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A Portable Projector is an optical gadget that ventures a picture or a moving picture onto a surface, generally a projection screen. Most projectors make a picture by projecting a light through a focal point, yet some latest range of projectors can extend the picture specifically by utilizing lasers.

Due to the large screen these projectors have to offer, they are being used to demonstrate projects at work places, college and school levels. These projectors can be used for multiple purposes such as to watch movies, videos or play games. Also, the best thing about these projectors is that they are economically viable to all classes and has an easy to understand setting-up procedure.

Film theaters utilize a sort of projector called a motion picture projector, for the most part, supplanted with computerized silver screen video projectors. Here we are going to discuss about few of the most popular and power-packed Portable Projectors.


What is a Portable Projector?

A Portable Projector is a device that projects light rays with the help of system of lenses as an apparatus, which helps in projecting films or slides on any clear screen. At the same time, they can be easily stuffed in a box and carried on from one place to another.The most well-known projectors utilized today is a video projector.Video projectors are computerized substitutions for projectors, for example, slide projectors and overhead projectors.

The projectors can be connected with the computer and the video from the computer can be displayed over the screen. The projectors with the latest technology are hand-held projectors that utilize lasers or LEDs to form pictures. Their projections are difficult to view when there is excess surrounding light. You should be aware of the needs that you want to meet with a Portable Projector.

Top reasons why you must buy aPortable Projector:

  1. Naturally enlarges the picture: You can make the most out of your 120” television screens using the LED Portable Projector. It does not create any noise while operation when it is running. You can learn intricate arts such as cooking or yoga or make a slidepresentation in conferences or business meetings. You can also use it in an old-fashioned way by watching yourfavourite motion picture sitting on theroof of your house.
  2. Improve Home Theater Experience:Purchasing a digital Portable Projector transforms the experience of watching films at night sitting on your couch, it gives one-of-its-kind a motion picture experience similar to that of a nearby silver screen. A home theater with a projector that contains a brilliant video preparing chip gives an improved graphic quality.
  3. Portable: Due to its portable nature, it can be taken easily from one place to another easily fit in a travel bag without any bulky weight. This is suitable for people who are on continuous travel and has to give presentations on the go.
  4. Ideal for Family Party: Carefully projecting pictures and recordings at a gathering is a contemporary famous pattern. At a gathering recognizing one’s graduation, retirement, or a birthday, showing photographs or recordingsis an extraordinary approach to celebration and a Picture Projector rightly serves the purpose.

Factors to be considered before buying a Portable Projector:

  • Enhancing Video Game Experience: It enhances one’s computer game experience by enhancing the gaming background and making it overwhelming. This is a pleasant experience for both the incessant player and also for an infrequent one. Numerous computer games incorporate point by point scenes and significant bearings, thus the use of Projectors ought to make these pictures sharp and clear and the shadings to be rich. One should purchase an advanced Portable Projector that gives ideal differentiation to keep the darks dull and the whites brilliant for an extraordinary picture.
  • Hassle free work experience: The Portable Projector you are buying should give one a better experience than obviously a leased projector. Since, the projector is being used for presenting competitive sales/finance presentations, the one you should buy must definitely give an easy to understand and a hassle-free work experience to you in every way.

Top 4 Portable Projector Reviews of 2019

1.  The G1 Mobile Projector by iCODIS

The G1 mobile projector is an ultra-portable projector and hence it has a wide range of uses in the educational field. With the utilization of projectors in the classroom, studies can become easy with better notes as the use of Portable Projectors makes it easy to recognize which data the educator is presenting, is most helpful to students.

Structuring and Functioning:

  1. Very Portable: The G1 Projector is comparatively very compact and lightweight when compared to other projectors due to its dimensions (15*8*2) and weight (200grams)
  2. Battery-operated: It can run for a maximum of 110 minutes on a single charge due to 3000 mAh rechargeable.
  3. Warranty:  This projector comes with a 12-month full guarantee. Substitution or total discount is accessible for an entire period of 12 months. All the necessary details are provided along with the projector for a user-friendly experience with the product.
  4. Added Features: Pico Projector accompany HDMI port for associating smartphone, and built-In wireless show capacity bolsters Airplay or Miracast. Support USB and TF card. (HDMI link incorporate into box)

Features and Specification:

  • Brand Name: iCODIS
  • Model Number: G1
  • Maximum Image Size: 120.0 inches
  • Display Resolution Maximum: Support 1080p
  • Image Brightness: 100 ANSI lm

2.    Magsonic LED Pocket Pico Video Projector

The Magnasonic LED Pocket Pico Video Projector performs shockingly well considering its low exposure, determination, and cost. It provides for a great video quality and long light life, with a built-in rechargeable battery.

