Best Gas Ranges for Home Use 2020 {Top 3 Reviews}


Aren’t you fed of using the same cooking appliances from past many years? Also, you keep updating yourself with all the new gadgets available in the market then what about your kitchen. It’s time to update your kitchen with the all new appliances present in the market.

There are many things present in the market if you want to make your kitchen look more modern. One of them is gas range; the gas range is nothing but the newer version of the gas stoves which you have been using from past many years. So, let’s look at the best gas ranges available in the market for home usage.

2020 Best Gas Ranges for Home Use

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Top 3 Best Gas Ranges for Home 2020

#1. Thor kitchen HRG3080U Gas Range

Professional Style Gas Range

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This product is one of the best devices of its kind available in the market today. If you are sick of using the old gas ranges for cooking purposes just give this product a try. It is one of the best in its fields and offers a wide variety of features to the consumers. Not only does it have a smooth steel finish but it also works the best. New and innovative kitchen devices like these available in the market today are making cooking and maintaining a hygienic and clean kitchen easy for us today. This kitchen gas range by Thor kitchen appliances offers a wide variety of features. Some of these features are listed below:

  • The product has a 4.2 Cu. Ft surface area of the oven which helps in cooking various types of dishes at the same time. You can cook a large amount of food in the oven without getting worried about space. Apart from offering a large area in the oven this appliance also saves the space in your kitchen. The make of the product is such that it accommodates burners as well as oven saving the space of your kitchen.
  • The appliance has high powered 22000 BTU oven which cooks the food very quickly and evenly. The oven has a convection heating technology which allows the oven to cook the food evenly at all ends without overcooking or undercooking the food items. It doesn’t take much time to cook food in the oven of this appliance. It helps saving time.
  • The appliance consists of 4 burners having powers of 18000 BTU, 15000 BTU and two identical burners having a power of 12000 BTU.
  • The design and finish of the product are very smooth and is made of stainless steel which gives it a very modern and clean look. The make of the product is such that it is extremely easy to maintain the device. The steel finish makes it easier to clean the surface.
  • The product has a warranty of 2 years and you can approach the company if you encounter any problem with the device.

Features and specification

  • Weight of the product: 172 pounds
  • Height, breadth, height of the product: 5 by 30 by 39.8 inches
  • Model number of the product: HRG-3080U
  • Voltage of the product: 120 volts
  • Material of the product: Grate
  • Fuel that the device runs on: Natural gas

#2. Samsung NX58H9500WS Gas Range

Stainless Steel Gas Range

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Everybody needs a good gas range in their kitchen to facilitate cooking and help in cooking and making dishes faster and better. Not only does a gas range help in cooking the food faster than any other device but it also helps in cooking the food properly and evenly. If you cook using a gas range, you don’t have to worry about the food, it will be properly cooked. Cooking food on burners leave the food properly and evenly cooked, neither undercooked nor overcooked. This product has many features which attract the users to buy this product. Some of those features are listed below:

  • The Samsung NX58H9500WS has 5 burners which help the user in cooking multiple dishes at the same time using each burner. The availability of 5 burners helps in finishing up the tiring process of cooking fast and easily. The user does not have to wait for long for the current food item on the burner to get cooked so that he can cook something else. The user can cook various things at the same time.
  • The oven of the product has a surface area of 5.8 cu.ft which is very useful for cooking large amounts of food at the same time. You don’t have to worry about cooking the food item again and again. You can simply just cook a large quantity of food at the same time without having to face the trouble of cooking again and again.
  • The product has guiding light controls which are user-friendly and help the user in operating the device. The make and functioning of the device are very simple and easy and anyone can easily operate the device without having to face any trouble.
  • The device helps in cooking the food nicely and evenly. There is no fear of having undercooked or overcooked food.

Features and specifications:

  • Weight of the product: 202 pounds
  • Length, breadth, height of the product: 4 by 29.8 by 37.2 inches
  • Model number of the product: NX58H9500WS
  • Voltage of the product:120 volts
  • Fuel on which the product runs: gas
  • Material of the product: stainless steel

#3. LG LDG4315ST Gas Range

Double Oven Gas Range

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A gas range is an essential part of your kitchen without which one cannot cook food easily and face a lot of difficulties while cooking food. One requires a stove or gas to radiate heat through which food can be cooked for consumption. This device not only helps in facilitating the process of cooking but it also has certain features which help in reducing the time consumed for cooking the food. The product has various features. Some of the features are listed below:

  • The device has a double oven having the surface area of 6.9 cu ft. which helps in cooking the food faster
  • The product has 5 burners for making the process of making multiple dishes short.
  • The product helps in cooking the food properly and evenly, without leaving it half cooked of half raw.
  • The design and finish of the product are very attractive and is make of stainless steel which is also very easy to clean and maintain.
  • The device consists of glass touch control which helps the user in using the device easily without any troubles.

