2020 Best Reel Mower for Zoysia & Bermuda Grass {Top 3}


It’s said that the first impression is the last impression then let it be you, your house or ever your lawn. The first look decides everything and creates an image of that thing in your mind. We look after our self’s house and keep it clean and make it look beautiful. But you should understand a beautiful lawn can impress anyone. So in order to make your lawn beautiful and clean, you need to maintain it. But cutting those extra grasses one by one and wasting time on that is too old fashioned now it’s the time to switch to reel mowers. So, let’s go through the list of best reel mowers for Bermuda and Zoysia grass.

Best Reel Mower for Zoysia & Bermuda Grass

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2020 Best Reel Mower for Bermuda & Zoysia Grass

#1.  Green states 415-16 Reel Mower

16-Inch Reel Mower

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The green states push mower is one of the best mowers for trimming your lawn. It is eco-friendly and doesn’t leave any remains but a beautiful lawn. The green state push mower is very convenient and easy to operate even for the smaller lawns. It ensures long durability as it is made of the shatterproof steel side plate.

The product is very easy to assemble and helps you in mowing your lawn without annoying you with the loud noise. It is very strong and ensures perfect trimming with the tempered alloy steel reel and a bed knife blade.

  • The product has 16 inches cutting width which can help in mowing the lawn fast. It also has 10 inches ball bearing wheels which lead to smooth movement of the mower.
  • It is eco-friendly and doesn’t leave any remains after mowing. It doesn’t make loud noise while mowing as most of the products. It can trim the lawn beautifully without making irritating noise.
  • The non-breakable steel side plate ensures a life-long durability. The product also lets you adjust the height from ½ inch to 2 ½ inch which means it can trim for different purposes.
  • The product is very easy to reassemble and operate. The cushioned handle grips ensure comfortability for hands and the lightweight helps in moving it easily. The ball bearing wheels also make it easier for moving it around the lawn.
  • It seems perfect also for small lawn owners and can work effectively in making the lawn look beautiful.

Features and specifications

Dimensions of the product: 23.1* 10.6*13.8 inches

Weight of the product: 26 pounds

ASIN: B00002N691

#2.  Remington RM3100 Reel Mower

18-Inch Reel Push Mower

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The product is very environment-friendly as it does not need any gas while cutting. It has 18-inch reel push mower which can cover a large area in one go. The product is most suitable for light or medium yards and also very effective for an area that needs to be treated the specially.

The product works are push operated and the RM3100 works more effectively on the modest terrain of light or medium duty yard works. It has many qualities which need to be discussed in detail.

  • The first main quality of this product is that it has a dual lever of height adjustment which helps in getting the perfect height needed for the yard. This is the best that you can get for your light or medium yard.
  • The product is very environment-friendly and doesn’t need gas while trimming. It is something that makes it different from the other products. It gives a very effective result as well as helps it is eco-friendly.
  • The mower lets you adjust the height between 0.75-2.5inches which helps in getting the perfect cutting for the lawn. It also has 18-inch reel push which surely is the best thing as it will do the works fast.
  • The product is very durable and last longer. It has 5-blades which are adjustable and can help in working easily. The blades are so strong and can ensure a long life. It means that it need not be changed very frequently.
  • The best feature is the 2 in 1 mulching feature which saves the extra effort to be put in collecting clipping and collects them when mowing the lawn.

Feature and specifications

Dimensions of the product: 10 by 17.5 by 25.5 inches

Weight of the product: 31.8 pounds

Model number: 15A-3100783

Cutting width: 18 inches

#3.  Great States 815-18 Reel Mower

18 Inch Push Reel Lawn Mower

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The great states push reel lawn is the best product in order of simplicity. It works so smoothly and effectively without any need for gas, oil, fumes and cords. The best feature is that it doesn’t make any noise while trimming the field and lets the work to be done easily.

The cutting width of the product is 18 inches which help in mowing faster and the heat treated blades give the perfect finish to the lawn. The height can be adjusted from ½ inch to 2- ¾ inches which let to mow the lawn in desired way. Some of the features are listed here:

  • The product has so many good qualities. The cutting width is 18 inches which can help in trimming a section of about 18 inches in one go. It will help in mowing the field faster.
  • The product does not need any gas, oil, fumes and is totally noise free. Trimming lawn won’t be irritating now because of the loud noise. And the product is very lightweight and easy to operate.
  • It also has 10 inches ball bearing wheels which height can also be adjusted for difficult areas. The height of the grasses can also be adjusted from ½ to 2- ¾ inches to make the trimming desirable.
  • Apart from the light-weight, this product also has power coated handle which is soft and prevents rust. It doesn’t cause heat and irritation in your hands while mowing the field.
  • To make the mowing perfect, it has heat treated blades that make a perfect finish. It stays sharper for a longer time and gives the desired cut in every go.

