Best Camping Stove For Backpacking 2020 {Top 3 Reviews}


While going for camping one has to think about many things. The things include bedding, woods for a bonfire and food for survival. Generally, while camping people tend to cook in the presence of the serene beauty of nature and atmosphere. For this cooking purpose, they can carry the camping stoves which are very portable and easy to use. They come in handy for all kinds of cooking purposes.

The camping stoves are considered as one of the best means for cooking as they do not require any external fuel. They are very lightweight in nature and helps in saving of time as well. The stoves are very efficient to use and the heating capacity of the stoves allows you cook almost anything according to your mood. These stoves hold a separate space to store fuel. Now, when your group decides to go for camping there is one thing that is not to be worried about is the scarcity of food. This is because you can make it for as many people as you want to, provided there is sufficient material available for that. The camping stove are becoming popular due to their small size and multipurpose use.

List of Best Camping Stoves For Backpacking

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Best Camping Stove For Backpacking (Reviews)

#1.  Gas one GS-3000 Camping Stove

Portable Gas Stove

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The camping stove present in the market by the brand of Gas One is one of the very well-known to the people. This stove has been approved by CSA (The US and Canada Standards Association) which explains the quality and the reliability of the product. The stove comes with a knob through which the flame can be adjusted according to the need. The handling process of the GS-3000 stove as very simple and is almost same as other stoves. Also if you are facing any difficulty in operating the stove you can surely refer to the user manual ones to clear all your doubts.  Due to its lightweight, it is easily portable from one place to another without much effort.

Some additional features

Now let’s talk about the features of GS-3000 stove which make it different from others.

  • Electric starter: It comes with an electric starter of a piezo type which also includes safety shut off system. You might be thinking what’s interesting about this starter so the fact is that no lighter or match sticks are required to light the stove. All you need to do is just on the switch and start cooking. This makes the cooking process easy as well as interesting.
  • Carrying case: With the stove, you will be getting a carrying case which is black in color. This makes it more comfortable to carry the stove from one place to another. Also, this ensures that you keep the stove properly after using it.
  • Heat output: The heating capacity of the stove is very high. It can reach a level of 9000 BTU/Hr making it suitable for all types of dishes you want to cook.


  • Manufacturer: Gas one
  • Model name: GS 3000
  • Colour: Black
  • Fuel type: Butane
  • Dimensions: 4*11.2*13.5
  • Weight: 3.1 pounds
  • Heating capacity: Up to 9000 BTU/Hr

#2.  Ohuhu Portable Camping Stove

Steel Wood Burning Camping Stove

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Ohuhu is another trustworthy brand name in the field of camping stove. The stoves made by Ohuhu are made of pure stainless steel. The stove is crafted with such a high quality of stainless steel which can bear high temperature as well as weight. The shape of this camping stove is cylindrical which is much more different that the other stoves. If you want to do camping and at the same time you want to be eco-friendly then stove fulfills your requirement, as when the fuel is burnt there are no chemical emissions. Having a compact size and light weight Ohuhu camping stoves can be easily transferred from one place to another.

Some additional features

There are many additional features which make Ohuhu camping stoves different from others.

  • Free fuel: The fuel which is used in these stoves are free and also easily available. Yes, you heard it right free fuel. In this camping stoves wood, leaves, twigs, and pinecones anything can be used as fuel and also the best part is it doesn’t have any effect on the taste of food. This important feature of Ohuhu camping store makes it different from others and also makes the cooking process much more interesting. Also, this method of using natural things as fuel is eco-friendly and doesn’t liberate any harmful gas when burnt.
  • Stability of the pot: Another unique feature of Ohuhu camping stove is its structure. The support system of this camping stove consist of 3 arm pots which provide a stable platform for cooking and this structure is designed in such a way that it distributes the heat uniformly.


  • Manufacturer: Ohuhu
  • Model name: Ohuhu portable stainless steel wood burning camping stove
  • Color: Camp stove
  • Fuel type: Wood, twigs, leaves and pinecones
  • Dimensions: 3”*3”*5.3”
  • Weight: 0.06 pounds

#3.  Coleman Butane 2000020951 Camping Stove

Butane best camping Stove

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The butane stove provided by Coleman is a very trustworthy device in the field of camping stoves. It has many features which make it a viable option when you are looking for camping stoves. The flame can be adjusted and controlled according to the need of the user. For the ease of transportation, a case is provided with it, which protects the stove. The efficiency of the flame is up to 7650 BTU which is enough for cooking any type of dish. It also comes with sufficient cooking space which fits up to 10″ pan.

