Top 4 Best Winter Boots Reviews 2020


Winter is here with us. The degrees are going southwards without stopping for even a minute. Therefore, it is high time to find winter boots for you and your family. We know how difficult it is to select the best pair amongst all the choices, so here is something which will help you in buying the best Winter Boots this year.

What is a Winter Boot?

Winter boots have a tendency to be light in weight than many snow boots making them great for all your daily activities like strolling to work or shopping. Different boots have different features. For example, sheepskin boots are warm and fashionable but if worn on a rainy day, it will wind up with splashing wet feet!

Winter boots are important to protect your feet from the cold weather. Especially if it’s snowing, you won’t be able to walk in your normal shoes; you might fall flat on your face. Snow boots are a bit different from winter boots and there are different factors and reasons for which one should have at least one pair of winter boots. These winter boots go well with your casual as well as formal attire. They not only keep you warm but also protect your feet and keep you comfortable.

Top Seven reasons why you must buy a Winter Boot

  1. Leather sole can’t deal with the wet snow with salt and you will simply trip. Winter boots have soles with extra friction and often have a rubber sole.
  1. Most of Your shoes don’t cover your ankles. That piece of your body is left helpless before cool winds. Boots do. What’s more, winter boots truly do, with insulation!
  1. Leather winter boots have strong leather that is quite durable and also doesn’t have an adverse effect of the snow on it. Just use a simple water based polish while polishing them.
  1. The heel attached to the boot is not just for boosting your height, but this part of the shoe is made of rubber and is either attached or sewed on over your actual sole to make sure the sole of your shoe doesn’t come in direct contact with the snow and get ruined. It also adds extra protection. It provides height as well as friction. But ensure you get your shoes re-soled whenever they wear out or you will slip and hurt yourself!
  1. Winter boots are high in fashion. They are appealing and smart and easily grab a lot of attention. You can wear them directly without wearing socks or any other leg warmers.
  2. You can wear your rusty pair of cool denimwith no confinements! Winter boots look great with denim and you will love the new look.
  1. Winter boots looks cool with casual as well as formal wears. You can pair it with shirts and denim along with a nice warm scarf. If there is too cold you can also wear a jacket or coat which will easily blend with the boots. Boots look incredible with waistcoats. They are designed in such a way that they can keep you comfortableand that will reflect in your clothing!

Factors to consider before buying a Winter Boot

Here are some of the factors which you need to consider while buying a Winter Boot.

  • Warmth

Warmth is clearly a noteworthy concern when looking for winter boots. But how can a user measure the warmth of a boot without trying them? Some of the top manufacturers often give a temperature rating but in case there is no temperature rating, you need to look at the lining materials. Different winter boots have different linings. Depending upon your purpose and usage you can choose the lining. For example, for hiking, you can buy boots with removable linings made of wool, acrylic, polypropylene and other special materials.

For extreme cold weather, you can buy boots with 400-800 grams of insulation. Also look for the insole material while buying a winter boot.

  • Breathability

Many winter boots have antibacterial or antimicrobial properties to avert foot smells and bacterial development that can begin when the boot is left clammy with sweat. Search for these and in addition fast drying advancements when looking for winter boots.

Breathability in some cases conflicts with the requirement for waterproofing. For instance, few of the lightweight winter hiking boots have a mesh of nylon in the upper which allows great breathability and also allows water inside it. Therefore most of the winter boots are made up of a combination of materials.

The individuals who have a tendency to sweat need a considerable measure to buy breathable winter boots. Special waterproof and breathable materials may cost you more, but it’s worth spending.

  • Comfort

Since you will be wearing the boots for longer periods, you need to look how comfortable they are. A good boot should bolster the foot and the arch and energize great strolling stance. The boot insole and binding frameworks are fundamentally in charge of the solace of a boot. Great insoles have padding and arch support.

  • Boot Traction

The traction that a boot offers is controlled by the size and depth of the lugs on the outsole. Lugs are the bumps and channels in the rubber sole that provides grip to the ground surface to avert slips and falls. The outsole can likewise have a heel brake. This is a heel that emerges from whatever is left of the outsole, giving assurance against slips on sharp drops and uneven landscape.

By a long shot, the most well-known material for the outsole is elastic. Notwithstanding, there are many classes of elastic and various types of outsoles. More costly boots have compatible outsoles that can be supplanted as they destroy, drawing out the life of the boot. A few outsoles are made of elastic blended with carbon. This makes the elastic substantially harder, augmenting the life of the outsole; however, this sort of elastic can be smooth on cold surfaces.

