Top 4 Best Camping Hammock Reviews 2020


Traditionally, when someone talked about camping, the image of a camp tent would naturally turn up in one’s mind. Over the years, the ground laid camping tents have been under use for camping purposes. However, the picture is slightly changing with the coming time in case of these tents. The camping hammocks have largely been seen to replace the traditional camp tents for good.

In extreme conditions, weather-wise or terrain-wise, the ground camping tents are not suitable for use. Also, the weight of the camping tents and all that gear causes all additional weight at the time of trekking. A camping hammock is comparatively light weight and more convenient to set up or use. It is also much more comfortable to sleep in than in a tent.

What is a Camping Hammock?

A camping hammock is a type of suspended sack in which a camper can sleep. Conventionally, campers had to set up the complete tent using poles and stuff and sleep on the ground. But these camping hammocks are set up using two trees where they are hanged. A person can then sleep in it during camping as it provides an elevation from the ground.

You could carry and use a camping hammock at places where there is a risk of insects and bugs on the ground or the terrain is sloppy or rough. Not only are these much more comfortable than sleeping on the ground, but they are much more easy to setup. These also come with a protective covering to save the camper from rain and a mosquito net for bugs protection as well.

Top five reasons why you must buy the Camping Hammock

Besides the fact that everyone wants to get rid of all the camping tent gear that includes the poles, tools and the tent for setting up, it was hard to find an easier alternative. However, the camping hammocks have been seen to replace these tents on a large scale, especially in part of central America. You will know what it means when you try one.

So, here are the top five reasons why you need to ditch the traditional tent and buy the camping hammock for your next camping trip.

  • Comfortable: Sleeping on an uneven or rocky ground is so much uncomfortable inside a tent. But with a camping hammock, you can successfully get rid of all that by sleeping at an elevation, keeping yourself away from the bugs and muddy ground. They are much more comfortable to sleep on and giving you a good night sleep.
  • Versatile: These camping hammocks are very much versatile when it comes to their use. During camping, you can tie one between the trees or the rocks, on a hill, beside a waterfall, over a stream or even between car racks. And after camping, you can use it in your backyard or balcony as a lounger. Its use is not only limited to camping. It can very well be used daily inside the home too.
  • Easy set up: The camping hammocks are way too easy to set up. You will no longer need to struggle with the poles and the stakes for setting up a tent, that usually takes hours to get in place. A camping hammock hardly takes 2-4 minutes as you just have to hang the two sides on the trees and there you go! An easy comfortable bed.
  • More open with protection: If you are someone who enjoys the openness and connecting with nature as much as possible, then the camping hammock is your thing. If you are worried about getting affected because of the rain or mosquitos, then no worries. These hammocks come with special mosquito nets and rain tarp that will keep you safe for as long as you want.
  • Very lightweight: As mentioned earlier, these camping hammocks are way too lightweight. A camping hammock along with all the rain tarps and nets will weigh as little as 3lbs. Imagine the ease of carrying this hammock and the space it saves in comparison to all the setup gear of a camping tent. In terms of ease and weight reduction, there is no better alternative than a camping hammock.

Factors to consider before buying a Camping Hammock

Before buying a camping hammock, there would a few points you will need to take care of so that you can end up on just the right kind of hammock.

So, here are the basic factors to consider before finalizing the one.

  • Length and Width: It is important to rightly consider the dimensions for your hammock. The length and width of the hammock varies from 4 to 6 feet. Some of them are capable of holding a single individual while others may be compatible for a couple. Depending on the room you need for yourself, the correct size must be chosen.
  • Weight capacity: Before buying a camping hammock, you will need to check for the specifications about how much weight is your hammock capable of holding. Usually, they go from 150-500 pounds. Depending on your frequency of use, the maximum weight capacity must be there so that it can provide maximum performance for a longer time period.
  • The weight of the hammock: A camping hammock alone may weigh as little as 8 ounces to few more pounds. However, all the suspension system materials may add a little to the overall weight. The weight of the hammock you choose is quite subjective as to how much can you handle. In general, they are mostly lightweight as compared to any other type of tent.
  • Hammock material: Usually a camping hammock is made of stretchy nylon which is very lightweight and breathable and is great for use in summers. Some hammocks are also made up of cotton. These, however, are strictly intended for home use and the nylon ones for outdoor camping. The quality of the hammock material must be excellent.
  • Accessories: A camping hammock usually accompanies some essential accessories suchas a mosquito net and a rain tarp. These form as a protective covering over the hammock to protect the camper from rain and bugs. While buying a hammock, these accessories must also be chosen wisely as they are much more important than they seem.

