Best Walking Shoes For Men 2020 {Top 4 Reviews}


Walking shoes are a must have if you are someone who is very much into travelling, trekking, or simply walking. Having a perfect pair of walking shoes not only helps you in allowing you to enjoy your time outdoors, but also it prevents you from various foot injuries that may be caused due to ill-fitting pair of shoes.

As for the models and types, there are many different kinds of walking shoes that you get to choose from. The perfect kind of shoe for your feet will help you go a long way in making the most out of your activity.

2020 Best Walking Shoes For Men

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Top 4 Walking Shoes For Men 2020

#1.  Rockport Men’s Rockin Chranson Walking Shoe


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These are leather walking shoes from Rockport which are intended to serve the walking purpose on all kinds of surfaces. These have a casual look along with advanced athletic technologies incorporated to make them the best walking shoes available. The key features of these are:

  • They have a rubber sole to provide maximum flexibility.
  • The dimensions of this shoe are 12’’x8’’x4’’.
  • These are very lightweight with a total weight of about 2 pounds.
  • The heel of this shoe measure approximately up to 1.25’’.
  • It is made with a latex foot bed that is helpful in effectively cushioning the foot and reduce the foot fatigue.
  • It comes with a mesh lining that wicks away the moisture and enhances breathability for the foot.
  • These shoes have been equipped with the latest ADIPRENE technology from Adidas that is known to provide shock absorbing heel and cushioning.
  • The bottom of the shoe is made up of a rubber EVA outsole that is helpful in grasping and maintaining a good grip with any kind of surface.
  • The upper part of the shoe is suede and synthetic.
  • These shoes are available in extended sizes to provide maximum comfort.
  • They are highly flexible due to the perfectly engineered outsole.

#2.  Skechers 53980 Walking Shoe


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These are walking shoes from Skechers with a slip-on construction made for easy on/off. These come without laces and in a number of colours. These have been incurred with various technologies to provide maximum comfort and endurance to the feet. The key features of this shoe are as follows:

  • The sole of this shoe is made up of rubber.
  • The dimensions for this shoe are 11’’x4’’x7’’.
  • These are really lightweight with a total weight of about 1.9 pounds.
  • It is made up of mesh fabric with easy slip-on wear.
  • It has a fabric trim and a cushioned foot bed which has been incorporated using GOga Mat technology.
  • They provide excellent impact absorption due to the Resalyte technology at the midsole.
  • It comes with a memory foam padded heel cup which provides a comfortable fit to the feet.
  • It also features the GOimpulse and GoPillars technology which are known to provide a remarkable flexibility and enhance the walking experience.
  • The heel of this shoe measure approximately 1.5’’.
  • They come in black, navy/grey, charcoal, stone, orange, olive, black/grey, navy/white colours.

#3.  New Balance Men’s MW411V2 Walking Shoe


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These are lace-up walking shoes from New Balance which are dedicated to helping athletes achieve their goals. These are one of the finest walking shoes providing the right comfort. The key features of this shoe are as follows.

  • The product dimensions for this shoe are 11’’x4’’x7’’.
  • These are lightweight shoes with a total weight of about 3 pounds.
  • They are made up of synthetic material.
  • They come with a rubber sole to induce maximum flexibility at the bottom.
  • They also feature a perforated upper design and a New Balance applique at the quarterpanel.
  • These come in black, grey, white/blue, blue/grey and black/grey colours.

#4.  New Balance Men’s MW769BR Walking Shoe


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These are walking shoes for men from New Balance which have been engineered with effective shock absorbing and lightweight features to induce maximum comfort. They key features of these shoes are as follows:

  • The dimensions for these shoes are 14’’x7’’x5’’.
  • These are lightweight shoes with a total weight of about 4 pounds.
  • These are made up of 50% suede and 50% leather.
  • They have a rubber sole to incur maximum flex at the bottom.
  • It is a mid-top walking shoe in faux suede and mesh which features webbing ghillie lacing and a perforated panelling.
  • It also comes with ABZORB shock absorbing cushioning.
  • It has a lightweight cushioned midsole and a lugged outsole.
  • It comes in two colour combinations viz. brown/black and grey/red.

Best Walking Shoes Buying Guide

Walking shoes are special kind of shoes that are mainly intended to serve purpose of walking. Not only the trivial walking, but they are actually meant to help you gain an excellent experience in walking in these. Activities that involve a lot of walking such as trekking, morning walks, work outs etc. call for a set of walking shoes that fit your feet perfectly.

