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Although the cellular phone technology is the one hot shot technology that got the world by the finest grip, one might one wonder how the walkie talkie justifies its use in the presence of an easier alternative such as a mobile phone. Come to look at it, the walkie talkie undoubtedly proves to be a much better alternative at places where the cellular phone fails to provide a connection.

Typically, the cellular mobile phone will work only if there is an existent network of nearby towers in an area. At such a point, the walkie talkie comes in handy as they need no separate network. Instead, they transmit and receive directly, from one handset to another. At locations where there is no scope of internet connectivity, the walkie talkie comes to the rescue in providing effective communication.

What is a Walkie Talkie?

A Walkie Talkie is basically a transceiver which means that it works like a transmitter and a receiver. However, unlike a cellular phone, it works in a half-duplex mode. You can either transmit or receive at a single point in time. One person speaks into the device and the other one hears and then replies. Two people cannot interrupt each other while communicating.

It works on the PTT (Push to talk) method. The PTT means that you have to push a button on the walkie-talkie to speak and release the same to hear the sound from another person. The walkie talkie has a speaker and a microphone along with a button. At areas, such as job sites, business areas or hike trip mountains, the walkie talkie proves to be an effective communicative equipment without fail.

Top five reasons why you must buy a Walkie Talkie

It was in the earlier time when the walkie talkie was only meant for infantry or military use. The use of a walkie talkie was seen in several other areas such as businesses or large job sites for a more direct means of communication. They do have a limited range of functioning but small job sites can effectively make use of these instruments.

Some of the best reasons why you need to own a pair of walkie talkie for your business use or the next time you are heading to a trekking trip with your squad have been mentioned below.

  • Free communication: The walkie talkie communication is totally and entirely free. Unlike the mobile phones, you don’t have to opt for a sim company or have to keep up with any talk-time plans and licenses. The walkie talkie works on simple batteries. Once you place the batteries, you can start communicating instantly without any further ado.
  • Direct and easy to use: A walkie talkie requires no specified training to use it. unlike a cellular phone, you don’t have to dial any numbers or wait for the other one to accept the call and connection. You simply push the button and speak and the message is transferred directly to another walkie-talkie. It is so easy to use and the best means of direct communication within a specific range.
  • Great for emergency uses: At a job construction site or a trekking site, a walkie talkie does surely come in handy. You no longer have to rely on the cellular connections which may not prove worthy, thanks to connectivity problems in the absence of towers. For such emergency uses, the direct connection of these walkie talkies is the best to rely upon.
  • Convenient to use: Convenience is all it offers when you require something to connect to other people in a small area only. If you are working at a job site and need instant communication with your co-workers, you can as well use the walkie talkie and save money instead of using a paid cellular mobile phone.
  • Cheap and affordable: A walkie talkie doesn’t rip you off your pocket. It is available at a reasonable and affordable price. A decent walkie talkie can be bought for about $40. Some of them are available at higher prices too. The prices range according to the coverage area of the walkie talkie. Depending upon the range you’ll be working in, the ideal one can be chosen at a fair price.

Factors to consider before buying a Walkie Talkie

Before buying a walkie talkie, you will need to be aware of some of the important factors which will help you buy the best kind of walkie talkie for you. So, here are some of the basic pointers that you must keep in mind before going for a walkie talkie.

  • Channels and Frequencies: Before buying a walkie talkie, the frequency and the channels must be checked. Some walkie talkies offer 2 channels. Some other offer as many as 22 channels. The number of channels varies as per the price. The frequency range again depends on price and it is advisable to opt for the model that provides multiple frequencies on multiple channels for a larger distance coverage.
  • UHF or VHF: The UHF stands for Ultra-high frequency and the VHF stands for very high frequency. The UHF offers a frequency range of 400-512 MHz and is used at areas with interference such as indoors and outdoors. The VHF offers a frequency range of 136-174 MHz which is used in larger distances with effectively no landscape interferences such as marine or aviation communications.
  • Compatibility: Normally, the UHF walkie talkies are not compatible with the VHF ones. Also, if you happen to buy a new walkie talkie and use it to connect with an old one, the frequencies may not match as the old one may not be able to keep up with the new radio. Before buying a walkie talkie, such compatibility issues must be checked for greater usability.
  • Range: A normal walkie-talkie will offer a communication range of up to 1-2 miles. Walkie talkies that provide a greater range than 2 miles exceed the maximum wattage by FCC and they require a license for use. So, before buying the walkie talkie, the range factor and the requirement of a license must all be considered.
  • Time of use: A walkie talkie works on a set of batteries. Some other models work on rechargeable batteries which are manufactured into them. Before buying the walkie talkie, the usage time must be checked from the specifications. How much time will one-time charge work or what’s the backup provided by a certain type of battery?

