4 Best Self Balancing Scooters & Hoverboards Reviews 2020


Physical fitness is an important part of life and plays a vital role in the growth and development of an individual. By regularly following a fitness regime,you will be able to maintain a healthy lifestyle forever. Keeping your physical health into consideration, self-balancing scooters, commonly known as “Hoverboards”, have been exclusively designed to keep you, your friends and your family members stay healthy and active. There is no age bar for learning these self-balancing scooters and almost everyone in the world can easily learn how to self-drive them on their own.

Nowadays, self-balancing scooters come with varied advanced features like Bluetooth speakers, remote controls, GPS tracking, LED headlights etc.Many celebrities like Justin Bieber, Chris Brown etc. are alsospotted many times, enjoying the spectacular hoverboard drive with their loved ones.

What is a Self-balancing scooter or hoverboard?

A self-balancing scooter appears just like a skateboard and can be used as a personal transport to commute from one place to another. It is an electronic device which runs on lithium ion batteries, consisting of two wheels aligned side by side and hastwo platforms in between, on which you can stand and go for a thrilling and exciting self-drive on your own. You can use them either for fun or for travelling to your office, visiting nearby market areas etc.

Self-balancing scooters are composed of gyroscopes, motors, microprocessors and large batteries. The main function of the gyroscope is to maintain the balance of the hoverboard. Whereas, motors help the hoverboard keep moving from one destination to another by changing the power output which, in turn, helps in maintaining the balance of the rider. The electronic motors and sensors are placed inside the wheels and help in detecting the speed and tilt angle.

While designing these self-balancing scooters, manufacturers are paying more attention to the safety aspect and ensure that all of their manufactured products are UL certified. UL is a certified organization in the US, which runs safety tests on devices and when the products pass this test successfully, they become UL certified.

Top five reasons why you must buy a Self-balancing scooter?

Self-balancing scooters are in demand these days because of the striking features they are offering to its users and have recently become one of the most incredible tools for transportation purposes. Now, you don’t have to wait too long in time-consuming traffic jams to reach your office. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about parking issues as well, just carry your hoverboard along with you and place it under your office workstation. Hoverboards prove beneficial for you because of the following advantages they offer-

  • User-friendly– Self-balancing scooters are very user-friendly. You no longer have to depend on chauffeur driven cars to drive you from one place to another. Just pick up your favorite hoverboard, put on your helmet and get ready to roam around. It makes the travel easier and adventurous for you and for your friends as well.
  • Portable– Self- balancing scooters are portable and convenient to use. They don’t take up much of your room space and are very compact in size. Also, while going for a vacation, you can carry them along with you in the car and enjoy the hoverboard drive like a free bird. All you have to do is just charge the battery and keep rolling.
  • Affordable– Self-balancing scooters usually come in a price range that is affordable for its users, neither too cheap nor too expensive. There may be a variation in the prices offered by branded manufacturers and the prices offered by not so popular brands. Herein, you must go for the branded stuff in order to feel safe and secure. You can either buy them from a store or buy online, wherein a majority of sellers are eagerly waiting to sell these hoverboards to you and offer great discounts too.
  • Stylish– Hoverboards, these days, come in a variety of colors and have a stylish design. All you have to do is, just pick any color and flaunt it amongst your friends and relatives. Due to its trendy and aesthetic design, a hoverboard proves to be style-statement, convenient to maintain and offers durability to its users.These hoverboards are specifically customized keeping into mind the needs and requirements of the young generation.
  • Light weight– Hoverboards are not huge and bulky, rather, they are light weight, which makes it easier and comfortable for you to carry them wherever you want to. Despite being lightweight, these self-balancing scooters can easily carry those individuals who weigh around 220 lbs without causing any discomfort to them.

Factors to consider before buying a Self-balancing scooter

  • Brand– It is one of the most important factors to consider while purchasing a self-balancing scooter. The brand you buy must be renowned, credible and reliable so that you don’t have to compromise on the quality of the product. Check the quality and make of the product patiently and wisely. Some of the top hoverboard brands are Swagtron, Powerboard, and Segway etc.
  • Safety– While choosing the best self-balancing scooter, you must look out for UL certification in order to ensure maximum safety for yourself. Nowadays, manufacturers are placing special emphasis on keeping the safety of the users intact while designing this electric scooter. Therefore, all the branded hoverboards available in the market are UL 2272 certified, which means that they successfully pass all the electrical safety tests.
  • Battery– As these hoverboards operate on the lithium ion batteries, these are highly volatile in nature. So, while buying one, do ensure that the manufacturers of these batteries are popular and well known, who exclusively focus on producing high-quality end products.Great quality batteries come with various built-in safety features which make them safe to use.
  • Wheels Size– The size of wheels also plays an important role in estimating the overall lifespan of a self-balancing scooter. While buying the hoverboards, do check the durability of the wheels as per your requirements. These wheels are manufactured either for indoor use or for outdoor use.So, be sure their built is sturdy and offer great convenience to you. The bigger the wheel, the more enjoyable your experience will be as it will save you from bumpy and jumpy rides.
  • Cost– Self-balancing scooters come in different price range, but since they are composed of electronic gyroscopes and lithium-ion batteries, they are not expected to be very cheap. So, if someone is offering you a Hoverboard at a very cheap rate, then beware! Choose your product genuinely and intelligently.

