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We all are aware of the increasing rate of crimes that have been witnessed for quite a long time. Mostly in banks and crowded areas, people are likely to get away with robbery, stealing or other kinds of crimes. Having a means of security surveillance has become a necessity for most public places as well as home.

A Wifi security camera can be installed at your office, back, home, store or anywhere you want. This camera is also known as the CCTV i.e. Closed Circuit Television. It works wirelessly and can be installed pretty much anywhere. Even though the internet, the videos from the security camera can seamlessly be streamed online. Wireless security cameras are available in many different configurations based on frequency range and other things.

What is a Wifi Security Camera?

A Wifi Security Camera is basically a type of surveillance which is based upon the wireless connection method. The camera consists of a transmitter that transmits audio and video signals in the form of radio signals. These radio signals are received by a receiver which is connected to a monitor screen which shows the footage live on the screen.

Although this camera is a wireless one, but it does require plugging it into a power source. Some other security cameras also come with batteries on which they can operate. As a whole, the Wifi security cameras have proven to be a better alternative than the wired cameras.

They can typically be fit and installed pretty much anywhere and at places where the wired camera was hard to set up. Wireless has sure taken up in the case of security cameras too.

Top five reasons why you must buy the Wifi Security Camera

As much as surveillance has become a necessity, it has become rather much obvious to have a wifi security camera installed in your store or bank. Not only in the bank, store or shop, many homes nowadays have the camera installed too to monitor any kind of mishap around the house. As for security purposes, this could be one of the best means to deal with.

So, here are some of the best reasons as to why you must buy a wifi security camera and install it at the earliest in your home, store, bank or any other public outlet.

  • Elimination of wires: The best reason to use a wifi security camera is that it eliminates the use of wires like the conventional ones. As per the security camera, you would obviously want it to be hidden and placed at a convenient spot. The wifi security camera lets you do that because there are no wires and hence no busting factor.
  • Flexibility in use: The Wifi security cameras provide a greater flexibility in terms of its usage. A wireless camera can be placed anywhere without worrying about whether the wire will be able to reach there or not. It can be positioned at almost any angle you like and can be shifted from one place to another and can be programmed in variations because of wireless capabilities again.
  • Receiver distance variations: One great thing about wifi security cameras is that the receiver for them can be placed at around 600 feet away from the transmitter or even at a distance of 10 miles from the transmitter. The distance coverage will again depend on the type and specification of the camera chosen. Usually, a wireless camera is capable of penetrating through solid interferences without any problem.
  • Cost-effective and affordable: Wifi security cameras are normally less expensive. Since they are wireless, the cost of all the other hardware equipment is eliminated. With this, you can easily invest in just a good camera. The prices of these wireless cameras are also too high and they can be easily afforded.
  • Easy installation: Ideally, you won’t need to install any other equipment for installing a wifi security camera. There are no mounting kits and drill holes required to be made to set up these cameras. They just have to be placed and the angle needs to be adjusted and the installation is done. With the eliminated wire clusters, the installing part has become even easier.

Factors to consider before buying a Wifi Security Camera

Before going for a wifi security camera, you must understand that there are a lot of variations available in terms of specifications of these wifi security cameras. So, following are some important points that you must keep in mind in order to land on the best kind of wireless security camera.

  • Camera Quality: This would the most important feature to look for in a wifi security camera. The camera quality and the recording quality must essentially be high end so as so capture everything clearly. It must be able to capture all the human faces clearly and must be able to record each and every minute details very smoothly.
  • Camera Recording Angle: The recording angles of these security cameras must be kept in mind. It must provide a better viewing angle so that there can be a presence of no loophole entry for a robber or no blind spots. Some security cameras come with a revolving lens which views at a 360-degree angle. The normal ones must have at least 120-degree angle for a good coverage.
  • Type of Security Camera: Wifi security cameras are available in two types. The one for the indoor use and the one for outdoor use. The outdoor cameras are generally waterproof and extra tough to withstand rain, wind, snow, sun etc. Whereas the indoor cameras may be a little less sturdy. Based on your location of installation, the type of security camera can be chosen.
  • Camera Recording: The wifi security cameras do provide a live streaming of the video but the footages also need to be stored somewhere for future reference. They can either be stored on a micro SD card or an external memory which is plugged into the camera. Or they can be stored on an online cloud storage via Wifi. The storage option must be checked before finalizing the one.
  • Security Camera Connectivity: Most of the modern security camera fall under the category of wifi security cameras which connect wirelessly. They also provide an option of connecting with the smartphones via Wifi with the help of dedicated smartphone apps. Live streaming is also possible on the smartphone itself. Connectivity options must be examined as per your requirements.

Top 4 Best Wifi Security Camera Reviews of 2019

1.  YI Home Camera Wireless IP Security Surveillance System (US Edition) White

This is a wireless security camera by YI which lets you monitor or control your home from anywhere and anytime. It also allows you customize the settings according to your preferences. The key features of this wireless security camera are mentioned as follows.

