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Soon after finding out that you are expecting, the first and foremost thing that you would want to know is what is going on or what would happen to your body. The best way to find out all the answers to your questions is by reading a pregnancy book. You will find out that the chances are endless is you visit a local bookstore or Amazon.

You certainly would not want to read each and every pregnancy book that you can find. There are a lot of pregnancy magazines and books aimed at empowering the expectant mom. It can be quite confusing to week out the bad ones from the good. Growing a baby within is tiring. This is the reason why we have compiled alist of top 4 pregnancy books for your reading.


What are Pregnancy Books?

Pregnancy books are aimed at offering all the guidance needed to expectant moms. There is so much to learn about pregnancy and this can prove to be overwhelming. Pregnancy books offer a great start. These offer an overview of what is in store during pregnancy.

Pregnancy books explain in detail the symptoms a woman may experience and helps in getting organized during the early stages of pregnancy. These books are packed with information with lots of exercise suggestions, explanations about fetal development and lots of nutritional tips. These are great for first time expectants that basically have no idea about what is coming.

Top five reasons why you must buy Pregnancy Books

Pregnancy books carry a lot of information. Reading these books make a massive difference in the understanding of pregnancy and child birth. Few books just offer a general overview whereas others go in depth. These books make women feel confident and wiser.

  1. Boosts confidence:

Reading apregnancy book which carries adequate information helps an expectant mom to feel completely prepared. Reading a pregnancy book rests the fear of what lies ahead. Women can totally rock their pregnancy phase by choosing the read the best information available in the form of books. One great book is enough to empower a woman during the stages of pregnancy.

  1. Reduces the stress:

Facing pregnancy and the associated symptoms is not an easy task. The stages are not stress-free. Reading what is going to come helps in making a woman feel empowered and thereby reduces the stress associated with it.

  1. Makes one knowledgeable:

Pregnancy books enhance the knowledge that a woman has about her own body. These books offer bits of information that can come in handy during the pregnancy period. The more knowledge a woman has, the better-equipped she is to tackle any challenge being thrown during the pregnancy period.

  1. Makes one aware of the options available:

Everybody is aware of the childbirth options available. Women can either opt for natural birth or a caesarian procedure. Each option has its own pros and cons. Reading pregnancy books will help you decide which path to choose and prepare yourself for the path that you have chosen.

There are plenty of resources available for women who are hoping for a natural childbirth procedure. Practicing certain exercises and leading a healthy lifestyle will ensure a natural childbirth.

  1. Fills one with confidence:

Pregnancy books are not just for expectant moms. These empower expectant dads as well. The feeling of becoming a parent is equally overwhelming for a man. Reading guides helps a man be better equipped with information in assisting his woman pass through the stages of pregnancy with much ease.

Factors to consider before buying Pregnancy Books

  • The level of information: Not all books come equipped with all the information. It is best to find books that offer you information to clear through all the stages of pregnancy with much ease. Look for books that educate you about the stages and equip you with a lot of information.
  • Books written by experts: It always pays to purchase pregnancy books written by experts in the field. Books written by doctors or nutritionists based on their experiences in the field will give you an idea of what needs to be done and how. The information mentioned in the book will offer you an insight into the stages of pregnancy and how to face them gracefully.
  • Books with tips: Make sure to purchase a book that offers a lot of tips to the readers. Purchase books that offer you information about the diet practices as well as the exercises that need to be performed in order to remain fit and for an easy delivery.

Top 4 Best Pregnancy Books Reviews of 2020

 1.  The Mindful Mom-To-Be


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This pregnancy book strengthens your foundation and can be one of the best beginnings that you can offer your child. Pregnancy coach Lori Bregman guides expectant moms in their journey in the direction of motherhood by offering them the best information possible.

Prescriptive health information is offered that is concrete including natural remedies, nutritional advice, techniques for labor and development milestones. The book consists of enjoyable and simple emotional and spiritual exercise that helps women in preparing for their motherhood. These would be of great help for expectant moms while going through the stressful stages of pregnancy.

The key features of this book are:

  • Month-by-month advice
  • Comprehensive checklists
  • Customizable birth plans
  • It is a holistic and indispensible companion during pregnancy stages and beyond
  • Offers an empowering approach to childbirth
  • Written by founder of “Rooted for Life” pregnancy coaching program

2.  What To Expect When You’re Expecting


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It would not be wrong to call this book a pregnancy bible and is the longest running New York Times bestseller. This book is read by 93 percent of expectant moms and has been termed as one of the most influential books of the last 25 years. This book is filled with advice, tips, and insights for new generation dads and moms. This book is filled with humor, empathy, and warmth.

