Best Steam Mop for Tile & Wood Floors 2020 {Top 3}


Cleanliness is a very important part of everyone’s day to day activities. One of the most important aspects of maintaining good hygiene is cleanliness. Cleaning the surroundings includes dusting, sweeping, washing, mopping etc.

But primitive methods of cleaning come with lots of efforts and hard work. With the advancement in technology comes improvisation in different aspects of livelihood. Technology has impacted a drastic improvisation in cleaning too. One of such improvements is Steam mops. So let’s check out the Best Steam Mops for Wood and Tile Floors.


2020 Best Steam Mop for Tile & Wood Floors

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Top 3 Best Steam Mop for Wood & Tile Floors

#1.  Bissell (1940) Steam Mop

PowerFresh Steam Mop

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Power fresh mop by Bissell is a very well-known steam mop. This mop has Smart set control for the steam dissipation. Hence you can set the steam dissipation of this mop according to your cleaning need. For light mopping use the setting at low, for regular cleaning use the setting at medium and for heavy and stubborn mopping use the setting at high.

With this mop, also come fragrance discs which can be inserted in the mop so that the cleaning doesn’t leave any odor. Now get the best mopping experience with the steam mop by Bissell (1940). With a capability of killing 99.9 % germs and bacteria, now stay tension free for cleanliness

  • Structure and Functioning: The steam mop by Bissell (1940) is well designed and the structure is quite fancy. It comes with a smart set variable and digital steam controlling levels. It also includes an inbuilt easy scrubber, which ensures two times more cleaning as compared to any other steam mops.
  • Added Features: With a water tank located on top of the mop, it becomes easier to remove it and refill it with water. Includes a twenty-three feet power cable, water tank which is removable and two different mopping pads.

Features and specifications:

  • Manufacturer: Bissell
  • Item Model Name: Power fresh Bissell Steam mop
  • Item Model Number: 1940
  • Item weight: 8.3 lbs
  • Material type: Highly durable plastic
  • Item color: paper white
  • Batteries required: No
  • Warranty: Limited two years warranty
  • ASIN: B0091YYUAM

#2.  Shark Ninja S3601D Steam Mop

Professional Steam Pocket Mop

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Professional Shark Pocket Steam mop is fabricated in a way that it delivers Extreme level mopping and sanitizing. It comes with 3 level mopping powers. It also comes with two sided Steam pads which apparently provide two times the area of cleaning of any other mops available in the market. It comes with three different steam settings: mop, dust and scrub and all of them are ideal for various floor surfaces and dedicated cleaning needs.

  • Structure and functioning: This Steam mop is well built and is very compact as compared to any of the rival models in its range and mopping capabilities. The microfiber pads are washable. This mop is very efficient and quite user-friendly.
  • Added features: Comes with one triangular and one rectangular mop heads, one washable multi-purpose rectangular pocket pad, one washable multi-purpose triangular pocket pad, filling-flask, and a twenty-two feet power cable.

Features and specifications:

  • Manufacturer: Shark
  • Item Model Name: SharkNinja pocket steam mop
  • Item model number: S3601D
  • Item weight: 4.8 lbs
  • Warranty: Limited one-year warranty
  • Material type: Highly durable plastic
  • Item color: off white
  • Batteries required: No
  • ASIN: B00ESP4J6O

#3.  O-Cedar 149437 Steam Mop

Microfiber Steam Mop

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Steam mop by O-Cedar is one of the best in class steam mops available in the market. And the key aspects which catch eyes are the design and the looks on this mop. It has an elegant and compact design which suffices everyone’s fancy needs. It heats up very fast. Plug in and get hot steam in just 20 seconds. Also due to its multi-level steam adjustability, you can clean almost every surface safely. It is so light in weight that it can be used with utmost ease. It comes with washable microfiber pads, which absorbs dust, dirt, and bacteria.

  • Structure and Functioning: O-Cedar claims that the Steam mop manufactured by them is one of the best mops as far as looks and design are concerned. It comes in a very sophisticated red color which brings a very elegant charm. This mop is very efficient and saves time and power consumption too
  • Added features: Comes with two different washable microfiber pads which trap almost all the germs, dirt and dust. It ensures high-quality mopping, leaving no residue behind like other mops. It can be used on almost all surfaces. It also includes a glider which snaps on to refresh surfaces like carpets etc.

Features and specifications:

  • Manufacturer: O-Cedar
  • Item Model Name: Steam mop by O-Cedar
  • Item model number: N/A
  • Item weight: 7.5 lbs
  • Manufacturer reference: N/A
  • Material Type: Very strong plastic body
  • Item color: elegant red

Best Steam Mop Buying Guide

Cleaning is so important that many things rely on it. Hygiene directly impacts on everyone’s health and hence it is important that there should be better and more effective methods of cleaning.

A steam mop uses steam to clean the floor. The cleaning surface of the mop dissipates steam which ensures much better and more effective cleaning. Steam mops due to the steam dissipation from the mop, the dirt gets trapped in the vapors and a microfiber pad is usually placed underneath the steam shooter. The steam dissipated from these mops is usually dry steam.

