2020 Best Citrus Juicer for Grapefruit {Top 3 Reviews}


It is a well-known fact that drinking fresh juice is good for health as well as it refreshes the mind. People often opt for packed juice boxes, but this juice is not fresh and contains added chemicals for preservation.

So the best option that one can look for is the citrus juicers. The juicer can easily take out the fresh juice, without taking much time and costing much money. The grapefruit or any other juice served will be fresh, hygienic and full of minerals and fibers.

List of Best Citrus Juicers for Grapefruit

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2020 Best Citrus Juicer for Grapefruit (Reviews)

#1.  Cuisinart CCJ-500 Citrus Juicer

Pulp Control Citrus Juicer

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There are a number of juicers available in the market but it is the best one among them. It has some unique features which seem to fulfill the requirements of the consumers. The body of the Cuisinart pulp control citrus juicer is entirely made up of strong stainless steel which ensures durability.

The best feature which is included in this product is the pulp control. The amount of pulp in the juice can be controlled accordingly. If someone has been directed to drink pulpy juice or a non-pulpy juice, then it is the best product to rely on. There are few other features as well which are listed below:

  • The product is entirely made of stainless steel which ensures the durability. Undoubtedly, it lasts longer than usual and can be used for many years.
  • A unique feature is the pulp management. The amount of pulp in the juice can be adjusted accordingly. One can even get whole pulpy juice as well as juice without pulp or less pulp.
  • The Cuisinart pulp control citrus juicer is very easy to operate. And it gives the best juice in less time. The loud noise while juicing have also been irritating but this product doesn’t make a loud noise. The sound while pulping is low that it doesn’t interrupt the conversation.
  • The product has a final spin feature which can take out the last drop of the juice. It doesn’t let the fruit juice to be wasted. After taking out the juice just put on the final spin and it will serve even the last drop.

Features and specifications

Dimensions of the product: 6.8 by 7.9 by 12.2 inches

Weight of the product: 4 pounds


#2.  Black+Decker CJ630 Citrus Juicer

32-Ounce Electric Citrus Juicer

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This product is the best in its range because of the amazing features it has. The consumers are satisfied with the way it works. It is a 20-watt electric citrus juicer which can serve fresh juice within seconds.

The capacity of the Black+Decker CJ630 Electric citrus juicer is about 32 ounces which can help in juicing a large amount in one go and faster. The body is made of strong plastic which will surely go to last few years.

  • The amount of pulp can be adjusted in low, middle and higher amount of the juice. It is a unique quality that is offered in not so heavy amount.
  • The product has auto-reversing reamer and stirrer which means it is going to serve you even the last drop of juice. It helps in extracting every drop of juice out of fruits.
  • Most of the pulp juicer are tough to clean but not for this product. The product can be cleaned easily just by putting it under the tap. It doesn’t create a mess and works effectively.
  • The Black+Decker electric citrus juicer comes with a cord wrap and dust cover storage. The cord wrap helps in protecting the cord saves from any shock from the cut in wire and the dust cover storage saves the juicer from outside dirt.
  • The minimal price is an attracting feature for such an amazing juicer. It has an attracting feature and it works so faster and quicker as well. It has been receiving amazing responses from its consumers.

Features and specifications

Dimensions of the product: 7.6 by 7.5 by 9 inches

Weight of the product: 2 pounds


#3.  New Star Foodservice 46878 Citrus Juicer

Commercial Citrus Juicer

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It is a juicer which has the professional quality that can squeeze out the juice from every fruit such as lime, lemons, grapefruits, oranges, and more. It is a very amazing product which is easy to clean and use.

The new black enameled 46878 citrus juicer by Star Food services is a durable product due to the composition and mixture of stainless steel (18/8) and cast iron

  • This product has a handle that is rubberizedergonomically which can withstand 2300 psi which means that it will serve perfectly squeezed juice.
  • It is very easy to clean and also easy to operate. It has funnel parts and detachable cones which can be cleaned in dishwasher safely. This feature shows how easy it is to detach and reattach the product.
  • To provide perfect stability to the new black enameled 46878 citrus juicer by Star Foodservices, it has a suction feet which is complemented by heavy base as well. It maintains the balance while juicing. It has longer handle for additional support.
  • The juicer is made up of 18/8 of stainless steel and cast iron to ensure the durability of the product. This product can be used for a long time which can serve fresh juice for a longer time.

Features and specifications

Dimensions of the product: 9 by 7 by 23 inches

Weight of the product: 13 pounds


Best Citrus Juicer Buying Guide

The citrus juicer helps in getting juice from various fruits, vegetables, herbs etc. It is often made of stainless steel or strong plastic and it is very durable. It often provides the final spin feature which can serve even the last drop of juice in your glass.