Features and specifications

Dimensions of the product: 25 by 14 by 10.5 inches

Weight of the product: 27 pounds

ASIN: B0007ZK5V2

Best Reel Mower Buying Guide

A reel mower is a kind of machine which has one or more revolving blades and cuts the grass surface to an even height. The length of the cut grass can be fixed as per the design of the mower although the size is adjustable and can be adjusted with the help of single master level, or it can be with help of lever or with the help of the nut and bolt which is present on each side of machine wheels.

There are many ways through which the size of the grass can be adjusted according to the want of the user. All you need to do is push the mower using your power and muscle and guide them or move them to an area where you want to cut the grass. Further, the reel mower consists of an electric motor which may be powered by a battery or it may have a plug switch.

Top reasons to buy a reel mower

The older methods of cutting grass are getting replaced with the better and smarter options which are available in the market and reel mower is one of them. Everyone wants that his lawn looks beautiful without spending much time on it. For them, reel mower is the best thing. If you start looking for reasons there can be many reasons to buy a reel mower. Some of the main ones are listed below.

  • Time-saving: Earlier it could have taken hours for you to clean your garden and make it look perfect but this is not the case with reel mower you can give a whole new look to your lawn in 30 minutes or so.
  • Perfection: The work done with the help of a reel mower is much more perfect than that done by humans. Even after hours of working you can find that the grasses which have been cut are not of the same size. So using a reel mower gives perfection as well as self-satisfaction of work done.
  • A combination of both human as well as a machine: The use of reel mower is a combination of both human as well as a machine. The motor is attached at the end of the reel mower which is the main part of the mower. But the mower doesn’t move on its own a human force is required to move it to the required areas. So it can be said as using mower is art as well as a science.
  • Physical fitness: Making reel mower move in different direction requires human effort which is every good for you. As in this physical labor is required and doing this job also keeps you physically fit.
  • Adds beauty: One of the main reasons to buy reel mower is that it adds beauty to your lawn and eventually to your house.

Factors to consider before buying a reel mower

  • Design: The design of the reel mower as per the comfort level of the users. When you start using the reel mower you will yourself feel the comfort. And even after cleaning the whole lawn you won’t feel like exhausted.
  • Size: Reel mower is available in different sizes. As per your requirement, you can go for the one you want. The size of the reel mower is not so large it can easily be stored in garages. And the height of the mower is perfect to push by the user.
  • Easy to use: There is nothing to learn about how to use a reel mower. It’s very easy to use call you need to do is to plug the mower and start moving it to the area where you want to cut the grass.
  • Adjustable: The best part about the reel mower is that the height up to which you want the grass can be adjusted. And is easily adjustable there no hard and fast rule to how to adjust the height.
  • Efficiency: The work done by a reel mower is much more efficient when compared to the work done by the humans. This efficiency comes with the help of the motor which is placed at the bottom of the mower which has sharp blades attached to it, which cuts the grass of the area in a fraction of seconds.
  • Attached wheels: The wheels attached to the reel mower are the best part of it. This reduces the human effort and also makes the mower to move with very ease. The wheels are strong enough to take the weight of you as well as the machine.
  • Rust free body: The body of the rower is made by rust free iron material which is a good part of it. As this may result in long lasting of the rower.

Final Words

Mowing or trimming field and the yard also seems a boring and complex process as it needs a lot of efforts to be done. No one has so much of time to perform these activities as it can take the whole day and lots of labor to be done.

The machines have performed a great action by helping out everyone from time taking works. The reel mower is a great choice to manage your lawn. It helps in getting perfect and desired heights of grass length for the lawn.

There are many reel mowers available in the market like the Great states 415-16 16-inch reel mower standard, Remington RM3100 18-inch reel push mower, and the Great states 815-18 five blades, 18-inch push reel lawn has been getting good responses, hence these are the Best Reel Mowers for Zoysia & Bermuda Grass.

One should buy according to the needs and the size of the lawn. If the lawn is too large then must look for the one which can mow larger inches. It is very must to have this product for trimming the fields. There are many other varieties that one can look up for.

While buying consider the factors mentioned above and perform a little research about the product before finalizing it. The reel mower is a great product and helps in saving lots of time and labor.


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