Top 4 Best Water Flosser Reviews 2020


As much as complete body care is important, dental care does hold a great deal of this importance. Your teeth are one of the most vital parts of your body whose importance cannot be denied. Taking care of your teeth doesn’t only include just brushing. Flossing is as important as any other form of dental care.

Flossing is usually known in two ways. One being the string flossing and the other being the water flossing. The former is done with the help of a string to remove food particles from in between spaces of the teeth. While a water flosser does the same, the difference being that it uses water for flossing mechanism.


What is a Water Flosser?

A water flosser is basically a home appliance which is used for dental care for water flossing. It usually has a water reservoir, a motor with a pump and a special water flosser tip. The endpoint of the tip is supposed to run water on the teeth in a targeted manner. This targeted water flow is effective in removing plaque, bacteria or any kind of food particles stuck between the teeth.

Water flossing is very important and must be done at least once a day. For some people, string flossing is troublesome and kind of messy. A water flosser makes the process of flossing mess-free and easy. The directed water stream ensures no spilling and the appliance as a whole is very easy to use.

Top five reasons why you must buy the Water Flosser

According to some latest reports, most people don’t take flossing as a regular activity. As seen in terms of string flossing, many people are not comfortable with that idea. But water flossing has a lot of benefits to offer to your dental care routine. And a water flosser helps you do that just right. Here are the top five reasons as to why you need to buy the water flosser at the earliest.

  • Dental care is important: You cannot ignore the fact that dental care is one of the most important forms of body care. Your teeth help you to eat and chew stuff which is a very important thing. Not flossing properly can cause plaque, bacterial build-up, tooth decay and other forms of dental disorders. Thus, having and owning a water flosser helps you to floss every day with ease.
  • Faster: Since it is a whole appliance and all the work of storing water in the reservoir and directing water to the tip is done by it, it is definitely a faster way to floss easy. All you need to do is hold the water flosser tip in your mouth in front of the teeth and press the button to start the water. The process is fast and it will take hardly 3 minutes to floss once a day.
  • Easier: Flossing with a water flosser is much easier. A traditional string flossing technique is comparatively difficult and requires technique. A water flosser is simpler to use and requires no specific technique. It can even be used by children around 6 years of age with assistance.
  • Gentle on gums: Unlike a string flossing technique that can be hard on gums and cause them to bleed, a water flosser is generally very gentle on gums. In fact, it helps in soothing the gums to enhance blood flow, hence maintaining gum health too. A water flosser gives two-way protection to both the teeth and the gums.
  • Floss with a mouthwash: If you wish to go for mouthwash for flossing instead of plain water, you can easily do that by adding the mouthwash such as Listerine into the water tank and use the mixture for flossing. Also, the handle of the flosser tip is easy to grip and offers easiness in flossing in a perfect manner.

Factor to consider before buying a Water Flosser

Before buying a water flosser for your home, you need to go through the following mentioned points once.

  • Durability: The water flosser appliance must be durable and sturdy. For this, you might want to check the material specifications of the water tank and the flosser tip. Since no one wants to go around having their flosser changed every month, you must make sure that the model you choose is durable and strong to handle.
  • Easy to use: Your water flosser must be easy to use. Before selecting the water flosser, you need to make sure it doesn’t contain any complex functionalities and is easy and comfortable to use, even by a child. Normally, most basic models are already easy to use but you need to check in for the appliance according to your level of understanding.
  • Performance: When choosing a water flosser, you need to check the performance level of the appliance. This may be seen from former reviews. The appliance must offer maximum performance on a daily basis, since you need to floss daily. It must be used for longer durations and still not lag behind in performance issues.
  • The grip of the flosser tip: While buying a water flosser, it is important to test the grip size and comfort of the water flosser tip handle. Since you will be holding it in your hand for flossing, the grip size must be correct according to your hand so that you can angle it correctly inside your mouth.
  • Portable: The water flosser appliance, as a whole, must be compact enough so that it is portable. For example, while going on a long trip, you will still need to floss daily. So, your water flosser appliance must be handy and portable so as to carry around in your car during your trip.

Top 4 Water Flosser Reviews of 2020

1.  Nicefeel Oral Irrigator

This is a water flosser by Nicefeel which an excellent water flosser with UV sterilizer to give your mouth a happy feel. The key features of this water flosser are as follows.