Features and specifications:

  • Weight of the product: 9 pounds
  • Length, breadth, height of the product: 9 by 40.7 by47.3 inches
  • Model number of the product: LDG4315ST
  • Voltage of the product: 120 volts
  • Fuel on which it runs: Gas

Best Gas Range Buying Guide

Here are some questions that comes to your mind when looking for a good gas range for home use.

What is a gas range?

As said earlier a gas range is the updated version of the gas stoves which we are using from past many years. The gas range comes with more effective and provides you more option for cooking that the earlier gas products.

Also, the gas range gives a whole new look to your kitchen which makes the kitchen look more modernized. You might be wondering how a single change in the kitchen can modify the kitchen completely. But for knowing this fact you need to go for a gas range and then you will realize this on your own.

The gas range comes with various designs and styles and also provides you with more cooking option and also lessens the mess in the kitchen.  A gas range also provides you with an option of cooking multiple dishes which was very difficult with the earlier gas stoves.

A gas range also increases the space in the kitchen and can make the kitchen look more spacious than before. The earlier gas range was considered the part of kitchens in restaurants as the space in the kitchens over there was very less due to larger dining space. But now many families are going to a gas range.  Let’s discuss why you must go for a gas range.

Top reasons why you must buy a gas range

Gas range has many important and interesting qualities related to it, once you know them then you won’t be able to resist yourself and will surely go for one. The gas range can be used for a continuous purpose and also for a very long time.

This makes it suitable to be used in both restaurants and houses. Some of the major advantages and qualities of a gas range are mentioned below

  • Gives a new look to your kitchen: One of the major advantages of a gas range is the look of the gas range. The look of the gas range makes it one of the most attractive of the all other cooking appliance present in the kitchen. And the design is very much noticeable and will also attract anyone eyes who’s entering your kitchen. Giving a whole new look to your kitchen.
  • Efficiency: Gas range is much more efficient than the earlier gas stoves which were there in your kitchen from past many years. The heating capacity of the gas the gas range is much higher than that of the gas stove and also the food is cooked more properly and quickly.
  • Cooking option of multiple dishes: Gas range provides you with a cooking option of multiple dishes. This helps you to cook a variety of dishes. Earlier even if you know the recipe the sources weren’t available for you to cook them but the gas range provides you with ample options to cook all the dishes you want.
  • Availability of more burners: The number of burners available in a gas range is also more and efficient. The different burners have a different heating capacity so that you can use the one you want. This feature ensures that the food which you are cooking is not over or under cooked.
  • Optimum temperature: Gas range provides you with optimum temperature. Even if you are using one burner then that won’t be affecting the heating capacity of the other burner. This makes sure the optimum temperature for each and every burner.

Factors to consider before buying a gas range

  • Size: The gas ranges are available in different sizes according to the want of customer. You can buy the gas range which suits you or which is best for your kitchen. The availability of different sizes gives more option to the buyer and make sure you go for the one which fits your requirement.
  • Design: The design of the gas ranges is very attractive and also it will surely give a whole new look to your kitchen. Whenever you buy something new you make sure it is attractive and it doesn’t hamper the look of the place where it is kept. If you thinking in this way then be tension free because the gas range will only add beauty to your kitchen.
  • Heating capacity: As the gas ranges are used for both home and commercial purposes they are available in different heating options. You should go for one which fits your need. And also this gives you can option to choose the best one for you.
  • Cost efficient: The gas range will surely cut your cooking expenses as no wastage of natural gas is seen in it. As in earlier burners, some natural gas was wasted. This thing is not there in the gas range which saves your money.
  • Time-saving: Having multiple burners with different heating capacity also saves your time as you can cook more than 1 food at a time. So now it’s not necessary to spend hours in the kitchen as you can save much of your time.
  • Easy to use: There is no hard and fast rule to know before using a gas range. It is very simple to use, all you need to do is just go through the help manual ones and you will know everything on how to use a gas range.
  • Safe to use: As compared to the earlier burners the gas range is much safer to use. The chances of getting burnt get reduced and you can easily cook without any fear.

So now knowing everything about the gas range you must be wishing to go for one. As it is one of the basic appliances which you should have in your kitchen to gives it a new look to your kitchen and also makes the cooking process much more easily than before. There are various options available in the market but one always wants to go for the best. So the top 3 gas ranges for home use present in the market are Thor kitchen HRG3080U, Samsung NX58H9500WS, and LG LDG4315ST. Just go for the one which satisfies your need and wants and gives a whole new look to your kitchen.



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