The shoe chosen must be so that it fits your feet perfectly and creates no hindrances for you during your activity. They must be flexible and comfortable. Your feet must be able to breathe through those shoes and feel the comfort in all ways.

Top five reasons why you must buy Walking Shoes

Owning and using a good pair of walking shoes helps you get through your activities comfortably. Normal every day shoes may serve the purpose but they can cause your feet several problems such as blisters and calluses. In the following points, we have listed five of the best reasons to buy walking shoes.

  • To avoid hurting your feet: One of the foremost reasons to buy walking shoes is avoiding hurting your feet. If the shoes you are using for walking are not well-fitted according to your foot size, they are sure to cause you blisters and other foot injuries. Not only this, they may cause you back-pain if they are really uncomfortable.
  • A better walking experience: When you own a good pair of walking shoes and you use them for walking, you will have a great experience since you will be utterly comfortable in them. They are designed specifically for that purpose and are meant to give you an experience of effortless walking.
  • For maximum results: When you get into a new walking routine or if you are headed to a new adventure, you will always want to have the best results. A nice pair of walking shoes help you get the same. When you are, comfortable and fulfilled with your footwear, you are sure to get maximum results.
  • Suited for all terrains and seasons: Out of many types of walking shoes to choose from, almost all kinds of possibilities are there. A good pair of walking shoe is fit for any kind of walking surface. As per the seasons, they are good to go for any kind of seasons without causing excessive sweating.
  • They are waterproof: If you are headed to a trekking or an adventurous trip that involves a lot of walking, you will need a pair of shoes that are waterproof. Since you may end up at places which are wet and water clogged, a good pair of walking shoes are waterproof and helps to protect your feet from getting wet and injured.

Factors to consider before buying Walking Shoes

Before buying walking shoes, you must look into the following mentioned factors to ensure that you invent your money right without having to compromise the comfort of your feet.

  • Stability: The walking shoes need to be stable at all times. By being stable, we mean that they must help your feet and your body maintain the prefect balance throughout the whole time. Balancing and feeling secure is very important in the process of walking and a good pair of walking shoes must take care of that.
  • Comfort: One of the very important factor that must be kept in mind while buying walking shoes is that they must be comfortable. They should be providing a snug fit to your feet and still giving it ample space to breathe. If you are not comfortable in your shoes, then they may cause foot problems like any other. Comfort is the top most priority and a good walking shoe must fulfil that.
  • Flexibility: The walking shoes need to be perfectly flexible. When you flex your legs to take a step, the flexibility of the shoes will help you do so in an effortless manner. Whereas if the shoes are stiff, this motion would be affected. Therefore, flexibility is one of the most important factor.
  • Width and Length: Your walking shoes must not be too wide or too narrow. They must be the perfect width according to your foot size. As for the length, a little portion must be left above the foot thumb such that your foot is not squeezed in.
  • Lightweight: Since you will be using these shoes in walking, you wouldn’t want extra weight to take over. The perfect pair of walking shoes needs to be very lightweight, supporting your feet rightly at the same time. They must not incur extra weight onto your feet and hence slow you down.


People today have become quite adventurous and are prone to travel and experience more with each day. Even if we talk about getting fit, we often hear walking is a great exercise to do so. For all that to go well, you will need a tool that helps you accomplish that. The walking shoes are your tool and you must make sure that you own this tool to make the best out of your time.

When we talk about the importance of walking shoes, we speak for your complete body. Walking not only acts upon your feet, but your whole body. Your posture and back are the two main aspects that largely depend upon how well your feet carry your body while walking. If your shoes aren’t providing the right support, not only your feet will experience injuries, but your body posture and other areas such as lower back, hips, knees etc. are affected too.

In order to diligently confirm to your comfort and well-being, it is important to own a satisfying set of walking shoes. These walking shoes are meant to provide your feet with the expected support and comfort for an enhanced walking experience. However, while buying these shoes, you will not only want the comfort, but also the surety of investing your money right.

To make sure of that, your feet must not be in line with the shoe, instead, the shoes must be in line with your feet. They must fit your feet in the right manner and still leave enough room for your feet to breathe and avoid any kind of foot injuries. Being lightweight, they will never slow you down, but only add to your results.

With a wide variety to choose from, you can follow across a number of types of walking shoes and get your hands on the one which are best for you. Everyone has different kind of feet and your definition of comfort might vary from any other person. These shoes must be selected so as to serve your own comfort.

You must always test these shows for comfort and flexibility since these are the two main features that govern a good fit. Also, you must be able to feel good after walking in these. These are obviously intended to serve the purpose of excellent walking experience and you must get the best out of it.


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