It is an amazing product which reduces the effort and serves the best health juice of different qualities. The amount of pulp in juice can also be adjusted in the citrus juices. It is something that must be in everyone’s kitchen and everyone should enjoy the fresh pulpy juice.

Top Reasons Why You Must Buy a Citrus Juicer

The citrus juicer has become an important part of every kitchen. One can completely rely on the quality it provides without costing much. It can generally be seen in many kitchens because of the quality and quantity it provides by serving every drop of juice.

In case you are searching that why you should have this product at your home, then look out for the reasons mentioned below. After that, anyone would like to enjoy healthy and tasty juice in the coming summer.

  • Less in cost– The packed juice is twice expensive and lacks health benefits as compared to fresh juice. But the citrus juicer needs a small investment and serves for a longer period of time. At the cost of one glass of packed juice, one can have about 3 glasses of juice if made by citrus juicers.
  • Helps in maintaining the hygiene– The citrus juicers helps in maintaining the proper hygiene. One cannot trust market edibles but it is made at home and totally healthy. The juice can be made at home without any chemicals and preservative.
  • Healthy and safe– As it is prepared at home so it is completely safe and healthy for everyone. It contains all the required minerals and fibers and can be taken fresh. It is natural and helps in refreshing mind.
  • Available in less time– The citrus juicers can fill few glasses of juice in just a few seconds. It works very fast and effectively. One doesn’t need to go to shops every time and get fresh juice just being at home.
  • Easy to use and clean– In case you are thinking that the pulp strands might cause a problem in cleaning, then you are absolutely wrong because these juicers can be cleaned in the dishwasher. It doesn’t need any extra effort and all the parts can be detached soon for cleaning.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Citrus Juicer

  • Size- Size plays an important role while buying a citrus juicer and it depends on the need of the consumer. There are various sizes available in the market so look out for the one which fulfills the demand.

While choosing the size, opt for the medium sized juicers which lets you juice any vegetable or fruit for a number of people.

  • Cleaning– Cleaning sometimes take a lot of time but there are many brands who have been providing easy cleaning. Some products can be detached and washed in the dishwasher. It can also be cleaned by keeping under the tap.

It is better to look out for the one which provides easy cleaning as it saves the time as well as effort.

  • What you will juice– It is very important to know what you will juice and which kinds of product you use the most for juicing. Every juicer has different capability and it depends upon the need of the consumer to find out the suitable one.

If you have to daily take out the juice out of vegetables, and any of fruit then the centrifugal juicer can be a great option. Look out for all the products that can suit the demand then find the best one.

  • Speed– The citrus juicer is designed to work quickly and serve fresh juice in just seconds. It’s better to opt for the one which has high power and capability to work very quickly. There are many products which offer high-speed motors and promises to serve within seconds.

But before selecting any of them, go through its customer reviews and know all the details about how it works.

  • Durability- The citrus juicers are often made of stainless steel or tough plastic but the stainless steel ensures more durability and lasts longer. If it has to be used on a daily basis for a longer period of time, then the stainless steel would be a better option.

But if it has to be used less than the plastic juicers are also a better option. It is a factor that you must consider before buying.

  • Cost– The cost differs from one product to another but if the cost is more than usual then it must consist some unique features. And before paying a huge amount to look out for other product as it may provide the same in lesser amount.

The costs of the citrus juicers are not too high and can be afforded easily within a limited amount. Consider the product’s feature more than what it looks.


Everyone wants to drink fresh juice to refresh their mind and body. The fresh juice helps in getting mental strength and is also good for health. The packed can of juice doesn’t provide the same quality that of the fresh juice.

The citrus juicer is an amazing product which can serve healthy and instant fresh juice at home. It doesn’t take much time and it is very easy to access and clean. The citrus juicer serves you all the needed minerals and fibers.

There are a number of citrus juicers available in the market which has different qualities. Before finalizing any product just make sure you follow the above-mentioned factors while buying a citrus juicer.

The citrus juicer is the best product that every home must have to enjoy the fresh juice without chemicals and preservatives. The products like Cuisinart CCJ-500 Pulp Control Citrus Juicer, Black+Decker CJ630 32-ounce Electric Citrus Juicer and theNew black enameled 46878 citrus juicer by Star Foodservices have been getting good responses.

The citrus juicer can serve you juice of fruits like oranges, lime, and lemon and all fruits and vegetables just in few seconds. It is an amazing product for every home and one should look out for these products.

Some of the factors have been written which should be kept in mind while buying the best citrus juicer for grapefruit. It helps a lot in minimizing your effort and costs so less. There are many varieties of juicers which have different features but look out for the one which suits your need and pocket.


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