  • Waterproofing for Winter Activities

Other than water-resisting properties of the boot upper material, there are different components in boots that avert water, snow, or slush from entering the boot. One of them is a gusseted tongue, which is appended to the boot on the sides with triangular pieces, so that there is no space left through which water could leak.

Another essential feature of water-resistant boots is a gaiter or cuff. A cuff is a cozy covering that bends at the highest point of the boot to shape a sort of collar. This gets snow that would typically go into the boot and encourages the snow to tumble to the outside of the boot. Additionally, a gaiter is intended to prevent snow from getting in through the highest point of the boot.

  • Lightweight Winter Boots

With all that padding, waterproofing and insulation, winter boots are not precisely the lightest shoes one will ever possess. But after wearing them for a couple of hours, you will not even notice their weight. While it’s good to have some sturdiness on the feet but the heaviness of the boots should not create a problem in walking. Today’s technology has made insulating and padding materials more lightweight and less massive than ever.

  • Lower leg Support in Boots

The fact is that the lightest boots will be heavier than your favorite pair of summer shoes. Thus, it is essential to provide support to the ankles, which won’t be accustomed to conveying so much weight. Because boots have high tops, it doesn’t imply that they give lower leg support. Search for cushioned sides, a firm structure, and binding the distance to the top to ensure the lower leg will be well supported

Top 4 Best Winter Boots Reviews of 2020

 1.  Women’s Globalwin 1632 Black Grey Snow Boots


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These winter boots are the best to have in your closet. It not only provides warmth and comfort but also has a stylish look. Its fur collar helps in keeping your ankle warm and cozy all day long, the PU vamp helps to seal out the cold and it has a lace up closure which ensures a secure fit. Wear it and you will feel no cold.

Its key features:

  • Made up of synthetic leather
  • It has fur collar and fur lining
  • It has a Lace up closure and a rubber lug outsole
  • It has a removable EVA footbed
  • It has PU leather and nylon textile materials
  • It’s fitting is amazing.

2.  Kingshow Men’s 1586 Waterproof Cold Weather Boot


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This is the best men shoe one can have for winters. It’s warm, cozy and quite comfortable and can easily be worn whole day. It is designed for cold and wet outdoor conditions. These boots feature waterproof protection, microfiber and heat. Goes with all your outfits and are quite fashionable.

Its key features:

  • It’s made up of synthetic leather
  • It has amazing and comfortable fitting
  • Its imported
  • It has a Seam sealed construction
  • It has a mix of leather and mesh as well as has insulated cushioning

3.  Columbia Women’s Minx Mid II Omni-Heat Winter Boot


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It is one of the best winter boots which is highly breathable, reflects body heat, reduces your need for wearing more layers and resistmoisture to keep you comfortable and dry. You will love wearing this boot. It is waterproofand made up of woven synthetic textile and has a jacket-like baffling along with collar and tongue made up of faux fur. It has 200 grams of insulation, outsole made up of advanced traction and a heat trapping reflective lining. It is designed using the best technologies and highest quality materials in a stylish and fashionable manner.

Its key features:

  • It has the best fabric
  • Imported
  • It is made up of faux Fur
  • It has a synthetic Sole
  • It’s shaft measures approximately 10 inches from arch
  • It’s platform heel measures approximately .50 inches
  • It has geo quilted winter boot with ghilie lacing and faux fur collar and tongue
  • It has a reinforced bootie overlay

4.  Globalwin Mens Fashion Lace Up Cap Toe Winter Ankle Combat Boot


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It is one of the best men’s fashion lace-up winter combat boots which easily blends with any outfits. It gives you a classy look since it has a suede-upper, fur lining to keep your feet warm all day long and decorative sewing thread on the quarter for extra charm, cushioned footbed for more comfort and has a nonskid outsole.

Its key Features:

  • Made up of synthetic leather
  • Has synthetic, cement construction and lace up closure
  • Shaft measures approximately 6.5 inches from arch
  • Heel measures approximately 1 inches
  • It has fake fur lining
  • It has suede covers footbed
  • It has manmade outsole

Buying a pair of winter boots can be a tedious task. Pick winter boots based on the activities you will be doing and as per the weather conditions. Having right features is far important than having a good looking winter shoe. But in today’s time you can easily find great winter boots that has amazing features as well as looks fashionable.

Test to check whether your new winter boots have a durable water repellent finish on the top. If your boots have this finish, water will dab up and roll off the surface of the upper. In the event that water doesn’t roll off, you can use a DWR spray before wearing your boots in the snow.Look for the user ratings and other factors mentioned above while buying a winter boot. Depending on your budget and requirements you can buy the boot which best suits for you.


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