  • It comes with an exclusive UV sanitizer that kills 99.9% of virus, fungus, and bacteria and keeps you away from all kinds of tip cleaning difficulties.
  • It has 10 adjustable pulsating water pressure settings which are effective in removing harmful microbes and food particles between teeth and even below the gum line.
  • It has a 1000 ml water reservoir with a covered lid which serves as a full family pack.
  • It comes with 5 kinds of tips for the water flosser handle that can be changed and used to meet multiple needs at different times.
  • It also has a rotatable nozzle that can be adjusted for an angle for cleaning all the areas of the mouth.
  • It also features a pause button on the handle which can be pressed to stop the water flow in between at any time.
  • It has a high toughness coil hose which can be used to avoid blowing while using high strength water pressure.
  • The complete set is totally waterproof.
  • The total weight of this water flosser is 2 pounds.


It is countertop water flosser by H2ofloss which is more effective than dental floss or a toothbrush. It has been built using precise technology and is very easy to use. The key features of this water flosser are as follows.

  • It features an extremely quiet design which is 100% waterproof (IPX7 waterproof).
  • It also has a 5-110 PSI with a pause button.
  • It allows you to choose your best pressure setting and set to the lowest setting to stop the water flow.
  • It is very easy to use.
  • One side of the appliance holds the water reservoir and the other side holds the tips.
  • It comes with total of 12 multi-functional tips. Each one is intended for different uses.
  • The tips present are tongue cleaning tips, orthodontic tips, nasal tips, periodontal tips, and jet tips.
  • It comes with 1200 pulses per minute frequency which are known as the most comfortable frequency according to the latest surveys.
  • The overall dimensions of this water flosser are 8.4 x 6.5 x 10.2 inches.
  • The total weight of this water flosser is 3.8 pounds.

3.  Waterpik WP-900

It is a water flosser appliance by Waterpik which incorporates both flossing and brushing requirements into one convenient device only. It works as an easy alternative. The key features of this water flosser are as follows.

  • It comes with a unique combination of pulsations and water pressure that is responsible for deep cleaning below the gum lines and teeth.
  • It is easy to use.
  • The water reservoir can be filled with warm water too for sensitive teeth.
  • It also has a covered tip and brush head compartment that is capable of holding up to 5 accessories and keep it away from dust.
  • It comes with a premium hard sided toothbrush travel case.
  • The accessories included with this water flosser are 2 Classic Jet Tips, 1 Plaque Seeker Tip, 1 Orthodontic Tip, 1 Pik Pocket Tip, 1 Standard Brush Head- for all over cleaning and 1 Compact Brush Head- for precision cleaning.
  • It comes with a 2-year warranty plan.
  • The number of tips included is 5.
  • It comes with 10 pressure settings.
  • It also has a water control on the handle.
  • The overall dimensions of this water flosser are 7.5 x 9 x 9.2 inches.
  • The total weight of this water flosser is 3.2 pounds.
  • It has 90 seconds of water capacity.

4.  Waterpik WP-660

It is an advanced water flosser from Waterpik which offers professional and a more effective way to floss. It features a totally new compact and a contemporary design. The key features of this water flosser are as follows.

  • It includes water on/off switch on the handle.
  • It also has a finger-tip easy pressure control and a push button power with an LED mode display.
  • It also features a 1-minute timer and a 30-second pacer to eliminate all the guesswork while flossing.
  • It comes with 3 classic jet tips.
  • It also has 1 Plaque Seeker Tip, 1 Pik Pocket Tip, Orthodontic Tip, and one Toothbrush Tip.
  • It operates in two flossing modes which are floss mode and hydro-pulse massage mode.
  • It is effective in plaque removal and is effective and safe in cleaning around the braces too.
  • It also has a covered water reservoir and a covered tip storage unit too.
  • It features a total number of 10 pressure settings.
  • The number of tips included is 7.
  • It comes with a 3-year warranty plan.
  • The overall dimensions of this water flosser are 5.9 x 6.6 x 9.2 inches.
  • The total weight of this water flosser is 1.8 pounds.
  • It is compatible with 120V AC, 60 Hz outlets.
  • It has 90 seconds of water capacity.

Over the years, the number of dental problems has increased. It is very important to take proper care while cleaning your teeth to perfection. Simply brushing is not enough. Flossing is as important as any part of it. A convenient water flosser model is a must have at homes since this will be used every day for flossing and is super effective.

People with braces and tooth implants may find it difficult in ensuring the proper cleaning of the teeth. But the water flosser tips of a water flosser appliance are much effective in cleaning around the braces and implants.

Out of so many types of models available, the best water flosser with the maximum suitable features must be chosen. These usually offer a different level of water pressure settings and include the different numbers and different types of tips for flossing. Depending on your requirements according to your cleaning regime, you must choose the one which is the most suitable for you.


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