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Gaming is one thing. Hardcore gaming is another thing. With the introduction of the Xbox by the Microsoft, the era of video gaming has taken another level. For all the gamers, out there who use the Xbox for gaming, all the racing games in the Xbox can now be experienced in a real time by the use of these Xbox steering wheels. You are bound to get an unforgettable experience after using these.

Xbox has been around for quite a long time now and is used by many gamers for a real-time gaming experience. If you are someone who needs more and more out of your gaming regime, precisely a near to real world experience, then these Xbox steering wheel is a must have to get to that awesome level of gaming fun.

What is an Xbox Steering Wheel?

An Xbox Steering wheel is a real-life model of an actual car steering wheel that is used as a gaming gear in association with an Xbox. It is different than a regular controller and proves to be a much more fun in driving force games on the Xbox. They come with a steering wheel and a set of controlled and responsive pedals that work as a real car accelerators and controllers.

Once you use this steering wheel, you would never want to go back to the regular controller gear for the Xbox. The force feedback response of this Xbox steering wheel is excellent. The pedals are brilliantly constructed so as to get a sturdy grip on the floor and hence giving a stable and a complete set of driving experience for the Xbox racing games.

Top five reasons why you need to buy an Xbox Steering Wheel

As we look into the world of gaming and stuff, those who own an Xbox One need to have this Xbox Steering wheel at the earliest. You need these steering wheels so you can understand what a driving game is actually worth. It is important to play it as it is. Experience the driving as the real driving. So, here are the top five reasons why you need to buy an Xbox Steering Wheel at the earliest.

  • Force feedback: Force feedback is one of the most interesting features of the Xbox Steering wheels. To understand it, imagine driving a real car and feeling the bumps or the smoothness of the road. A steering wheel gives you the same. It accompanies effects of how you would be feeling on the real road if you were driving. This is a great feature that gets you the most out of these steering wheels.
  • Adjustable Pedals: The pedals that come with the steering wheels are adjustable. They can be moved vertically or they can be moved horizontally according to how your feet are more comfortable. For long races, you will need to be comfortable with your driving position and hence these easy to adjust pedals help you to be so.
  • Sensitive to pressure: The pedals with the steering wheel are extremely sensitive to the pressure applied, just like in the case of a real car. If you push the brakes slightly, then it just slows down. If you slam the brakes hard, it comes to an immediate halt. This is interesting since it gives you the feel of actually driving a real car on the track.
  • Compatible with most platforms: These steering wheels are not necessarily limited to an Xbox. They can even be used with a PlayStation console or even with a PC in some cases. The most important reason why you will never regret buying an Xbox steering wheel is its compatibility with most platforms.
  • It’s fun: You cannot ignore the most important and the most basic fact behind all of this. It is fun and it is really amazing. Gaming with the traditional game controller won’t be as much fun as the real experience of driving a car through the race course and feeling like a real drive. You will understand once you use it.

Factors to consider before buying an Xbox Steering Wheel

Before choosing the final model for the Xbox Steering Wheel for your Xbox or PlayStation, you need to check with the points mentioned below and use them to find the best types of steering wheels for you.

  • Clutch: Not all Xbox Steering wheels come with the clutch. Before making the final purchase, you need to check whether you need the clutch system or not. However, it is recommended that you go for a clutch if you want a more realistic feel of controlling a car. Hand gears are controlled by a shifter normally but a clutch will give a more realistic edge to your gaming experience.
  • Wheel size: The size of the Xbox steering wheel will be something of a consideration. You will need to go for the correct size that gets your best grip. Some steering wheel models tend to replicate wheels those of a real sports car or a road car. Depending on what size suits you the best, you can go for the correct wheel size.
  • Wheel rotation: When using the steering wheel, the degree of rotation matters too. Some of the cheaper models offer lesser wheel rotation and a smaller size. Whereas the expensive wheels offer a greater rotation degree and hence a better driving and control over the drive. Therefore, you will need to consider the rotation degree before buying the final model for you.
  • Platform compatibility: Though some people may not like to consider this factor, but in real, this is worth considering. Especially for those, who might be able to use this steering wheel with other game platforms other than just the Xbox. Try and look for a model that supports various platforms such as a PC, or a PlayStation or even a computer. This makes them more usable and not just bound to the Xbox.
  • Good force feedback and vibration: This is something which must be of a great concern to those who strive for perfection. The steering wheels you buy must have an excellent force feedback mechanism and vibration system. This can be tested by you yourself or you can use the reviews for this to find out which one has the best force feedback and then go for the ideal one.

Top 4 Xbox Steering Wheel Reviews of 2019

1.  Logitech Driving Force G920 Racing Wheel, Force Feedback Steering Wheel

This is a driving force steering wheel by Logitech which has been designed for racing games with the Xbox One console and select titles with the PC. The key features of this steering wheel are as follows.

