Top 4 Best Bottle Warmer Reviews 2020


Buying the best bottle warmer can be difficult because of the choices available in the market. Some of them might work well at home but won’t be able to perform well while traveling. Here we will discuss about the top four bottle warmers, which are not only popular but work quite well in any circumstance.

Having a bottle warmer is quite affordable and handy. Here are few things which you should know before buying a bottle warmer.

What is a Bottle Warmer?

A Bottle Warmer is a device used to warm baby’s milk and other hot beverages. It is an awesome and great product for parents to save their time and feed their baby on time. Imagine the night time feedings, when your baby is crying and needs to fed, you would love to have something which is convenient and can provide food to feed your baby right away at any time. It does an excellent job in heating the milk for your newborn baby.

Generally, what guardians would do is warm the milk on the stove and since they would be trying to have a sleep as quickly as possible which was disrupted by the cry for milk of the baby. Thus, instead of waking up and going to the kitchen and after that warming the milk for the infant at a specific temperature, you can get a Bottle Warmer and everything can be done with a simple button. That is the reason parents love to have a bottle warmer.

There are several types of Bottle warmers:

Standard baby bottle warmers

These are the most widely known onesand will warm up one bottle of milk. You put the bottle in the central vessel of the warmer, fill around it with water from a container, and switch it on. An element warms the water, which thusly warms the bottle.

These warmers ordinarily have an indicator light which goes off when milk reaches the set temperature and also has a thermostat, to keep the temperature of the water constant. Most will need descaling consistently unless you utilize softened water. You can also buy the one with timers so that you know how long the milk has been in the warmer.

Feeding system bottle warmers

These are more refined than the standard ones. They warm the milk in the same way but also have a cooler segment which keeps two or three filled bottles chilled and ready for warming.

Portable baby child bottle warmers

These are the simplest type of bottle warmers available in the market. They allow you to warm up a bottle easily when you not at home, in spite of the fact that the milk will generally take a longer time to warm up than in other types of warmers.

Car bottle warmers

These car bottle warmers work easily if plugged into a power socket or into your car’s cigarette lighter. It also has a wrap or a webbing strap to hold the bottle of milk properly as well as the container of infant food. They’re not quick, and you have to plan ahead, else you could have 15 minutes of hungry shouting.

Flask types

Thermos produces a bottle warmer which just works like a flask. It’s comprised of two sections: a lid and an inner flask, sufficiently deep to hold a bottle. Remember to fill the flask with boiling water and close the lid, before going out of home.

When you have to warm up the bottle of milk, just remove the cover, put the bottle in it and then fill around it with the hot water from the flask. The milk will take just a few minutes to heat up. The water will stay enough hot for a couple of hours to warm the bottle.

Reasons to buy a Bottle Warmer

Before we discuss the reasons why you should buy a bottle warmer, you need to understand why parents, even physicians, encourage you, to use a bottle warmer.

Breast Milk:

  • Warming breast milk utilizing a microwave, odds are; the milk will lose its anti-infective properties, as well as its nutrients and milk’s composition will also change.
  • One of the attributes of breast milk is that it easily gets affected by high temperatures; and loses the presence of Vitamin C in it.
  • In case you will warm your little one’s milk on the stove, the breast milk may break apart. It additionally loses its minerals, vitamins, and other micronutrients easily.

Formula Milk:

  • Warming formula milk in a microwave will bring about anawful heat distribution resulting in the burning of your child’s mouth or tummy, say the specialists.
  • Regardless of the possibility that most guardians tend to shake the container, it will still re-conglomerate rapidly.

Top Reasons to Buy a Bottle Warmer

  • Consistent temperature:One imperative element of a bottle warmer is that it can keep up the milk in the bottle at a steady temperature.
  • Time efficient: While using a bottle warmer you need not check the temperature again and again like you do while heating the milk in a microwave or on a stove. Bottle warmer maintains a constant temperature.
  • Consistency is the key: Warming milk in a microwave does not ensure that your milk will be warmed completely through; there might be parts that aren’t sufficiently warm. Accordingly, a bottle can be drenched completely through the bottle warmer.
  • Convenient &Variety: In the event that you are going on an excursion, a bottle warmer is unquestionably an absolute necessity! There are assortments of models you can browse, whatever suits your circumstance – there are bottle warmers that make utilization of batteries, and there are that make utilization of outlets for you to charge it. Some even have an outlet you can connect to the car’s cigarette lighter.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Bottle Warmer

Before scouring the market for the best baby bottle warmers, you ought to first discover what your choices are. Recognize your and your infant’s needs so you can pick the one which suits you the most.