  • It records in 720p HD to capture clear images for your records.
  • It uses 2-way audio 720P/20FPS,700Kbps; 360P/20FPS,200Kbps and comes with a built-in microphone and speaker.
  • It features an 111-degree wide-angle lens, a 940nm infrared non-invasive sensor, and a 4x digital zoom.
  • It captures the scene in clarity with the wide-angle lens and zoom capabilities.
  • It comes with a built-in (802.11 bgn) single band 2.4Ghz.
  • The camera can be accessed on YO home app anytime via a reliable Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • It requires 0 monthly subscription fee.
  • It stores the video recordings on a micro SD card.
  • It has a 128-bit SSL encryption, 2408-bit RSA key and supports 4-32GB micro SD cards with the FAT32 format.
  • It features a real-time streaming to your phone and activity alerts when motion is detected.
  • The YI Home App can be customized from the settings according to your preferences such as defined activity regions, camera sharing, customize alert schedules, and more.
  • The YI Home App is available for iOS and Android platforms.
  • It comes in a white color.
  • The overall dimensions of this wireless security camera are 4.53 x 3.23 x 3.23 inches.
  • The total weight of this wireless security camera is 0.53 pounds.

 2.  Ouvisveezon VZ1 2.0 MP Smart Home Wireless IP Camera for Android/iOS/iPhone/iPad/Tablet

It is a wireless security camera by Veezon which offers an extra-wide whole room surveillance with a 355-degree rotational coverage. The key features of this wireless security camera have been mentioned as follows.

  • It features an easy remote viewing setup on a free mobile app where the camera can be added by scanning the QR-Code and connecting to wi-fi for live streaming.
  • It also comes with Remote Pan Tilt Control where you can remotely control the camera to pan and tilt by either drag the image left and right, up and down or simply tap the PT control on the app.
  • It features a 30ft Night Vision and gives a clear view in low-light conditions and can be turned off or on through the app.
  • It also comes with Motion Detection and Smart Alerts where it sends notifications to your phone when there is motion detection.
  • It saves the recording to a microSD memory card or on your phone and supports up to 32GB of storage.
  • With the help of the mobile app, many things including remote pan tilt control, capture pictures, record video, two-way talk, adjust the video quality, set the presets, back to default, turn on/off the night vision etc. can be done.
  • It requires no monthly fee submission.
  • It has a 1.8m Power Cord.
  • The overall dimensions of this wireless security camera are 6.7 x 4.3 x 3.5 inches.
  • The total weight of this wireless security camera is 1 pound.
  • It comes in white color and it records in 720p.

 3.  Zmodo 720p High Definition Wireless WiFi Smart Outdoor Indoor Home Video Security Camera System 4 Channel NVR 500GB Hard Drive

It is a wireless smart security camera by Zomado which is extremely easy to setup and has an easy remote access control via a smartphone app. The key features of this wireless security camera are mentioned as follows.

  • It records in 720p HD Video for a sharp and crisp image in the day and in the night.
  • It also features an automatic IR-cut filter and enables up to 65ft night vision.
  • These are weatherproof cameras and can be installed outdoors or indoors to keep your home and business safe.
  • It comes with advanced recording features such as Intelligent recording mode which saves space on your hard drive and recording at fewer frames per second when no motion is detected and at maximum frames per second during motion.
  • It helps you to stay connected by pushing smart notifications to your smartphone.
  • The setup of these cameras is easy. You just have to create an account, enter your WiFi password, and follow easy in-app instructions to connect your NVR and camera system.
  • The overall dimensions of this wireless security camera are 11 x 7 x 14 inches.
  • The total weight of this wireless security camera is 6.3 pounds.

 4.  YI Dome Camera Pan/Tilt/Zoom Wireless IP Security Surveillance System 720p HD Night Vision (US Edition)

It is a wireless security camera by YI which lets you manage and control your home at any time. The key features of this camera are as follows.

  • It records in 720p HD and has an 112-degree wide-angle advanced glass lens combined with 345-degree horizontal and 115-degree vertical rotation range to create a complete 360° coverage.
  • It features an advanced night vision with 8 built-in 940nm infrared LED beads.
  • It also has a responsive and advanced microphone with a built-in anti-noise filter for a clear 2-way Audio experience.
  • It also has an Intercom Mode.
  • It lets you receive real-time Activity Alerts.
  • The bookmarks can be added to your favorite positions.
  • It connects and can be controlled via a user-friendly and intuitive app which is available for iOS and Android.
  • It also supports YI Cloud for footage storage.

These wireless security cameras are being used widely all over the world nowadays. Whether at homes or at a store, the easy control they provide with the help of an app is something which makes it even the more flexible to use. Depending on your requirements and the specifications, you can choose the correct one for your use.


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