2020 Best Rain Boots For Women {Top 4 Reviewed}


Rain boots are a basic necessity in everyone’s life. Most of us cannot imagine our lives without them. If you live in places that receive a lot of rainfall, then these are must-haves. Initially just used as a rain protection shoe, these have become style statements these days. Many high-end brands are launching designer rain boots. Many other brands are solely dedicated to the manufacturing of only rain boots. Not only are these comfortable but also give your look an extra edge. Rain boots are made up of different material like rubber and latex, etc. With so many options to choose from, rain boots have become the most stylish and convenient way to protect your feet from rain as well as the puddles of water that the rain causes.


Best Women’s Rain Boots 2020

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Top 4 Best Rain Boots For Women

#1.  Hunter Women’s Original Tall Rain Boots


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The Hunter Women’s Original Tall Rain Boots are one of the best rain boots available today. They come up to your knee and provide total protection from the rain. They come in some subtle colors and some really bright colors that will make your day. They are made up of rubber and the platform measures 0.25 inches. The other features of the boots are:

  • The product dimension is 17×14×5.5 inches.
  • They are handcrafted and totally waterproof.
  • The boot shaft height is 15 inches and the calf circumference is 15.5 inches.
  • The shoes have the natural latex rubber that releases a protective wax film in hot and humid weather.
  • The upper part or the outer part is made of rubber. The inner sole is made of fabric and the sole is again made of rubber.
  • There is an adjustable buckle in the sides that will help you adjust the shoe according to your preferences.
  • The boots have a matte finish to them which looks very classy and the boots do not get easily dirty.
  • To give the boot a stylish look, decorative circles are made on the shaft.
  • The boots can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

#2.  Twisted Women’s DRIZZY Tall Cute Rubber Rain Boots


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These stylish Twisted Woman’s DRIZZY Tall Cute Rubber Rain Boots are the best buy this monsoon season. These have a very sleek look to them and will make you look very stylish. The boots are available in a lot of colors that you can pick according to your choice. The colors range from blacks and grays to pink and purples. The other features of the boots are:

  • The boots are of calf length and provide total protection from the rain.
  • They are made up of rubber and are totally water resistant.
  • The measurements of the shaft are 11 inches from the arc.
  • There is an adjustable buckle on the opening of the circumference that you can use to adjust according to your need. The circumference otherwise is approximately 16 inches.
  • The upper part and the sole is both made with rubber and the inside is made with comfortable cloth.
  • They are available in many colors and also many patterns like checks, leopard prints etc.
  • The dimensions of the boots are 12×10×4.5 inches.

#3.  Joules Women’s Field Welly Rain Boots


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Joules Women’s Field Welly Rain Boots are stylish rain boots that are calf length and provide you with total protection from the rain. These boots are very versatile and lightweight. You can team these up with any of your clothes and you are good to go. Other features of these boots are:

  • There are a number of color choices that you can select from the blue and black undertones.
  • The boot’s outer part is made up of synthetic rubber and the sole is also made of synthetic rubber for maximum protection from rain and snow.
  • The inner part of the shoe is handcrafted with cloth for maximum comfort.
  • The opening measures around 16 inches, the shaft measures around 14.5 inches from the arch and the heel is 1.25 inches.
  • There is an adjustable strap with a buckle on the closure to adjust the size according to your preferences.
  • The dimensions of the boots are 18×14×5 inches.

#4.  Women’s Daily Shoes Mid Calf Toe Rain Boots


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Women’s Daily Shoes Mid Calf Knee High Hunter Rain Round Toe Rain Boots are calf length classy rain boots that provide proper protection from the rain. These boots are available in so many beautiful colors that it becomes hard to select one. The color ranges from black, gray, navy to oranges, red and pink. So there is a choice for everyone. The other features of these boots are:

  • The upper part of the boots is made up of synthetic rubber which does not let any moisture come inside.
  • The dimensions of the boots are 4.1×18.7×12.5 inches and the heel height is 2 inches.
  • The shoes have a rubber sole that will protect you from slipping or losing balance in the wet places.
  • The shoes can be worn at various occasions like fishing, gardening, hiking, boating, watersports and of course on the rainy days.
  • The boot shaft height is approximately 11 inches and the circumference of the boot opening is 14.5 inches.
  • These can be worn during the monsoons, summers, and winters. The various colors provided can be teamed up with any clothing to look stylish.

Best Rain Boots Buying Guide

Rain boots, also known as Wellington boots, are a pair of footwear that is used to save one’s feet from the water. These are waterproof and are usually made of rubber or PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride). The boots look like normal under-the-knee boots and have thick soles. They are available in different sizes and patterns of which the most common are over-the-calf and over-the-knee boots. Although they are available in different sizes and patterns according to the user’s convenience these days. These are the staple footwear for people living in rainy or very cold areas. They are very comfortable on the inside because of the different material used to make the boots’ inner lining.

