Top 4 Best Wireless Earbuds Reviews 2020


Earbuds are a couple of little listening headphones that are intended to be worn close to the head over the ears. Here we are going to discuss about the Wireless Earbuds that work same as the wired ones but are compact and wire-free. They are not like the conventional earphones that you simply plug in to a device. These are advanced versions of earphones which function on the advanced wireless technology. All you have to do is pair the Wireless Earbuds with the device you want to use and you are good to go. You simply need to keep the Earbuds charged so that it lasts long and work without the battery getting drained out while you are using them.

Wireless Earbuds are pretty easy to use and are considered to be totally hassle-free. While using Earbuds, you will never have to worry about the wires that used to irritate you in conventional headphones.There is an enormous variety of Wireless Earbuds to choose from. Affordable in-ear, Premium over-ear, gym-friendly, noise-canceling or suitable for casual listening, there is almost a perfect Bluetooth Earbud suitable for almost every lifestyle.

What are Wireless Earbuds?

Wireless Earbuds are the compact version of headphones which can be connected to devices without using a cord or wire. It can be connected to various electronic devices such as a stereo speaker, gaming console, smartphones, or televisions. They transmit audio signals either with the help of IR (Infra Red) or radio signals depending upon the devices they are paired with.

Some stereo Earbuds are remote, utilizing Bluetooth to transmit the sound flag by radio waves from source gadgets like cell phones and computerized players. Because of the widespread number of remote gadgets, these small earphones are progressively utilized by individuals out in the open places, for example, walkways, markets, and open travel spaces.

Top reasons why you mustbuy Wireless Earbuds:

  1. Secure Fit: The Wireless Earbuds due to its dynamic and suitable design for the ears snugs tightly with the help of silicone which rests comfortably on your ear trench. The silicone present in the earphone wards-off the sweat and thus makes these Earbuds favorable for high-stress exercises. These work well for various hiking, running, gym, cycling, jogging and other sports activities.
  2. Volume range: The APTX which is an advanced technology provides our ears with a configuration that offers a staggering sound class with profound bass and perfectly clear treble, regardless of your choice of music. These work awesome for soundtracks, book recordings, unwinding techno music and other technical sounds as well.
  3. Clamor reduction: With the innovation in CVC, the audio enhancement software used for echo cancellation and noise suppression,the Earbuds diminish foundation commotion, so that you will be able to concentrate on your favourite music, regardless of the place you are at.
  4. Universal connectivity: With V4.1 Bluetooth innovation, thepairing with different remote gadgets including iPad, iPhone, Windows Phones, Android PDAs has become possible with Wireless Earbuds. These devices can be used within a range of 33 feet or 10 meters.
  5. Voice prompting for calls and long standby for listening music: Wireless Earbuds can be used for a period of 9 hours with a charge of a full cycle. Voice provoke permits notice of approaching calls, so that you never have to miss a call while listening music.

Factors to be considered before buying Wireless Earbuds:

  • Purpose of Buying:You need to understand the purpose well before actually buying Wireless Earbuds to suit your purpose.Ask yourself why do you want a pair of Wireless Earbuds? Will you be taking them to the center for exercise? Will they go with you on global plane treks? Or, maybe, will you be connecting them to a hi-fi stereo for extraordinary tuning in.
  • Budget: In case you are a contraption nerd, the earphone pursuit canmake a major scratch in your wallet. You should do some examination and get a sense as to the cost that goes on in the models that most interests you.
  • Noise cancellation: Noise cancellation is an absolute necessity as you might need the earphones for long flights or metro drives. You would definitely need to spare your ears some torment by obstructing outside ruckus, as opposed to turning up the volume. It is an element that you can now discover in pretty much any model.
  • Design: The design of the Earbuds shouldn’t be too bulky which makes it difficult to stay over the ears or causes stress to them when used for long hours. Since, Wireless Earbuds are predominantly designed for physical activities, their design should be a major point of concern to buyers.
  • Waterproof: If you want to use your Earbuds in water activities or activities such as swimming, you should rather go for a waterproof set of Wireless Earbuds so that they are not spoiled after its rigorous usage in water.

Top 4 Wireless Earbuds Reviews of 2020

1.  Bluetooth Headphones, Hussar Magic buds Best Wireless Sports Earphones with Mic

Earbuds are more or less similarly utilized by individuals in different expert settings. For example, sound designers blending sound for live shows or sound recordings and DJs, who utilize earphones to signal up to a particular melody, will play without the group of onlookers hearing. Similar is the use for flying machine pilots and workers having jobs which is more call-focussed. The latter sort of workers utilize Earbuds with an incorporated receiver. These Wireless Earbuds serves majorly all kinds of purposes.

Added Features:

  1. Passive Noise scratching off earphones add additional mass to the ear pad to shield undesirable sounds from reachingyour ear drums.
  2. Dynamic clamor wiping out earphones can hush a portion of the lower recurrence sound waves, on account of a material science marvel called “dangerous impedance.”