Top 4 Best Camping Hammock Reviews of 2019

1.   Honest Outfitters Single & Double Camping Hammock

This is a portable camping hammock by Honest Outfitters. This is a very lightweight, soft and extremely comfortable camping hammock. The key features of this camping hammock are mentioned as follows.

  • This is a camping hammock that is capable of accommodating 2 people comfortably and still leaving plenty of room.
  • It is made up of the new 210T nylon and it easily provides a relaxing support for 500 pounds.
  • It is super lightweight and very easy to setup and is fit for camping or travel.
  • It comes with a quick and easy hanging setup and it would take less than 3 minutes to hang your camping hammock on a tree or nearby objects using the hammock straps.
  • It also forms as a great gift for adults, kids or people who are much into traveling and camping.
  • It can also be used to just hang and relax on the patio.
  • The complete package includes the double camping hammocks, two hammock straps (10 feet) and two solid steel carabiners.
  • The overall dimensions of this camping hammock are 118 x 78 x 0.1 inches.
  • The total weight of this camping hammock is 1.5 pounds.

2.   Outpost Camping Hammock

It is a camping hammock by Outpost which is best known for its Litespeed suspension system and the ease of setup. The key features of this camping hammock are mentioned as follows.

  • It is very easy to setup as it comes with the best-in-class LiteSpeed suspension system which is really fast, strong and infinitely adjustable.
  • This hammock can be adjusted using the cinch buckles made from cold rolled steel to the perfect hanging angle as desired.
  • It takes almost no time to setup this hammock.
  • The straps with this hammock are made from reinforced 100% stretch-free, tree-friendly polyester.
  • This hammock is about 11 ft. long which is the longest on the market and the extra length allows you more room to spread out on a diagonal angle and helps you lay flatter.
  • It is very lightweight and compact and is just perfect for longer backpacking treks.
  • It has been constructed with 70D parachute nylon that is strong (Rated at 400 lbs but tested to over 1000 lbs), durable, and dries quickly.
  • All of the Litespeed Suspension System and the hammock is capable of fitting into one integrated stuff sack making it portable and easy to pack for travel, hiking, backpacking, the beach, or any outdoor adventure.
  • The overall dimensions of this camping hammock are 8 x 6.5 x 4.5 inches.
  • The total weight of this camping hammock is 1 lbs 10 oz.

3. SueSport NEW Hammock Quilted Fabric

It is a camping hammock by SueSport which is extremely comfortable and offers relaxation at the highest level. The key features of this camping hammock are mentioned as follows.

  • It has been built with the UV and weather resistant polyester material.
  • It is very easy to install.
  • It offers an incredibly soft feel and a superior outdoor durability.
  • The overall dimensions of this camping hammock are 135 X 55 inches and the overall dimensions of the hammock bed size are 75 x 55 inches.
  • The total weight capacity of this camping hammock is 450 lbs.
  • It comes in a burgundy/tan color.
  • The stand or the hammock tree straps are not included with this package.
  • The overall dimensions of this item are 6.49 x 6.49 x 55.9 inches.
  • The total weight of this camping hammock is 10.9 pounds.
  • This camping hammock is capable of accommodating 2 adults along with a child.
  • A 100% poly fiber has been quilted in this hammock for extra cushion and comfort.

4.  Bear Butt #1 Double Parachute Camping Hammock

It is a camping hammock by Bear Butt which is extra strong and extra comfortable and being super lightweight at the same time. The key features of this camping hammock are mentioned as follows.

  • It is made up of nylon fabric.
  • It is a sturdy camping hammock with dimensions 10 x 6 inches which can hold up to 500 pounds of weight.
  • It has also been tested for over 900 pounds and it fits 2 people comfortably.
  • It is super lightweight and small and compact in size which makes it perfect for travel use.
  • The complete camping and set up can be fitted and attached to stuff sack and weighs about 1 pound.
  • It comes in blue/graycolor.
  • The overall dimensions of this camping hammock are 4.4 x 7.6 x 11.2 inches.
  • The total weight of this camping hammock is 1 pound only.

Camping hammocks have been seen replacing the conventional camping tents for a reason. They are much more comfortable to use. If you buy one, it would not only be limited to the camping use. You can even hang it in your backyard, or in your balcony or outside in the porch and have coffee, lie down and read in it.

Since there is no issue of weight, a couple can also lie down into one. They are available in all variants of colors and sizes. You can choose the one that is the most suitable for you.


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