Top 4 Best Makeup Mirror Reviews 2020


Makeup mirrors are one of the essential tools required by every woman while applying cosmetics. The market is full of them; there are various styles and sizes of makeup mirrors. It can be quite confusing which one to buy which will suit best for your lifestyle and as per your beauty routine. Here are some pointers to help you out.


What is a Makeup Mirror?

A makeup mirror is specially designed for women to apply cosmetics. There are many types of mirrors available in the market and most of the women have more than one of them. The most popular ones are the magnifying and lighted mirrors. Some might prefer to have a large mirror for general applications and a smaller one for daily touch-ups or while traveling.

Magnifying Mirrors

They are the best mirrors to use for fine detailing like applying eyeliner, lip liner, or application of two or more shades for a smooth blending. They are also important for covering blemishes and fine lines and are especially useful for ladies with poor eye-sight that may need to expel their glasses before applying cosmetics.

Mirrors can go up to 15 and even 20x magnification. Remember that mirrors with higher magnification might be costlier.

Lighted Mirrors

There are mirrors which have built in lights, either on the edges or enclosing the whole reflective surface. This gives a smooth, consistent light source that improves cosmetics application by dispensing with shadows that may bring about uneven cosmetics. You should know that the way your makeup appears in the lighted makeup mirror may vary from its appearance in natural light.

Stationary Mirrors

Stationary mirrors frequently have customizable stands and may likewise have portable or swivel features for convenience. The benefit of having a stationary mirror is that it permits a lady to have both hands free while she is applying the cosmetics.

You can choose the type as per your choice but the most recommended ones are the lighted makeup mirrors.

Top reasons to buy a Makeup Mirror

Here are some of the top reasons why every woman must have a makeup mirror:

  • Better View

This is one of the biggest advantages you will get by having a makeup mirror with lights. The individual who is utilizing the mirror will get a clearer and more defined view and that is a direct result of the lights that encompass the mirror. They are in a position to groom them flawlessly. Lighted makeup mirror gives greater clearness as against the ordinary and the standard lights in the room. You can give extra attention to the details by using a lighted mirror.

  • Does Not Disturb Others

However, another advantage of the makeup mirrors with lights is that it won’t disturb the other individuals in the room. For example, earlier when you need to use a mirror you have to depend on the lights of the room. So when you turn on those lights there are a lot of chances that it could bother your youngsters or companion yet this is an issue is solved by lighted makeup mirrors as one need not turn on the lights of the room any longer. This is perfect in the event that you need to begin your day early when others are sleeping.

  • Diverse Lighting Options

This is the highlight of makeup mirrors with lights around it. Different mirrors come with different light settings from which one can pick the setting relying upon their need. Say for example there are different settings like the day setting, work setting, night setting, party setting and so forth. In this way, one can modify the light setting in the mirror contingent upon their need.

Say for instance you need to go out amid the day; you can pick the day mode where the light will be similar to the daylight so that you will know how you will exactly look when you will go out in the daylight. Similarly, you can use the office mode to dress up perfectly before going to the office. The option of changing the mode is quite advantageous and everyone likes it. In any case, the lights with settings are an extra option and one needs to pick it particularly while purchasing, else the lights will be dependably in typical mode.

  • More Space

Numerous lighted mirrors are outlined with a modern touch and are more slender than different styles of mirrors. Today’s lavatories are getting minimized in size, and this slimness can allow for more space. It can likewise permit you to choose a bigger mirror, which can be useful for shared washrooms, as well as to create an illusion of a bigger room.

  • Energy Savings

Lighted mirrors utilize LED lighting, which utilizes very less electricity and lasts around 40,000 hours. This implies you’ll spare a lot of cash on your electric bill and you’ll additionally diminish your carbon impression.

Factors to consider before buying a Makeup Mirror

A lighted mirror impersonates the natural light and keeps you cool while applying your cosmetics.

The most imperative property for a productive makeup mirror is the bulb, because of the type of light it emits. After which you need to consider factors like magnification, portability, size and location.

Contingent upon the lighting in your washroom and how much counter space you have, there is an assortment of lighted mirrors for you to consider. You may need one that sits on a counter or something little that you can convey in a satchel. Mounted mirrors ought to coordinate your stylistic layout, and energy efficient ones devour less energy and normally don’t burn as a hot. Here are a few things to consider while purchasing a makeup mirror:

  • Wall mounted or Countertop Mirrors

On the off chance that your washroom vanity is now swarmed, consider getting a wall mounted mirror. These are ordinarily hardwired into the wall and never require batteries. In the event that you need a portable alternative or like the look of a vanity mirror, search for a model that can sit on your counter. There are additionally a few models that mount to different mirrors or glass with suction containers, making them less permanent and saving the counter space.

