eye shading, skin tone and different elements you may have.

  • Black and Brown Eyebrow Pencil

They are the most common type of brow pencils used in the market. They give subtle looks when used in small amounts and can match most of the facial features individuals have.

For those who think black eyebrows are very harsh can go for other colors as well. They won’t be ideal for those who already have dark colored eyebrows since they can hardly be noticed unless used lightly or used by soft stokes.

  • Blonde Eyebrow Pencil

Blonde eyebrow pencils is another great shading decision you can go for.

Numerous other brow pencil hues exist other than dark, blonde or cocoa and they may incorporate red eyebrow pencils, dim, and whatever other shading you may need. They come in many hues as on account of mascara, eye shadows or eyeliners.

  • Facial Features

Your facial features play an important role in choosing the right brow pencils that will compliment your eyebrows. The essential facial components you should look at when choosing them are listed below:

  • Hair Color

People with fair hair color can pick dark cocoa brow pencils on the off chance that they need the natural and subtle looks. Brunettes with eyebrows that are dark ought to go for dark eyebrow pencils. You can buy a couple of shades lighter than your hair color in the event that you need to match the two.

  • Black and Dark Brown Eyebrows

Most ladies with these shades of eyebrows frequently go for cocoa or dark eyebrow pencil hues. Their hues won’t look standing but rather they are a decent alternative for common looks. Your beautician could help you in choosing what will best make your dark brown or black eyebrows very complimenting.

  • Red Eyebrows

Most ladies you have red eyebrows have a tendency to have a freckled or reasonable composition and red hair. They ought to go for darker forehead pencils hues particularly chestnut. Going for the light forehead pencils will likewise make them dazzling. Try the chestnut cocoa.

  • Fair Eyebrows

If you have fair eyebrows and skin, attempt pencil eyebrow hues that are a shade or two darker than the shade of your eyebrows. This can help characterize them. Going for a lighter shade will make them imperceptible.

Blondes – Blondes can go for some of the blonde eyebrow pencils mentioned above. They should be sure about the brand which helps in defining their eye brows as per your skin color. Try one or two shades darker than your skinor eyebrow colors.

  • Type of Eyebrow Pencil – Waterproof and Glitter

In case you need long lasting browpencils, you need to go for such brands only. For example, waterproof eyebrow pencils will stay put, smear or move less.

You could also go for glittery ones if you need the shimmer looks on your eyebrows. There are different sorts of brow pencils to which you can choose.

  • Eyebrow brands

While picking them, you have to consider the particular brands. There are many best brands in the market and you can decide the best one by reading brow pencil reviews, user comments, and ratings.

Top 4 Best Brow Pencils Reviews of 2020

1.  Brow Power Universal brow Pencil


Check Price at Amazon

If you have thin eyebrows, this eyebrow pencil will help you in enhancing them. It is meant for thick and thin eyebrows. It gives a natural looking and more expressive eyebrows. It is also used to control the loss of eyebrow hairs, for which it has a blend of ingredients that not only beautifies your eyes but also helps in restoring your brow hair follicles. It is sweat proof, good for all skin types and it is smudge resistant.

Its key features are:

  • It comes with a universal Taupe shade which transforms all brow hair colors based on pressure
  • Smudge proof formula looks like real hair and adheres to skin for brows that last
  • It has brow enhancing biotin, antioxidants and saw palmetto.

2.  Anastasia Beverly Hills Perfect Brow Pencil Soft Brown


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It is an award winning dual ended powder like brow pencil which createslong lasting and straight strokes. It can be used to fill and define as well as to custom spoolbrush to expertly comb and blend your eyebrows.

Its Key features are:

  • Creamy formula dries to a powder finish
  • It can be applied smoothly
  • It is available in 8 shades
  • It is ideal for oily skin

3.  Maybelline New York Define A Brow Eyebrow Pencil


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It delivers a precise application for evenly defined brews. It has a smudge proof formula so that you have never lost your bold brow look. It is a convenient all in one tool which includes a comb to provide a seamlessly blend color for a natural brow look.

Its key features are:

  • it has a built in comb
  • It has a smear-proof formula
  • It precisely fills and grooms brows

4.  Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz Dark Brown


Check Price at Amazon

It is an award-winning ultra-slim, retractable pencil that creates a precise and hair like stokes. It is easy to blend and provides a flawless finish.

Its key features are:

  • It mimics natural hair
  • It is long lasting and has a smudge proof formula
  • It glides on effortlessly
  • It is available in 9 shades

These are the top brow pencils but might not the best one for you; you need to consider your features, skin color, and other details before buying any brow pencil.

We all say that eyes are the window to the soul, in the same way; eyebrows are like a sneak peak. They’re generally unmatched by whatever other facial components in their ability to allude to your feelings so they’re worth providing some good grooming. Learn to apply the brow pencil properly as an excess application will look bad and less application will not serve the purpose.

You need to choose the brow pencil which compliments your personality as per as your hair color, facial features, and eye color. You need to choose the brow pencil quite carefully.



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