2020 Best Wall Oven for Bakers {Top 2 Reviewed}


Do you love cooking but lack enough space in your apartment kitchen to include a multifunctional oven? There is no need to fret as wall ovens can offer you both flexibility and functionality without demanding much space.

Home chefs who treat cooking no less than an art prefer purchasing wall oven as they keep the food at eye level and make it loads easier to keep a tab on what is being cooked. With numerous varieties of wall ovens available in different price ranges, it can become hard to pick one which has an upper hand over the other models in the same price range.

Wall ovens are available these days with cool features such as incredible controls, blower convention, double convection and a lot more. If you are not sure of the kind of oven that you need to purchase, then you can go through this review of the best walls oven which lists the best performers that are loaded with incredible features and those that are easiest to use and clean.

Best Wall Oven for Bakers 2020

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Top 2 Best Wall Ovens for Bakers

With numerous options available pertaining to wall ovens, it can be hard for people to make the right move while purchasing one. Here are the top 2 Best Wall Ovens for the year that you can consider if you are planning to own the best model available.

#1.  GE JK3800SHSS 27” Wall Oven

GE JK3800SHSS Stainless Steel Electric Combination Wall Oven

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This 27” electric wall oven comprises of a built-in microwave. This model has been crafted in stainless steel with glass touch electronic controls that help in adjusting the oven easily and quickly. 3 self-clean heavy-duty oven racks are featured in the lower oven and these can be configured in six positions.

GE is renowned for integrating the latest technology coupled with exceptional quality in its offerings. This holds true for this wall oven model as well. The timeless appearance of this model makes it an excellent addition to any family kitchen. The capacity of 7.7 cubic feet ensures that you can cook several dishes at a time. The microwave offers 1000W cooking power with 10 cooking levels for defrosting, reheating and boiling. Sensor cooking controls comprise of a built-in sensor that automatically adjusts the power levels and cooking times.

The turntable rotates the food throughout the cooking cycle to ensure even cooking. The users can make use of the Delay Start feature that permits them to program the oven at a time predetermined by them. Full broil coverage is offered by the eight-pass broil element.

The control lock safety feature ensures that the oven is not used unintentionally. The self-cleaning feature removes the hassles associated with cleaning ovens. The big clear oven window without any frame ensures that you can keep a tab on the food being cooked without having to open the door. A limited warranty is offered over this appliance for a period of 1 year from the date of purchase.


  • Big clear view window for tracking the cooking progress
  • Built-in sensors for monitoring and adjusting the temperature
  • Steam cleaning feature that is safer than cleaning with chemicals
  • Glass Touch Controls
  • Multiple position racks
  • Accurate cooking temperature and options


  • Uneven heating
  • Complicated controls
  • No exterior ventilation design thereby allowing the heat to vent into the kitchen
  • Black glass doors show every fingerprint and smudge thereby demanding constant cleaning

#2.  Empava 24” KQP65B-14-220V Wall Oven

Empava KQP65B-14-220V Tempered Glass Electric Built-in Single Wall Oven

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This oven offered by Empava stands out in terms of delivering premium functionality at a price tag that can appease those with a lower budget. This chef series electric wall oven offered by Empava is loaded with all essential features and also promises durability. This stylishly designed model competes with all the premium brands wall ovens available in the market for a fraction of theprice.

This single wall convection oven comprises of 2 layered tempered glass. It has been fabricated with stainless steel and comprises of six different settings for cooking. The model also features a forced cooling exhaust system. The attractive modern design and amazing features will make this model by Empava your favourite as it is one of the most visually appealing wall ovens you can find in the market today.

If we take a look at the features, this wall oven is ideal for use in all spaces including homes, small kitchens, restaurants, and apartments. This wall oven comprises an aluminum casing and an inner shell made of enamel. This makes it quite easy to clean this oven. The oven comprises of oversized oven window with two layers of tempered glass which ensures that you can easily monitor the progress of your cooking.

The safety technology forced cooking in addition to the exhaust system cools and prevents any accidents. This product has been engineered as well as designed in the USA. The product has been designed by adhering to stringent safety standards. Six functions are offered to the users which ensure convenience during the cooking process: Bake, convection roast, roast, true convection broil, broil and preheat.

This model is superior to gas ovens when it comes to heat distribution. This model heats up quickly and features a single rack that can be positioned in 5 different ways. A bonus baking tray is also offered to the users. Overall, this wall oven delivers excellent features for a low price. This single wall electric oven is ideal for some serious cooking and for family meals. This oven is just perfect for under-counter installations. This multi-functional wall oven model doesn’t fail to meet all your cooking requirements.