  • It features a dual-motor force feedback with smooth helical gearing.
  • It comes with a separate pedals unit.
  • It also features an anti-backlash hardware that is effective in keeping wheels and pedal tight for long.
  • This wheel can be mounted securely to a table or a racing rig when required.
  • The wheels also have the on-wheel controls.
  • This wheel has semi-automatic paddle shifters which have been provided for smooth gear transitions.
  • A 6-speed manual shifter is sold separately for these wheels.
  • It features a high-quality hand-stitched leather and steel components.
  • It is highly durable with the stainless-steel pedal shifters and steel ball bearings in the wheel shaft.
  • It comes with an excellent and a realistic force feedback mechanism for a better control and an exceptionally smooth driving experience.
  • It has the console buttons and the D-pad conveniently located on the wheel that makes controlling seamless.
  • It comes with Pedals, Power supply, and a user documentation.
  • The overall dimensions of this Xbox Steering wheel are 10.24 x 10.94 x 10.63 inches.
  • The total weight of this product is 5 pounds.

 2. Logitech G27 Racing Wheel

This is a powerful racing wheel by Logitech designed for the racing games on Xbox, PC and the PlayStation 3. They deliver the definitive sim racing experience with a high level of performance. The key features of this steering wheel are as follows.

  • It comes with a powerful dual-motor force feedback mechanism with helical gearing.
  • It helps in a smooth weight shift and the road feel along with a quiet steering action.
  • It comes with a six-speed shifter along with a push-down reverse gear that allows you to quickly choose the right gear at every point.
  • They also have paddle shifters that help you shift fast while keeping your hands on the wheel only.
  • It features RPM or shifts indicator LEDs which integrates with the racing game software to warn the player of when to shift gear.
  • The wheel is an 11-inch size with a leather-wrapped rim for a realistic feel which is immensely comfortable.
  • It also comes with a gas, brake and clutch pedals made of steel for an extra realistic driving experience.
  • The steering wheel package comprises of Gas, brake, and clutch pedals, Shifter module, Power supply and a User documentation.
  • The system requirements for this steering wheel would be a PC, Windows XP or Windows Vista, 20 MB of available hard disk space, CD-ROM drive and an available USB port.
  • The overall dimensions of this steering wheel are 17.2 x 11.8 x 12.7 inches.
  • The total weight of this steering wheel is 18.2 pounds.

 3.  Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Spider Racing Wheel for Xbox One

This is an Xbox steering wheel by Thrustmaster which is a replica of the Ferrari 458 spider steering wheel. It is quite wide and has an adjustable and a highly optimized pedal set. The key features of this Xbox Steering wheel are as follows.

  • It features an adjustable steering sensitivity and an automatic centering feature for maximum precision.
  • This wheel works on a 240-degree rotation angle on the steering wheels.
  • It features the Thrustmaster’s patented Bungee Cord mechanism which is known to deliver high comfort and an intuitive control.
  • The pedal set features a wide footrest and the angle of inclination of the pedals can be adjusted.
  • The brake pedal features a sense of progressive resistance which helps in ensuring realistic racing sensations.
  • It comes with 2 paddle shifters, 9 action buttons, 1 Manettino, 1 D-Pad, 1 Xbox Guide button and 1 pairing detection LED for Kinect.
  • It comes with 2 red textured rubber grips that have been inspired by motorsports
  • It delivers maximum comfort when using the 28 cm diameter.
  • The overall dimensions of this steering wheel are 1.3 x 1.3 x 1.3 inches.
  • The total weight of this product is 7.7 pounds.

 4. Racing Steering Wheelstand for Original Thrustmaster F458 (Xbox 360 Version)

This is an Xbox Steering wheel by Wheel Stand Pro which is the #1 selling wheel stand in the world till now. It is highly durable and has been made to last. The key features of this products are as follows.

  • The entire product is made up of high-quality steel, except for the feet which are made up of rubber.
  • It is highly stable and portable.
  • The whole unit can be adjusted as per the convenience.
  • It has been designed exclusively for the Xbox One and Xbox 360.
  • This steering wheel comes with a stand, bolts, tools, tie-wraps and instruction in English.
  • The overall dimensions of this steering wheel are 23 x 15 x 4 inches.
  • The total weight of this product is 14.8 pounds.

With a large variety of models for the Xbox Steering wheels available like above today, you can choose to follow your favorite features for buying the one for you. For a realistic racing game experience, these steering wheels are the perfect companion to sit back and have a wild and a wonderful gaming experience on a boring day. Charge up the gaming maniac inside you with these wonder steering wheels.


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