  • Usability – A parent wouldn’t like to need to follow a long list of instructions just to warm their baby’s milk bottle, so finding warmers that are easy to use is an essential component to keep in mind. Since you’ll be utilizing the bottle warmermany times throughout the day and night, set up ought to be simple, and the warming procedure ought to be brisk and productive. There are various types of bottles available in the market as per shape and size, so make sure that the baby bottle warmer you are buying fits almost all types and sizes of baby bottles.
  • Safety: This ought to be the primary thing you should search for. What technology is being utilized to warm the bottles? Is it steam or utilizing a water bath? You would also need to discover how high the temperature for bottle warming can go. On the off chance that it goes more than 199 degrees Fahrenheit, buy something else as this high temperature is not considered safe for warming breast milk.
  • Speed: At the point when your child is shouting in hunger, the last thing you’d need to do is making him or her wait for her bottle. You need to choose the warmer which quickly heats the milk. It should be easy to operate so that even you can operate with half sleepy mind and don’t have to struggle hard to do the job done.
  • Cleaning: Obviously, you’d need something that is easy to maintain and clean.

Top 4 Bottle Warmer Reviews of 2019

1.  The First Years Quick Serve Bottle Warmer

It warms the baby food and sanitizes the pacifiers. It can heat the bottles quickly and effectively and can warm all sorts of bottles as well as disposables ones. You just need to add water with the measuring vial included in it and press the button to warm the milk and your job will be done in a couple of minutes. It has an auto shut-off feature and a light indicator when the light goes off, warming is done. It has a basket inside which can be used to put baby food jars for warming and the basket can also be used to sterilize pacifiers.

Key features:

  • Warms breast milk, formula milk and baby food jars in a couple of minutes
  • Auto shut-off for added safety
  • Works with most wide, angled, narrow and even with disposable bottles
  • It doesn’t have a bottle included with it
  • BPA free

2.  Kiinde Kozii Bottle Warmer and Breast Milk Warmer

It creates a flowing warm water bath to quickly warm the bottles and is best suited to warm breast milk as well as formula milk. Unlike other warmers, it doesn’t require you to add and measure water every time you use it. It has a simple yet intuitive interface which helps you in knowing how much time is left before the milk or food will be ready for the baby. As soon as the time is up, the warmer automatically shuts off and completely remove the heat source from the bottle. This makes sure that there is no overheating of the bottles and need not your constant attention to remove the bottle on time.

Key Features:

  • Safer and is easy to operate
  • Easy to use timer
  • Long lasting Reservoir
  • Auto shut off
  • Universal warming chamber

3.  Baby Brezza Safe & Smart Bottle Warmer – Bluetooth Enabled

It has two warming modes, one is the steady mode which is safe heating mode using warm water to heat the milk, and another is the quick mode for fast heating of milk with steam. It safely defrosts breast milk or baby food. It carefully warms the breast milk with warm water to keep all the nutrients intact and BPA free. It has an interactive app which let you know when your breast milk or formula milk or food is ready. It works with all types of bottles. Using Bluetooth, you can connect it with its app and control your bottle warmer from your phone.

Key Features:

  • It has two warming modes, steady mode and quick mode
  • Simple defrost
  • It has Bluetoothfeature to connect the bottle warmer with your phone
  • Safe to use
  • It has smart app to know when milk or food is ready
  • Warms the bottle quickly

4.  Born Free Tru-Temp Bottle Warmer and Cooler

It has a born free system which means you need to fill the water only once in a day or two and it will do the work for you by automatically using the right amount of water based on bottle size and temperature required to warm the milk. It’s quite easy to use, you can check the setting, dial your settings and push the button for room temperature or refrigerated. The bottle warmer will calculate the time automatically. It also has a insulate cooler to keep two bottles cool for up to 8 hours.

Key Features:

  • Compatible with all types of bottles
  • Designed specifically to warm breast milk and formula milk at an optimal temperature
  • Dial bottle size to automatically calculate the warming time
  • Quick warm
  • It has visual indicators count down time and indicators to show when bottle is ready
  • Removable, insulated cooler features to keep two bottles cool up to 8 hours.

Adding a Bottle Warmer to your Personal Baby gear-up would for sure make the things go easily and smoothly as Feeding the Baby is the most tiring and tedious task. For this, the Bottle Warmer was concocted and is an awesome gadget to have.

Most importantly a Bottle Warmer is a convenient time saver.

And you will love to have it. Give yourself some rest by purchasing a Baby Bottle Warmer. The Portability of the Bottle is another advantage. There may come a time where you would be in desperate need of nourishing your Baby however you wouldn’t have the capacity to. Because of the reason that you don’t have something which could carry out the occupation for you. A Bottle Warmer is a tool which you can easily carry with you whenever you are travelling to feed your child on time. There are bottles that have diverse features, for example, the size, and the power supply prerequisite and so on. In this way, there is this Portability advantage to the Bottle Warmer.

Now that you know the top four Bottle Warmers available in the Market, you don’t need to search for more and can buy any of these. In case they are not the best fit for you then you can definitely look for other models, but you won’t need to do that for sure.


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