  • Aesthetics and Design

Most common ones are the rounded, dual-sided mirrors, which also come in a variety of shapes and finishes. In case you have a contemporary home, you may wish to search for chrome or silk nickel finish. Metal and oval shapes emulate a more classic look.

  • Energy Efficient Lighting mirrors

LED lighting is quite common these days and most of the home appliances used it, same is the case with lighted mirrors. On the off chance that you lean toward the look of halogen lighting, you can even now discover a mirror to suit your necessities. Notwithstanding, LED lights to have a more drawn out life, are more proficient and don’t put off as much warmth. Additionally, due to their productivity LED lights don’t deplete batteries as fast. Fluorescent T5 bulbs additionally devour less power and diminish radiant heat as compared to halogen bulbs.

  • Placement

Decide where you want to place it; in case you want to put it on a surface, at a smaller base, you need an adjustable one which requires less space. In case you need a wall mounted mirror, an adjustable arm is far better than others and suited for all positions you will be applying makeup from.

  • Size

In general, to apply makeup, a 5inch mirror is enough. But if you need the mirror for other things as well like styling your hairs or to look your overall face, shoulders, neck, you need at least a mirror with a diameter of 8 inches or more. On the off chance that the mirror is going over a vanity, make sure that you take a proper measurement before purchasing it.

Top 4 Best Makeup Mirror Reviews of 2020

1.   Conair Oval Shaped Double-Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror


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This is a makeup mirror which has incandescent lighting to provide you a soft halo glow. It has a polished chrome finish to enhance its look, to make it more stylish, which matches with any decor. You can see each and every detail carefully as well as can see your overall look. It also has flexible face adjusting feature to provide easy viewing.

Its key features:

  • It has 7x Magnification through which you can see every minute detail and has 1x magnification to view your overall look
  • It has flexible face adjusts to any angle for easy viewing
  • No battery is used in it
  • Soft halo lighting for a beautiful, incandescent glow
  • Fog-free viewing
  • Stylish polished chrome finish

2.  Sagler Vanity Mirror Chrome 6-inch Tabletop makeup mirror


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These are the best mirrors to use in a bathroom or in a vanity. It can easily be set on your bathroom counter or dresser. It has a sleek design, dual sided mirror and provides 360-degree swivel design which makes the toggling between magnifications easy.

Its key features:

  • It has 1x and 10x magnification options to make sure you can see each and every detail of your makeup and hair.
  • Best used for bathroom vanity mirrors
  • It has 6-inch diameter

3.  FLYMEI TouchScreen 20 LED Lighted Makeup Mirror


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It’s sleek in design and has 10x magnification, small so that one can take it anywhere with them. It has a rectangular shape which provides more viewing area. It has an attractive black finish which matches with all types of decor. It uses Ultra bright and eye safe LED lights.

Its key features:

  • It has built in 20pcs adjustable lights for proper application of makeup even in a dark room
  • It also has batteries and also has a spare set of batteries.
  • It has a 10X magnification
  • 180 Free rotation movable
  • It has an on/off switch
  • Made up of ABS plastic with UV coating for better looks and is also resistant to scratches.

4.  Conair Oval shaped LED double sided lighted Makeup Mirror


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It has 2 magnification settings i.e. 1x and 7x and has bright led lighting. It uses the energy saving LED bulbs and consumes 70% less energy as compared to regular bulbs. It has a beautiful polished chrome finish at the back and has an elegant slim design.

Its key features are:

  • It has lifetime LED lighting, you never have to replace the bulb and its 70% more energy efficient
  • Dual-sided mirror which rotates 360 degrees and has 1x/7x magnification
  • It is 8.5-inch x 6.5-inch elegant oval design
  • It has an Off/High/Low setting switch located on the base.
  • It is battery operated and requires 3 AA batteries

These are some of the best mirrors one can use in their home for applying makeup. There are many more available in the market but depending on your requirement and space you have, you can decide which one is the best for your usage.

Makeup mirrors vary in cost as well, but it doesn’t mean the costliest one is the best one or the most effective one. The right makeup mirror for you is the one which allows you to engage in a flawless makeup application, provides a close look or help you in tweezing. So before investing in any if the makeup mirror, you need to consider all the facts, reasons for which you are buying it and then make your mind about buying the makeup mirror.


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