Top 4 Best Swim Goggles Reviews 2020


It is essential for every swimmer to own the right swim goggles as they do not just impact the overall performance demonstrated but as well as the enjoyment derived during the regular laps. Swimming goggles form an integral part of gears owned by competitive swimmers. It permits the swimmer to put their face in the water for a couple of hours at a time without impacting their vision or developing sore eyes. It is essential to find right swim goggles that fit over the bridge of the nose and sit comfortably over the eyes without causing much strain. A lot of additional features are offered these days by the manufacturers. It is best to conduct a research and know more about them before purchasing one.

What are Swim Goggles?

Swim goggles are forms of eye gear used by swimmers. These protect the area around the eyes from the chlorinated water in the pools. Chlorinated water can result in blurring of vision and irritation in the eyes as well as permits the swimmers to see clearly under water. Having a perfect pair of swim goggles is more like having superpower. Finding the perfect pair requires an individual to indulge in trial and error process. These are available in a variety of styles and shapes. Hence, it is essential to find the appropriate fit for finding the right swim goggles.

Top five reasons why you must buy Swim Goggles

Swim Goggles offer protection to our eyes that are precious and incredible part of our body. They help in visualizing the world around us. Whether you are practicing swimming skills or are a professional swimmer, it is essential to make use of the right swim goggles. We have listed the top five reasons as to why one must purchasing swim goggles and use them while swimming.

  • Protection from debris and chlorine: All public swimming pools consist of certain levels of chlorine as it is used to kill any harmful bacteria. Chlorine can result in irritation if exposed to eyes. Goggles offer protection to the eyes and prevent itchy, red and sore eyes which can result in any kind of discomfort during a swimming session. It is not possible to predict what else would be lurking in the water. Debris such as grit or plaster can result in an infection. Hence, it is best to use swim goggles to prevent any harm to your eyes.
  • Clear Vision: Using swim goggles help you to see where you are headed to especially when you are swimming in an ocean. Without a clear vision, you may lose your balance. Moreover, it offers protection from the salty water of the ocean which can otherwise cause damage to your eyes.
  • Medical reasons: few swimmers may be required to wear goggles due to any medical condition. Prescription goggles permit a swimmer to see clear and help them remain safe while in water. This as well protects the eyes like any other swim goggle design. If you suffer from any medical condition related to your eyes, then it is best to opt for swim goggles.
  • Offers comfort: Swim goggles let you see clearly where you are going. This implies that you will not have to face any crashes or swim in wobbly lines. In addition, it is comfortable to swim when there is no water in your eyes.
  • Less strain on neck: Your neck and shoulder muscles are subjected to strain when you swim with your head out of the water. Wearing swim goggles will enable you to stretch your head forwards into the water and will release any tension in your neck.

Factors to consider before buying Swim Goggles

  • Check the lens and socket size: The lens and socket size are classified as either large or small. The socket size implies to the protective covering around the lens of a swim goggle. Very few swimmers prefer using goggles of small socket as they tend to be harsh on the orbital bone. If you wish to pick right swim goggles, then make sure to check whether a goggle comes with a suction device or not. Swim goggles of smaller lens help you to see more as they offer a wide-angle view and help you to focus on a particular range of space.
  • Shape: Swim goggles come in three shapes. A Swedish is designed primarily for competitive swimmers. It sits appropriately on the eye socket and offers less drag in comparison to recreational goggles. The most widely used kind is the classic shape which is either made of foam or silicon. The swim mask is the most comfortable of all.
  • Lens color: It can be a challenge to pick the best pair of swim goggles. Remember that different shades offer a different level of performance under different light conditions. Amber lens offers excellent vision under both low and high lighting levels. These are ideal for use in all environments. You can choose a clear lens for use in low lighting conditions such as in an indoor pool. The smoked lens is great for swimming in the sun as these offer ample protection from intense sunlight.
  • Anti-fog characteristics: It is essential to look into the additional features offered while purchasing a swim goggle. It is a standard feature which that needs to be checked.
  • Open water goggles or leisure swimming: It is essential to look into the frame type while picking goggles based on the usage. Important should be given to comfort while picking goggle for leisure or lap swimming. Goggles that can withstand varied conditions should be considered while swimming in open waters. Goggles with appropriate ranges of sunlight must be chosen while swimming outdoors. Look into the characteristics of goggles for picking the right one as per your requirements.

Top 4 Best Swim Goggles Reviews of 2020

1.  AegendClear Swimming Goggles


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This is one of the best swimming goggles preferred by triathletes, adults, and toddlers. It is comfortable to use and features a flexible gasket and frame made of silicon. The lenses are shatter-proof as these are made of polycarbonate. These goggles come with an anti-fog coating as well as UV protection which enhances the swimming experience. The lenses are clear and come without any artificial tints or colors.