Using a Steam mop saves a lot of time and effort and it also ensures much better cleaning as compared to normal mops.

Top Reasons why you must buy a Steam mop

Advancement in technology has made time more valuable. Primitive methods are getting replaced with better and smarter options which give better outputs and more time efficiency. Steam mops have revolutionized the concepts of mopping.

The concept of steam mops is not a very old one and lately, it has been in use more frequently. Below are mentioned few reasons why you should definitely get a steam mop of your own:

  • Steam mops use microfiber pads attached to its cleaning surface which traps all the dirt with the help of steam.
  • As the microfiber pad traps most of the dirt, Steam mops do not leave any residue like other normal mops, thereby giving a much better cleaning output.
  • Steam mops are very easy to use and need very fewer efforts as compared to local mops.
  • Efficiency is a key trait in steam mops. They consume very less time to clean as compared to any other mops. They need lesser physical efforts than what is needed to use a normal mop.
  • Steam mops usually use low maintenance, less complicated technology, which makes it very easy and convenient to use for everyone.
  • Steam mops can be used on multiple types of surfaces. Unlike normal mops, Steam mops can be used on many more surfaces.
  • Steam mops are compact, easy to store and they consume appropriate space.
  • They are also very agile, durable and breakage resistant. Hence unlike normal mops steam mops are very useful and much more preferable than Normal mops.
  • For families who have small kids at home, it is a must to have a steam mop at home as it helps in disinfecting the floor with steam cleaning. Small kids are prone to get infected with bacterial infections. Steam mop uses technology with the help of which all the bacteria and germs get killed instantly.
  • Steam mops are very easy to use, and they ensure a very hassle free cleaning and disinfecting of almost all types of floors and surfaces.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Steam Mop

  • Design: Steam mop is a modern day technology and it is a very effective replacement for normal mops. Hence you should make sure you take the design of the mop under consideration. When you buy a mop, always make sure that the mop has a very elegant and sober design. As steam mop is a home appliance, buy a steam mop which is best in design.
  • Size: When you buy a Steam mop, size is a very important aspect. A steam mop is a home appliance and it also comes with a concern of storage. The size of the mop shouldn’t be so big that it becomes difficult to store it when not in use. Whereas you should also keep one thing in mind that the size of the mop shouldn’t be so small that it takes too much time to complete the whole cleaning process. Hence the size of the steam mop is really an important factor. Make sure you buy a mop which fits your size requirement.
  • Efficiency: Always keep one thing mind that when you are investing in any appliance, it is efficient time wise, power consumption wise as well as utility wise. The steam mop which you buy should complete the whole cleaning process in as less time as possible. Also, you should keep Power efficiency as a primary concern. If the mop consumes too much of power then it becomes a big drawback, hence it should be highly power efficient. Also, it should be usable for more purposes. Ultimately the steam mop you buy should suffice all your mopping needs.
  • Easy to Use: Before buying a steam mop, you should always consider this fact that the mop you buy should be easy to use and least complicated. If the mop is complicated, then it becomes a hassle to use. Hence before you buy a steam mop you should make sure that the mop is user-friendly and not complicated.
  • Cleaning purposes: With the introduction of advanced technology in any primitive methods, a concept of the cost gets added too. When you buy a steam mop always keep one thing in mind that it suffices most of your dedicated cleaning purposes.
  • Safety parameters: Use of steam mop includes the use of electricity to power up the mop. Hence it is very important that you to check if the mop is properly insulated. Electrically faulty appliances are a big hazard. Also, these mops use steam which includes heat and high temperatures. Hence always make sure that you check that steam mops are well insulated electrically as well as against the heating up.

Final Words

As it is said cleanliness is godliness, keeping the surroundings clean is a big responsibility for everyone. Where there is no cleanliness there is no hygiene. Where there is no hygiene there are several risks and hazards to health.

Keeping surroundings clean is hence, a very good deed. But it is always recommended that a good deed should begin from your home first so that you understand the importance of it, indoors as well as outdoors. With advancement in technology, almost every field has excelled towards a positive direction.

Hence it was very important to include technological advancement in keeping the surroundings clean too. The steam mop is one such example where technological advancement has taken cleaning and mopping to a different level. Steam mops use a unique method to clean and mop any floor. The cleaning technique is so advanced that it cleans almost 99.99 % germs and bacteria. This keeps almost everyone safe and away from illness and bacterial infection. Steam mops are light-weight and have multiple functions. They can clean and mop almost all types of surface, thereby increasing the functionality of the mop.

Steaming mops have made a big breakthrough in the last two decades. Brands like O-Cedar, Shark, and Bissell have established their names in the market to be the best brands for the steam mops. They have made sure to add multiple functionalities in their appliances with beauty and elegance. Their products look classy and they maintain a look when they are kept in your house. That’s why they feature in our shortlist of best steam mops for tile & wood floors. Hence without wasting any more time go get one of your own steam mops so that you can keep your house germ and bacteria free.


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