This book offers answers to every conceivable question that expecting parents might have. This book comes with an integrated advice for dads. A wealth of information has been made available for dads who are going through astressful phase of their life as well. Pregnancy is not just about women. Men are equally involved in nurturing the unborn baby by offering motivational support to their women. This topic has been equally covered in this book.

Its key features are:

  • Includes information about medical coverage including prenatal screening, safety of medications and a lot more during pregnancy
  • There is a brand new section about postpartum birth control
  • This book features information about current lifestyle trends such as e-cigarettes, raw diets, GMOs, health food fads and juice bars
  • There is information about gentle cesareans, home births, breastfeeding, multiple pregnancies and IVF pregnancy
  • Written by bestselling author of pregnancy books who is also the creator of

3.  Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy


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This book has a lot of accurate and precise information which has been developed after gathering from reliable sources. This is a massive pregnancy guide which has been offered by the Mayo Clinic. The volume of the book is proportional to the amount of information offered. The book comprises of week by week accounts of thedevelopment of thebaby, entries on how pregnancy impacts the earlier health conditions such as diabetes and HIV.

This book comprises of self-care tips for side effects such as back pain and nausea. The book comprises of indispensable information in the form of charts which indicate how to manage troublesome signs and symptoms during the three week period. The stellar feature of this book is the series of decision guides offered for helping parents make hard choices about whether to go back to work or not and all about breastfeeding.

The no-nonsense tone of this book is the interesting aspect of this book although it may not appeal those individuals who are looking for some light-hearted work. Those looking for actual information will find this book quite informative.

Its key features are:

  • It offers accurate information from reliable sources
  • It features week-by-week updates on the growth of the baby
  • It includes month-by-month changes that occur to a mom
  • Comprises of a 40-week pregnancy calendar
  • It includes review of vital pregnancy decisions and a symptoms guide
  • Advice is also offered on medications, meal planning, and exercises
  • It comprises of answers to most embarrassing or difficult questions
  • This book has been written based on work done by a team of pregnancy experts
  • It has been written in easy-to-read language at the same time being professional
  • It has been organized well
  • It has been categorized into three sections: pregnancy, childbirth and newborn
  • This book serves as great a reference guide for all expectant moms

4.  Belly Laughs, 10th Anniversary Edition


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This book has been the runway national bestseller and reveals the truth about the inevitable disfigurement, the excruciating pains and the tremendous joys that go along with pregnancy. This book covers everything about hormonal rage, morning sickness, granny panties, hemorrhoids, pregnant sex and a lot more. Belly Laughs offer a comic relief to apregnant woman.

This book has been written by McCarthy who was awarded the Playmate of the Year actress during 1994. She gave birth to her first child during 2002 and her pregnancy was not as pretty as she expected it to be. She covers the nitty-gritty of pregnancy but with a humorous touch. The author is funny at the same time being undeniably crass.

Its key features include:

  • Each chapter focuses on something awful or different facet of pregnancy
  • McCarthy offers personal anecdotes to expectant moms and reassures that they are not alone throughout the book
  • This topic covers all the topics that women find embarrassing to discuss
  • The best thing about this pregnancy book is that it makes you laugh
  • Written in down-to-earth style and is full of humor and jokes
  • The approach adapted in writing the book is worth appreciating as most of the pregnancy guides come in clinical style
  • Book has been written in conversational tone
  • Honest discussion about tribulations and trials of pregnancy
  • This work seems more like the personal diary of the author and does not feature a particular segment
  • This is more of a light-hearted book rather than a resource

There are plenty of pregnancy guides available in the market. However, not all can offer you the information that you are looking for. It is best to decide what kind of books you want to read. Are you looking for information about a particular topic or do you want a monthly guide? Narrowing down the requirements will help you in picking the best pregnancy book for you.

The pregnancy books mentioned in this review cover both guides and personal experiences of individuals who went through the strenuous stages of pregnancy for the first time. If you are expecting for the first time, then the books mentioned in this review would offer great help to you. These books offer a lot of information for first time moms who need to be better equipped with knowledge so that they can face the stages of pregnancy gracefully.

Most of these books come with calendars, charts and a lot more tools that would offer extra help during different stages of pregnancy. The books mentioned in this review can be easily purchased from Amazon and are one of the top selling pregnancy books on the platform. Make sure to do your research before purchasing any book.

Do look into the info and a lot more reviews before deciding which one would be the best for you. Each book has something or the other to offer to expectant parents. Make sure to decide which writing tone would appeal you the most.

People usually do not read books which do not appeal to their tastes. Few people prefer reading clinical information and few prefer reading writing in a humorous tone. Make sure to decide what you are looking for before making a move.


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