Some additional features

Including all the features mentioned above, there are one more unique features which make Coleman butane stove different from others

  • Cartridge locking system: This adds more safety to the stove as the cartridge has a safety locking, which ensures no risk of accident or leakage of fuel from the stove and makes the cooking process hassle free.


  • Manufacturer: Sportsman supply Inc.
  • Model name: Coleman butane stove
  • Colour: Blue
  • Dimensions: 12”*4”*20”
  • Weight: 4.7 pounds

Best Camping Stove Buying Guide

A camping stove is a portable stove used to cook food while camping. It is a bit different from all the other stoves which you have been seeing through years. Camping stoves are very lightweight and easily portable from one place to other. So they are the best options available to make good food when you are in a camp and due to its light weight it can easily be transferred from one place to another.

Gone are the days when the idea of camping was dropped just because unavailability of good food or to carry heavy stoves to make food on camping sites. Now, you can prepare dishes of your choice even on camping sites and eat them as much as you want. Also, the camping stove comes with a proper case and covering which makes sure the transport of the stove is done carefully without much risk involved in it.

There can be a question of taking the food with yourself and eating it over there but I’m sure you won’t be in the mood to miss the opportunity of having freshly cooked food on a camping site without much effort involved in it.

Top reasons why you buy camping stove

Camping itself seems a very interesting word and camping with good food is a great idea. Good food can only be prepared with the help of camping stove. There are plenty of reasons to buy a camping stove. Some of them are listed below.

  • Easy to carry: Camping stoves are easy to carry from one place to another. There is not much effort required to take the camping from one place to another and without giving much effort you will be getting good food to eat in camp making it a reason to go for the camping stove.
  • No external fuel required: In camping stoves, there is a place to store fuel for burning and no external source of fuel is required to cook food. This reduces the effort and makes the cooking process much easier.
  • Lightweight: Camping stoves are very lightweight which is another important factor which can be taken into consideration. As the light weight of the stove makes the transfer as well as the handling process very easy.
  • Easy to handle: When it comes to using camping stoves they are just like the other stoves which we are using from past many years.
  • Time-saving: If you do not have a camping stove, then you need to have a fire in order to prepare food. It requires time as well as human effort, but this can be saved if you have camping stove with you.
  • Gives options for a variety of dishes: If you are having a camping stove then the options for dishes that can be cooked increase.

Factors to consider before buying camping stove

  • Size: The size of the camping stove is to be considered when you are transferring it from one place to another. It should be neither too small nor too big.
  • Shape: The camping stoves are cuboidal or cylindrical in shape. You can choose the shape in which you feel comfortable. Both the shapes are considered to be good it depends on you, which one you want to buy.
  • Efficiency: The camping stove should be efficient. Do read customer reviews or the ones written below to check if the stove you are considering to buy is a good one.
  • Easy to use: The camping stoves should be easy to use. There should not be much effort required in how to operate a camping stove.
  • Safety measures: The cooking should be safe to use. Check if the stove in consideration has the necessary safety valves in place. So, you can be tension free while out on your camping trip.
  • Heating capacity: The camping stove should have good heating capacity which allows you to cook whichever dish you want. And also the flame should be adjusted according to your need.
  • Fuel storage space: Another important feature of the camping stove is that it should have adequate space allotted for fuel storage. It would ensure that you do not run out of the fuel while camping.

Final Words

Camping stoves make it easy to cook good food even in hilly areas or where ever you are planning to go for a camp. There is no requirement of external fuel as most of the camping stoves have a storage capacity of fuel. Being lightweight makes the transportation easy. Also, camping stove follows all the safety measures and ensures that there is no risk involved whenever someone is using the stove.

So whenever you are going for the camping again, then you must have camping stove on your checklist. As it is going to add a new taste to your camping trip. Also, its various features like lightweight, portability, easy to handle etc. makes it a must when you are going for camping. Although it is not necessary to use camping stove just for the single purpose of camping, it can be used in multiple ways like in family picnics etc.

As there are various types of camping stoves present in the market, you can choose the one which can fulfill all your needs. Also, all the camping stoves have some unique features which makes every stove different from one other. The best camping stoves for backpacking present in the market are Gas one GS-3000 portable gas stove, Ohuhu portable camping stove and Coleman butane stove. All of them are good and it is up to you which one you want to buy.


  1. Hi, thanx for the Excellent article . Camping stoves are really easy to use i also have one from coleman and its working fine .


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