Top 4 Best Walkie Talkie Reviews of 2019

1.  Midland GXT1000VP4 36-Mile 50-Channel FRS/GMRS Two-Way Radio (Pair) (Black/Silver)

It is a GMRS walkie talkie radio by Midland which offers a range of up to 36 miles which makes it ideal to be used in any adventure. It can be used to make direct calls within the group. The key features of this walkie talkie are mentioned as follows.

  • It operates on total 22 Channels in addition to extra 28 channels.
  • It offers a clear and crisp communication with easy button access.
  • It works up to 36 Miles range and gives a longer range communication in open areas with little or no obstruction.
  • It has 142 privacy codes and gives you up to 5560 channel options to help you block other conversations.
  • It features the NOAA Weather Alert and Weather Scan by automatically locking on to your local weather channel and alerts you to severe weather.
  • It also has an SOS Siren that allows you to send out distress/locator signals in an emergency situation.
  • It is JIS4 Waterproof and provides protection against light rain or splashing water from all directions on the radio.
  • It also allows you to speak quietly and still be heard clearly by others.
  • It helps you to make a group call or “direct calls” to other people within the group without alerting the entire group.
  • It also features a Hands-Free Operation of 9 levels with easy voice activation.
  • It comes with a Weather Scan that easily scans the active weather channel in your area.
  • It has over 10 call alerts and different call tones to notify you of incoming calls from your group.
  • It also comes with HI/MED/LO power settings
  • It also allows you to adjust transmit power and conserve battery life.
  • It has a Bright Backlit Display on LCD which makes it easy to read in day or night.
  • It also has a Mic and Headphone Jack.
  • It is drop-in Charger Capable and has Dual Power Options.
  • It works on 4 standards “AA” batteries or rechargeable batteries.

 2.  Motorola MH230TPR Rechargeable Two Way Radio 3 Pack, FRS/GMRS

It is a walkie talkie by Motorola which comes in a bright yellow color and is perfect for every outdoor enthusiast. It is also ideal for a family use and is very lightweight. The key features of this walkie talkie are mentioned as follows.

  • It operates on a range of up to 23 miles under favorable conditions.
  • It operates on total 22 channels, each with 121 privacy codes for over 2,662 combinations.
  • It has a dual power of 10 hrs. Alkaline (3AAA) or 8hrs. NiM0H.
  • It has 11 weather channels (7 NOAA) with alert and weather scan feature.
  • It also features the iVOX which is a hands-free communication without the need of an audio accessory.
  • The complete package includes 2 Radios, 2 Belt Clips, 1 Dual Charger, 1 Charging Adaptor, 2 (AAA) NiMH Rechargeable Battery Packs and a User Guide.
  • The overall dimensions of this walkie talkie are 6 x 1 x 2.5 inches.
  • The total weight of this walkie talkie is 1.85 pounds.
  • It operates on Lithium Ion batteries.

3.  Midland LXT500VP3 22-Channel GMRS with 24-Mile Range

It is a walkie talkie by Midland which has a range of up to 24 miles. It works on rechargeable batteries and is a powerful communicator tool for all times. The key features of this walkie talkie are mentioned as follows.

  • It operates on 2 Channels and provides a crisp and clear communication with easy button access.
  • It ranges up to 24 Miles.
  • It comes with a Call Alert option by pressing to notify your group of incoming calls.
  • It also has a Silent Operation that turns off all tones for quiet operation.
  • It also features HI/LO power settings which let you adjust transmit power & conserve battery life.
  • It has a Keypad Lock option that prevents accidental activation of function/mode keys.
  • It features Auto Squelch that automatically removes annoying background noises.
  • It has dual power options that use 4 AAA batteries or rechargeable batteries.
  • It has water resistant outer body.
  • It also features the Channel Scan and Roger Beep.
  • It a drop-In charger capable and has a battery life extender.

4.  Motorola MH230R 23-Mile Range 22-Channel FRS/GMRS Two-Way Radio (Pair)

It is a walkie talkie FRS/GMRS two-way radio by Motorola which comes in a pair in bright yellow color. The key features of this walkie talkie are mentioned as follows.

  • It has a 10-hour alkaline or 8-hour rechargeable battery life.
  • It has total 11 weather channels (7 NOAA) with alert features.
  • It works on total 22 channels, each with 121 privacy codes for superior interference protection.
  • It is a pair of two-way radios with a range of up to 23 miles.
  • The complete package includes 2 radios, 2 belt clips, 1 dual drop-in charger, 1 charging adapter and 2 NiMH rechargeable battery packs.
  • It comes in yellow color.
  • The overall dimensions of this product are 2.1 x 1.1 x 6.2 inches.
  • The total weight of this product is 1.3 pounds.

For an easy and direct communication, these walkie talkies prove to be the best options. Especially during the trekking trips or a large construction site where instant or emergency contacts are needed to be established, a cellular phone may fall short to provide proximity of the signal, whereas, a walkie talkie won’t. Considering the specifications that suit you the best, you must choose the ideal set of walkie talkie for you.


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