  • Simple and quick installation
  • Inexpensive
  • High-end finish
  • LED digital touch controls
  • Highly efficient wall oven
  • Child safety lock function


  • Unknown brand when compared to other wall oven brands

Best Wall Oven Buying Guide

Wall oven are wonderful alternatives in kitchens with space constraints. These make it easier to remove or insert heavy food items as they are positioned quite conveniently.A wall oven expands the cooking options for home chefs. One need not bend down for reaching the oven often when in use. Installing a wall oven at convenient height ensures convenience and flexibility to the functions of the kitchen.

The kind of power supply that you use determines whether you need to opt for an electric or gas wall oven. Electric wall ovens cook food in an even manner when compared to gas oven and are considerably easier to clean. A larger selection of electric units is available in comparison to the gas variants.

Why do you need a wall oven?

The main advantage of having a wall oven is that it imparts flexibility to your cooking activities. As the oven is basically fitted at the eye level, you will never have to bend over for crafting your favorite soufflés. This equipment helps in preventing kitchen crowding.

  • Multiple features

You can have more than one oven while installing a wall oven. This implies that you can make the most out of the wall space that you are using for installing a wall oven. Wall ovens are loaded with incredible functions which can cut down the efforts that you need to put while crafting a delicacy.

  • Optimizing your kitchen space

Purchasing a unit which has both stove and the oven integrated saves a lot of space which can be utilized for placing kitchen table. You do not have to run around the kitchen for crafting your favourite delicacies.

Factors to consider when you buy a wall oven

There are several factors that one need to consider which purchasing a wall oven. The first and foremost thing to consider while purchasing a wall oven is the budget. You need to be clear about your budget and the space that you can allocate for incorporating the wall oven in your kitchen. You need to be clear about the other appliances that you would be using along with your wall oven. Try to identify the features that you are looking for in a wall oven.

  • Cost

Basic wall ovens cost $700. For a double wall oven, you can expect to pay $3500. You will have to pay additional charges based on the functions that you are seeking. For instance, you will have to pay a little more than the basic model if you wish to purchase a self-cleaning wall oven.

  • Size

Wall ovens are available in standard sizes. These are available in widths of 24, 27 and 30 inches. The models vary in size by an inch or two. The standard differs from one brand to another.

  • Single vs. Double

As a wall oven is smaller in size in comparison to a range oven, you can consider having a double wall oven for overcoming the limitation. Those who lack budget and space to accommodate a double wall oven can consider opting for models that offer maximum interior space.

  • Manual or self-clean

You need to question yourself whether it is worth paying additional money for cleaning your wall oven. The decision should be driven based on the frequency of your oven usage.

  • Settings and controls

Most of the wall ovens available in the market today feature electronic displays. This does not imply that all are the same. Wall ovens offer “warm and hold”, “delayed bake”, “variable broil” and a lot more settings to the users. You will have to spend anywhere from $900 to $1,200 if you wish to avail these wall oven features.

What types and designs to consider?

Here are certain aspects that you need to consider before purchasing a wall oven for your kitchen.

  • Gas or electric wall oven?

The kind of power that you utilize in your home determines whether you need to opt for an electric or gas wall oven. If you have no apprehension about going either way, then your final decision should be driven based on your cooking preferences and your budget.

Budget wall and gas ovens are the least expensive models which are offered in the price range of $700 to $1,000. These have either electronic touch pads or dials for controlling the cooking temperatures and the oven settings.

Standard wall ovens comprise of self-cleaning features. This adds up to $200 over the price tag of budget wall ovens. Most of these have electronic touch pads for regulating the temperature and other aspects. Single ovens with microwave comprise of a built-in microwave and a built-in oven. However, these come with a hefty price tag.

Standard convection wall ovens employ fans for uniform distribution of heat. This is responsible for speeding up the roasting and baking times. These cost $300 more than the standard electric ovens.

  • Size of the unit

Wall ovens are preferred by many home chefs as these impart flexibility while organizing the kitchen. These can be installed at a convenient height and makes the entire process of cooking fun and convenient for people who are not fond of stooping while using kitchen appliances. Wall ovens can be purchased based on their width. Before purchasing any model, make sure to check that the oven is offering you the interior space that you seek.

  • Functions, features, and additional offerings

Features in wall ovens boost the convenience and impart value to the purchase made. For instance, the control lockout feature prevents impatient chefs from playing with the oven. Hardworking kitchen chefs will find double ovens pretty useful. These permit you to roast and bake simultaneously at different temperatures.

Most of the wall ovens for bakers are equipped with electronic controls except the budget models. These help in setting the precise temperature requirements. The self-cleaning option reduces the burden of a chore. Removable oven doors permit easy and quick wiping and cleaning.


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