Structuring and Functioning:

  • Simple to utilize plug and play projector, is flawless at home or in the workplace with its splendid 25 lumens LED DLP light motor, perfectly clear 640 x 360 determination, and 1100:1 complexity proportion
  • You can make an amazing business introduction at anyplace with its convenient, lightweight plan and dependable 2-hour rechargeable battery (2100mAh)
  • Accompanies HDMI, Micro HDMI, MHL links and Samsung Galaxy connectors that permit you to extend from your cell phone, tablet, portable PC, media player and whatever other HDMI video player (Note: Apple gadgets require a connector sold independently, Android gadgets require MHL highlight see your gadgets manual for similarity)
  • With its inner speaker, appreciate sound from your recordings or utilize the 3.5mm earphone jack to associate outer speakers or headphones of your choice.
  • Added Features: World’s smallest versatile DLP projector (3.9 x 3.0 x 0.5 inches) with HDMI association, permits anybody to extend enormous, distinctive recordings and photographs up to 60 crawls in size for work and play.

Factors and Specifications:

  • Dimension of the product: 3.9*0.5*3 inches
  • Weight of Item: 4.5lbs
  • Shipping Weight: 1.2lbs

3.   TM-C800i Wireless Home Pico with rechargeable Multimedia with Wifi Connectivity

Unlike conventional HDMI projector, this projector is a genuine remote projector. The HDMI link can be taken to any place you want to. The DLP Technology utilizes progressed Multi-Color preparing, delivering excellent difference proportions. No unwelcome rainbow antiquities or eye-strain involved. Ensure brilliant pictures in light and dull conditions, without compromising the picture quality.

Structuring and Functioning:

  • Compact and small: The size of this mini projector is same as of iPhone 7, it also has a very light weight of 0.58lbs having a conservative and compact design. While not being used, it can be stored easily. This versatile projector can rapidly turn into an amusement device.
  • Good resolution: The LED projector can display video that is full HD of 1080P.Appreciate HD picture projection till 120”. Perspective Ratio: 4:3/16:9/16:10.
  • Easily transforms for all purposes: This projector can help you to have a theater like experience at home while turning all kinds of flat surfaces into a screen of a theater with the help of a Wi-Fi connection. The setup is simple and can be connected with speakers.
  • Average Brightness: It has an average brightness ratio of contrast 1000:1. The power of 10W is achieved through this. It has 100 lumens of LED projectors which provide 3000hrs of durable and rechargeable with help of OSRAM LED. Due to this, it has a compact design as well.

Factors and Specifications:

  • Dimension of the product: 6.2*3.1*0.7 inches
  • Weight of Item: 9.3lbs
  • Name of Brand: TM-C800i
  • Colors Available: Black and Silver

4.   Cocar Mini DLP projector for Home

Owning Cocar Mini DLP projector takes a man’s innovation to a radically new level. It additionally has the capacity to show extensive scale data and pictures a convenient probability which is impossible with an extra-large flat screen TV.

Added Features:  0.7 is the thickness of the product. It is so compact that you can carry it in your pocket. With splendor DLP innovation and 100 Lumen, it can extend pictures unmistakably and splendidly. By its intense inherent wifi Miracast and Airplay/DLNA association, it allows you to play videos. You can also stream videos through your iPhones and Android phones.

Features and Specifications:

  • Battery: Li-ion battery 5000mAh
  • Battery Endurance Projection Mode: Max 120 minutes
  • Mode Item: P1
  • Display Technology: DLP
  • Brightness: 100LM
  • Lamp: B/G/R LED
  • Native Resolution: 854×480(compatible 1280*800)
  • Contrast Ratio: 1000:1 – 2000:1Projection Ratio: 1.19:1

All in all, purchasing an advanced projector is a less costly choice than obtaining an extra-large flat screen TV. For a little speculation, one can utilize innovation to awe one’s companions, family, and associates. Computerized projectors are extraordinary for giving proficient looking PowerPoint introductions at work. They are ideal for showing family photographs and recordings at weddings, birthdays, and different festivals to deliver a private ordeal.

Making a home theater with an advanced projector permits one to share realistic quality motion pictures and noteworthy video gaming enterprises with family and companions. With such a variety of alternatives for its utilization, purchasing a projector is a more financially capable choice than once in a while leasing one. Having customary access to the machine makes one more skilled at utilizing it and lessens humiliating projection episodes.

Portable Projectors empower educators to make bulleted PowerPoint introductions or other exceptionally composed notes for the class. Moreover, students can request the instructor to repeat a slide in the event that they missed data, while an actual classroom session without having to dig deeper into thick books, which are also very heavy to carry from one place to another unlike a Portable Projector.

Students can make and present PowerPoints or other electronic mediums very easily and conveniently. Therefore, the creation of the content has become quicker with every individual utilizing their own particular PC and projector to make their area of presentation. Introductions on a projector, furthermore, diminish the need to make duplicates of materials to go out hunting the smarter colleagues. Also, important time sensitive presentations can now be shown to the whole class at one go.

The products mentioned here can be compared to the best in the market and it is up to you to decide that which one is going to fulfill your requirement of buying a Portable Projector. Also, you should also consider the budget factor versus the benefit you are going to derive out of it.


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