Its key features are:

  • Flexible silicone frame which offers maximum comfort to the users
  • Quality sealing surface and larger clear lens adds to the comfort
  • The goggles are leakage-proof.
  • The excess pressure helps in maintaining a good seal
  • Ideal for kids over five years of age
  • Polycarbonate lenses permit the goggles to remain shatter proof in the toughest conditions
  • Anti-fog coating and UV protection enhance your swimming experience.
  • The well designed clasp permits the users to put on and take off the goggles without any hassles
  • The straps come with a buckle to ensure that no hair is pulled during the process or wearing or removal
  • Clear lenses ensure better clarity.
  • This goggle is not recommended for people who have myopia over 100 degrees
  • The product comes with 12 months guarantee.

2.  Speedo Vanquisher 2.0 Swim Goggle


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This is one of the top selling swim goggles made by the leading brand offering swimming gears, Speedo. It offers 25 percent better peripheral vision in comparison to other swim goggles. The lens comes with a mirror coating and offers the widest panoramic view. The lens comes with anti-fog treatment and effective UV protection.

Its key features are:

  • Features eye seals that are made of silicone and offers a classic fit.
  • It comes with an ergonomic clip which is adjustable and a double head strap
  • It is latex free and is PVC free
  • Offers UV protection and comes with three interchangeable nose pieces
  • Performance and training goggle offers a snug, sleep and low profile eye fit
  • Cushioned silicone seals and wide panoramic lenses
  • Condensation of water is prevented by anti-fog coating
  • Sun’s harmful UVB and UVA rays and blocked by the UV protected lenses
  • Comes with four interchangeable nose pieces that offer custom fit
  • 25 percent more peripheral vision and ultra-low profile design
  • Classic fit with soft silicone eye seals
  • Two color silicone double head strap and three improved interchangeable nose pieces with ergonomic adjustable clip

 3.  Aqua Sphere Kayenne Swim Goggle


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Aqua Sphere products are quality gears offered to the swimmers. The products offered are of superior quality and the manufacturers are the leaders in the industry.  The curved lens technology that has been patented, ergonomic designs, proprietary materials and easily adjustable strap buckles are the key features of this product. Aqua Sphere Kayenne Swim Goggle offered by the company is a product of the design team’s dedication to innovation. Extensive research has been done in choosing the materials as well as in the application. The strap weighs just 2.8 oz. for durability and comfort during usage. Its key features are:

  • The oversized lenses have been designed with the curved lens technology which offers style without offering any kind of distortion in the vision
  • The goggle is held close to the face with the aid of micro frame which is super slim
  • The slim frame ensures low-drag and demonstrates a better hydrodynamic performance
  • The one-touch buckle ensures a proper fit
  • Fight glares and UV radiation while swimming in open water
  • Offers 100% protection against UVB and UVA
  • The lens is scratch-resistant
  • The product promises wide panoramic view
  • The clear lens offer ultimate visibility in low lighting conditions
  • Ultra-durable, over-sized and offers 180-degree visibility
  • Hydrodynamic micro frame is made from hypoallergenic materials
  • Quick-buckle ensures a perfect fit.

4.  Aqua Sphere Kaiman Swim Goggle


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These Kaiman goggles provide great visibility and comfort to the users. These are competitive-style goggles offers superior features. 100% UVB and UVA protection are offered by these goggles. The clear lenses have been designed to offer maximum visibility in low light while swimming indoors. The tinted lenses have been designed to offer good visibility in bright light. Its key features are:

  • It is constructed of Softeril
  • It comes with easy-adjust buckle system
  • It is made from Plexisol lens
  • It offers 100% UVB and UVA protection
  • It offers distortion-free visibility
  • It features a scratch-resistant coating
  • It comes with anti-fog coating
  • It comes with an impressive eye seal that elicits the optimal level of pressure thereby preventing water ingress
  • Good peripheral and forward vision in open water and in the pools

Swimming goggles offer great help in seeing underwater. Each one is suited for a specific purpose and comes with its own specifications.Choosing the right kind of goggles is essential while swimming based on lenses and the kind of frame. It is essential to pay attention to the lenses while purchasing one. Lens come in tinted or clear types. Clear lenses can be purchased for use in a pool or in open water. Lenses tinted with yellow, amber and blue can enhance the visibility of users. Prescription goggles are available for those suffering from myopia or hypermetropia.

Swim goggles should be purchased after carrying out careful research. Make sure to list down your requirements while purchasing one. It is best to compare the features of swim goggles before purchasing one. This list of top swim goggles listed on Amazon helps individuals in picking a product that would live up to their expectations.

The list comprises of popular products and their features. Although these products do not fall under the premium category, but these are durable enough to sustain for a long time without giving away. Anti-scratch features and UV protection features are offered by almost all swim goggles. It is better to remain informed about the key features offered and the ones that you are looking for while purchasing one.

Swim goggles are varied. There are several brands that offer these and each one carries its own set of features. One can get overwhelming while picking the best swimming goggles for their use. However, it is essential to have a good background and right knowledge about the types of goggles available and the best brands in the industry. This will make the entire process of picking a perfect swim goggle a breeze.


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