Top 4 Self Balancing Scooters & Hoverboards Reviews of 2019

1.  Swagtron T5 – UL 2272 Certified Hoverboard

Swagtron T5 hover board offers a top speed of 7mph along with 7-mile range. It works well with individuals weighing upto 220 lbs.

Its key features are-

  • Its dimensions are 8 x 23 x 7 inches and weighs around 24.29 pounds.
  • It is UL 2272 certified model and has achieved par excellence by successfully passing all electrical safety tests.
  • It offers some striking features like flashing battery indicator indicating the charge level along with a learning mode to help the new beginners learn how to self-drive and in easy and comfortable manner.
  • It offers exclusive tighter grip controls by providing an upgraded 200-watt motor and stabilized gears which are necessary for downhill traction.
  • Its battery system is smartly managed which enhances its overall performance, provides multi-layer hoverboard protection and provides protection against overheating and overcurrent.

2.  SWAGTRON T1 – UL 2272 Certified Electric Self-Balancing Scooter

Swagtron T1 self-balancing scooter offers a top speed of 8mph and 11-mile range. It has a hard shell like design which makes it strong enough and suitable for all the individuals weighing up to 220 lbs.

Its key features are-

  • Its dimensions are 5 x 24 x 8 inches and its weight is 27.9 pounds.
  • It supports an incombustible frame which means that it will not overheat and does not catch fire.
  • It offers new features like LED lights, flashing battery indicators indicating the current battery level.
  • Its lithium-ion battery management system helps in monitoring and protecting your hover board’s battery.
  • It includes two riding modes- learning mode and standard mode.
  • It has an upgraded 250-watt motor and stabilized gear controls necessary for downhill traction.

3.  Razor Hovertrax 2.0 Hoverboard Self-Balancing Smart Scooter

It is one of the world’s smartest Hoverboards, manufactured by Razor,one of the most trusted and renowned manufacturers for producing self-balancing scooters in this industry. It offers a top speed of 8+ mph and is suitable for individuals weighing up to 220 pounds.

Its key features are-

  • Its dimensions are 7.5 x 6.88 x 23.5 inches and its shipping weight is around 24.9 pounds.
  • It is recommended for all the ages from 8 to 60 years
  • It makes use of Everbalance technology which helps in offering state-of-the-art and smooth hoverboard experience to you.
  • It offers some advanced features like blue LED lights, LED lights to monitor battery life and bumper protection.
  • It is made up of a shatter-resistant frame and strong and sturdy rubber foot platforms to keep you safe from slipping.
  • It includes two types of riding mode- one is for training purposes and the second one for normal use.
  • It is stylish and ensures highest quality and safety to its users.
  • It is UL 2272 certified model and has successfully passed all the electrical safety standards.

4.  Powerboard by HOVERBOARD – UL 2272 Certified 2 Wheel Self Balancing Scooter

It is one of the fastest hoverboards, manufactured by US-based manufacturer, Powerboard. It is considered to be better than others in terms of its smooth acceleration. This hoverboard offers a top speed of 10 mph.

Its key features are-

  • It is UL 2272 certified model and provides a guarantee to its users that it neither overheats nor catches fire.
  • Its dimensions are 9.7 x 10 x 25.5 inches and its shipping weight is around 25.5 pounds.
  • It offers a limited warranty for one year and in the case of any issue, you can directly contact Powerboard’s customer care department.
  • It helps in providing smooth acceleration and flows through the corners with convenience and ease.
  • It has a good battery management system which ultimately helps in enhancing its overall lifespan.
  • It is suitable for all the individuals weighing up to 220 lbs.
  • Even though its body is made up of plastic, it is very sturdy and durable.

Traditionally, hoverboards used by people were suitable only for flat and smooth surfaces, however, today’s Hoverboard sci-fi appeal and futuristic design will definitely help you become the center of attention in general public. Due to rapid advancements in science and technology, many people like you can now be seen enjoying the ease and comfort offered by these hoverboards and can easily ride them wherever you want. They are suitable for all types of terrain like landscapes as well as for the areas covered with mud, grass, sand etc. which means that hoverboards these days are more versatile than before.

While choosing the best self-balancing scooter, go for the one which has a wide footboard so that it will be convenient for you to travel from one place to another without any need to worry. The quality of the hoverboard should be good enough to meet all the quality standards. Before deciding on a suitable model, don’t forget to check various safety features that are being offered by these hoverboards. Do your research wisely by comparing different models thoroughly.Never leave your hoverboard unattended while charging it overnight as it may cause your equipment to overheat. While buying, always watch out for manufacturer details, warranty cards, and user manual.

Self-balancing scooters are eco-friendly because they don’t produce emissions as no fuel is required to operate them, which ultimately results in huge cost savings for you and your family. Moreover, hover boards can also be a perfect birthday present for those who have an appetite for thrill and excitement.


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