Other Features and Specifications:

  • Bluetooth Specification: V4.1+EDR
  • Playtime: Up to 9 hours
  • Standby time: 250 hours
  • Capacity of Battery: Rechargeable Lithium-ion Polymer with rechargeable 100mAh battery
  • Nano coating with IPX7 Waterproof property
  • Noise Reduction Capacity: CVC 6.0
  • Supported by Siri: Yes
  • Frequency response: 20 – 22kHz
  • Charge time: about 1.5 hours
  • Support profiles: HFP, HSP, AVRCP and A2DP

2.  True Wireless Earbuds with Charging Case by Pantheon Wireless

Wireless Earbuds by Pantheon can be utilized to keep other individuals from hearing the sound either for security or to avoid aggravation, as in tuning in an open library. They can likewise give a level of sound loyalty more prominent than amplifiers of comparative cost.

Added Features:

1.      Wireless: No more wires to untangle. These have top notch stereo or mono sound for tuning into music or chatting on the telephone.

2.      Solid Bluetooth Technology: The Pantheon True Wireless Earbuds come fitted with a progressed Bluetooth chip to help keep the Bluetooth associations strong even at distances past 10 feet.

3.      Charge on the go: The accusing case helps in enough battery stockpiling to charge your Earbuds while in a hurry. You get 12 hours of listening time on one full caseofcharged Earbuds.

4.      Sensitive:These are made considering your movements, the Earbuds have an additional delicate piece to help hold them in your ear amid exercise. You can answer phone calls and use them while in a hurry without pulling your telephone out of our pocket.

Other Features and Specifications:

  • Size (LWH): 3 inches, 1 inches, 1.5 inches
  • Weight: 3.04 ounces
  • Minimum Rated Talk Time: 3 hours
  • Minimum Rated Standby Time: 6 hours
  • Battery Type: Lithium Ion

3.  SENSO Bluetooth Headphones

SENSO Bluetooth Headphones are helpful for computer games that utilizes 3D positional sound preparing calculations, as they permit players to better judge the position of an off-screen sound source.

Added Features:

1.      High fidelity HD genuine Sound– The CSR innovation with the 4.1 Bluetooth and cutting edge acoustic parts creates fantastic bass with the best sound class and completely clear treble.

2.      Long Battery life– Consisting of battery made up of lithium polymer permits consistent pleasure in music for a period of minimum 8 hours and can stay in standby mode for 240 hours with a charge of mere 1.5 hours.

3.      Noise Suppression Technology:The technology of noise suppression for the V4.1 wireless bluetoot helps you connect to devices within a radius of 10 meters around you. You can listen to your favorite music as well as take calls clearly due to the presence of innovated noise suppression technology.

4.      Well Researched: These Earbuds highlight ergonomically planned adaptable ear snares with gel flex silicone Earbuds to guarantee that your earphones will remain firm on your ears.

Features and Specifications:

  • Bluetooth Specification:4.1+EDR
  • IPX7 Waterproof Rating
  • Noise Reduction: CVC6.0
  • Transmission Distance: 30ft
  • Battery: Lithium-ion Polymer 85mAh
  • Frequency Response: 20 –22kHz
  • Playback Time: Up to 8 Hours
  • Charging Port: Micro USB
  • Charging Time: 1-2 Hours
  • Standby Time: 240h

4. Wireless Earbuds, Syllable Truly Wireless Headphones

The Wireless Earbuds, help us to enjoy our favorite music, away from the hustle bustle of the wires.One can enjoy pure music, using these headphones and hence can indulge himself in many other chores,while listening to music.

Added Features:

1.      Clamor Canceling innovation,

2.      Maximize Noise diminishment, two power Audio driver conveys perfectly clear sounds.

3.      Ultra lightweight, under 0.2oz.

4.      Up to 2 hours battery life.

5.      Comes with remote charging Box ready to energize it to 6 times.

6.      Sweat-proof, compatible with most of the Bluetooth empowered gadgets, works well with your iPhone, iPad, Mac Book, Android Smartphone’s, tablets, chrome Books, Windows Laptops, desktops, Bluetooth Speakers.

7.       1-year Warranty accommodated Syllable Bluetooth Headphone.

Features and Specification:

  • Size: 0.79 inches, 0.79 inches, 1.06 inches
  • Weight: 0.16 ounces

Due to their multipurpose use by the people around the world, Wireless Earbuds are the newest trends in the electronic device segments and are getting popular by each passing day.People fond of sports and physical activities are the most benefited lot with the introduction of such devices, as they wouldn’t have to care anymore of their random movements. These are absolutely free of unnecessary wire or cords. People can attend their gym sessions in perfect sync with the engrossing music without any hassle of wires sticking in between.

While deciding to opt for which of the Wireless Earbuds, you must be aware of the specifications and features it has to offer. Once you are clear about your requirement, you can do a little bit research over the internet over what are the latest features coming in the market. You get to choose from a wide variety of products available in the market.

The final decision must be taken keeping into consideration your budget, requirement,ease of usage and hygiene to some extent. The products mentioned in this article are the best that areavailable in the market. The Bluetooth Headphones, Hussar Magic buds Best Wireless Sports Earphones with Mic, True Wireless Earbuds with Charging Case by Pantheon Wireless, SENSO Bluetooth Headphones, and Syllable Truly Wireless Headphones are a few of the best Earbuds that one can go for.


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