Top Five Reasons Why You Must Buy Rain Boots

Rain boots are very useful for people for all ages. Most people already have a pair of rain boots or used to have a pair in the past. These are a highly versatile and comfortable footwear that does a lot more than save your feet from water. Here are a few reasons why you must buy rain boots:

  • They save you from the rain – The very first reason you must buy rain boots is to protect your feet from the rain. They can be used even in the snow. You will no longer have to stay all day in your wet footwear. Rain boots are made up of rubber or PVC, marerials that are not at all harmed by the water so your feet will stay dry and your shoes will last longer. Since these boots usually cover the area below the knee, they also help save your clothes from accidental splashes while walking.
  • They protect feet from infections– Rain brings a plethora of diseases with it. And most of them are caused by wet feet. Many bacteria and fungi develop on moist skin causing many infections. Athlete’s foot is one very common problem during monsoon season, caused by the accumulation of fungus on wet and moist feet. Boots do not let the feet get wet, hence saving you from these infections. Rain boots can also prevent frostbite during the winters because they keep your feet nice and warm and don’t let the snow affect them.
  • Versatile– Rain boots are very versatile. They can be used in any season–be it summer, winter or monsoon. Whatever season it is, rain is one thing that can happen at any time of the year. So it does not mean that the boots you buy will lie useless in your closet throughout the year. They can be used at any time of the year. Also if you are working in a field of a place with mud, you can wear these shoes to protect your feet. Even while gardening these shoes are recommended because they protect your feet from the dirt and also have a strong sole that does not let you slip or lose your balance while working.
  • Fashion statement– In older times there was only one type of rain boots that were available in just two or three colors. But now you can buy rain boots in whichever color you want. The design has evolved so much that they are being used as a fashion accessory. The best part is that these boots look good with every type of clothing both in the case of men and women. These can be worn below a skirt or a dress for women, and even with jeans or pants. For men, these can be worn as casual and also as formal wear.You can choose the color according to your taste and look chic. There are many brands solely dedicated to making rain boots and they are also trustworthy. So rain boots are one good investment for anyone.
  • Comfort– Apart from all its uses, rain boots are ultra comfortable. The inside keeps your feet dry and warm. The sole is designed in such a way that you will not have a problem in walking or moving in them. Even kids can wear them easily and not feel uncomfortable throughout the day. And since they cover most of your feet, you will also stay warm during the winters. It should be kept in mind that for maximum comfort the shoes should be perfect for your foot size.

Factors to be Considered Before Buying Rain Boots

  • The climate– The first and the foremost factor to be considered is the climate you will be using the boots in. if you live in colder climates with snow and rain, you should get boots that are high and are heavily insulated to save your feet from the cold. If you live in a temperate climate, then you can buy shoes that are mildly insulated and the height can depend on your preferences.
  • Resistance– The basic work of the rain boot is to prevent your feet from the rain. So, checking how water resistant the footwear is has to be one of the top priorities. Make sure that the footwear is made out of material that can even resist the inflow of water when submerged in a tub so that in the case of heavy rain the shoe does not end up leaking. Also, check whether the shoe is leaving any empty space near your calf or ankle that could let the water in.The boots should be hugging your legs.
  • Size– This is the main thing in buying any footwear. The boot should be perfect in size. It should not be too big nor too small. It should be hugging your legs but also leaving enough room for you to move your fingers. If you do not like the bottom of your pants getting wet, buy a calf-length boots. Check that they are easily fitting on your calves or not. Too tight boots may hurt your feet and when they are too loose, it may make it uncomfortable for you to walk.
  • Material– The material of the boots is an important factor in determining how comfortable they will be. The material should be taken into account according to the place you live in and where you prefer to wear them. The people who perspire a lot should avoid material like leather and PVC. Check the breathability of the shoe before making a choice. Also, buy a boot with a good insole. If there is a boot that you like but it does not have a good insole, you can always get a new insole added to it afterward.
  • Design and Color– You have to like the boots you wear. So buying dull and gloomy colors is going to make you not wear them. With so many choices available in the market, finding the color that you like won’t be that tough. Also, there are many styles of boots available like lace-up, no laces, ankle length, calf length, mid-calf and many more. So choose wisely keeping in mind all your needs.

Final Words

Rain boots have evolved a lot since they were invented. In the older times, the boots were made of leather, which is also water resistant, but they did not last that long. With the invention of rubber, the boots started being made from them. This increased their durability excessively. And now in the age of technological advancements, rain boots have taken a different shape. So many products are used in making these boots like rubber, plastic, PVC, etc. These boots have also become more comfortable and stylish. So many types of rain boots have become availablethat owning a pair has become a tradition.

With so many types and colors of rain boots available in the market, choosing one that fits your budget and personal style is not difficult. Everyone should own a nice and durable pair of such boots.


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